On the verge of crisis (American TV series starring Anna Tove in 2008)

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Plot introduction

The story will mainly tell the young FBI female agent Olivia Dunham (played by AnnaTorv) who was ordered to join the codename " The secret department of "Fringe (Edge)" cooperates with the mysterious scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) to investigate a series of supernatural phenomena that cannot be explained by science. As these phenomena intensified, the two gradually discovered that some of the troubles might be caused by Walter Bishop's own research institutes, and more troubles were related to the secret top research organization "Prometheus"... The truth is one by one. The point is revealed, but the secret is getting deeper and deeper.

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The beginning of the story is like "Lost", starting with a plane about to have an accident. After the forced landing, everyone on the plane died of a mysterious virus, and the FBI and various investigation teams intervened in the investigation. But this is only the beginning of the story. Next, the FBI female agent Olivia Dunham (Olivia Dunham) and the high IQ genius Peter Bishop (Peter Bishop) will work hand in hand to face a series of unimaginable terrible phenomena. To prevent the crisis from spreading further, they will seek the help of Peter's long-distanced father. And his father, Dr. Walter Bishop (Dr. Walter Bishop) has been admitted to a mental hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, the three-person investigation team began to study various bizarre events. As things became more and more difficult, the unknown side behind Dr. Walter Bishop gradually surfaced. A cutting-edge technology company called MassiveDynamic that appears in the film is also related to Dr. Walter Bishop. Its founder once worked with him in the same laboratory. However, Juli’s mysterious behavior has to make people suspect that it is inseparable from a series of mysterious events, but occasionally it also provides some help to Oliver and others, which makes its true purpose even more confusing. Is Juneng the righteous angel spared no effort to save mankind, or is it the behind-the-scenes laboratory that tries to turn the entire planet into a laboratory where it can do whatever it wants? With the in-depth investigation of Oliver and others, the truth will gradually come to light.

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    Staff Table

    ProducerJJ Abrams, Brian Burke, Ai Rix Kuzman, Roberto Och, Jeff Pinckner, J.H. Wyman, TamaraIsaac, JoeChappelle, AlisonSchapker, MonicaBreen, Andrew Kresberg
    DirectorJoeChappelle, Brad Anderson, FredToye, Ginault Zwak, CharlesBeeson, DennisSmith, Aziva Gosman, JeffreyG. Hunt, DavidStraiton , PaulA. Edwards, Tom Yatsko, John Kasa, Paul Holahan, Mingle Sapusnik, PJPesce, J. H. Wyman
    Associate Director (Assistant )KatherineKeizer, BrentCrowell, WarrenHanna, BrianGiddens, MarkD.Currie, GregZenon, MichaelBendner, DavidR.Baron, VadimEpstein, AmyLynn, GaryS.Rake, PatrickMangan, JoshuaLucett, SarahChrisR. JohnE. Gallagher, KarinBehrenz
    ScreenwriterJ.J. Abrams, Alex Kuzman, Roberto Okie, J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinckner, Aziva Gosman, GrahamRoland, Josh Singer, AlisonSchapker, JROrci, RobertChiappetta, GlenWhitman, MonicaBreen, DavidFury, DavidHerschelGoodman, DavidWilcox, MattPitts , Ashley Miller, Zach Stenz, EthanGross
    PhotographyDavidMoxness, TomYatsko, MichaelWale, GregoryMiddleton, Fred Murphy, Michaels Lawvis, Big Wei Geddes
    SoundtrackMike Giachino, ChrisTilton
    Edit JonDudkowski, LuyenH.Vu, TimothyA.Good, ScottVickrey, TanyaM.Swerling, HenkVanEeghen, MichelleTesoro, JoshuaCharson
    Casting DirectorAprilWebster, SaraIsaacson, RossMeyerson, JulieTucker, CindyTolan
    Art DirectorIanD.Thomas, StevenJ.Jordan, AnneStuhler, Carol Spai
    Art DesignPeterAndringa, ClydeKlotz, RandallRichards, RoswellHamrick
    Clothing DesignJenniGullett, MarieAbma, JoannaBrett
    Set designerLouiseRoper, BethKushnick, JustinPapp, BobbiAllyn


    Character introduction


    Olivia Denham/Tang Hui Hui

    As a rising star agent Olivia Dunham of the FBI, she has a cold and arrogant personality, quick, calm, talented and extraordinary endurance. He has service experience in the Marine Corps and a proud record of solving crimes. In fact, when I was a child, I had done experiments on human potential development, which stimulated the unknown potential of the brain without knowing it, but left painful memories, and was later stimulated. Like human beings, it has the ability to save human beings. In the first episode, shocked by the 627 passenger plane tragedy, and shocked by the betrayal of someone she trusts, after a series of supernatural incidents, Olivia can no longer return to the traditional crime investigation world. As her investigation into the bewildering case gradually deepened, Olivia gradually realized that the development of science and technology has far surpassed our dreams-no matter a dream or a nightmare, at the same time, the exploration of science and technology has also found a parallel universe, another What would she look like in a parallel universe?

    Selected by Agent Phillip Broyles of the Homeland Security Agency, Olivia was tasked with investigating the "special mode"-a series of special unexplainable phenomena suggesting that someone or something is doing something in the world. experiment. With the help of the crazy genius Walter Bishop and his son Peter, who had reconciled with him, and under the unimaginable resistance brought by the National Security Agency, she was determined to bring this high-tech criminal to justice.

    Olivia, WalterBishop and Peter interspersed in the family and love lines are also a major attraction of this drama. Breaking away from the unsolved mystery cases, the emotional lines between the protagonists bring new highlights to the whole drama.


    Anna Torv graduated from Australia’s most prestigious performance school-the National Academy of Dramatic Arts. After graduation, she performed for the famous Sydney Theatre Company. He has fixed roles in several well-received TV series in Australia, including "Our Secret Life" and "The Young Lion". She also performed in the popular "McLeod's Daughters". Tove’s film performances include acting against Australian actor Greta Scacchi in "Easy Travel" directed by Kathryn Millard and "Physical Pursuit" by Ann Kokkinos. She starred in the BBC TV series "Lovers" and the cable series "Pacific" produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Tove is now busy running back and forth between New York and Brisbane, Australia.


    Peter Beshop/Pinpit

    As a child abandoned by a mad scientist in real life, he was actually taken from a parallel universe by his father since he was a child. Bring back the son of life. Due to his father's crazy obsession with science, his family was fragmented, and Peter Beshop had lived a life of his own since he was a child. When he came out of Walter Beshop's sojourn school, Peter was determined to make his life completely contrary to his father. He passed the exam of a physics professor in just a few months but dropped out of college. His mental arithmetic ability is the only one in the world, but he lost all his pants in the big casinos in Europe and America... He is such a panacea, able to do any job you can think of-from Personal bodyguard to biological engineer. (Peter in this world fell ill and died when he was young. In this series, Walter brought Peter from the parallel world in his early years. In the 15th episode of the second season, he showed the process in detail. In the 19th episode, Peter learned the truth.) In the later stage, he Using his IQ and EQ, he has solved various unsolved mysteries, learned to forgive his father, to appease his father, and fight alongside Olivia in love (the fifth season has a daughter who was unfortunately killed and went crazy for revenge).

    In the first season, Peter's disappointment and dissatisfaction with his family and father caused him to wander around the world without a permanent home. However, Olivia valued his ability and requested him to hold information files that may contain his own criminal activities, and invited him to be a private consultant of the FBI. In order to take care of his father, who he thought was ruthless and unrighteous, he had to reluctantly take root. In the end, Peter officially became an indispensable advisor to the FBI.

    The actor Joshua Jackson

    Joshua Jackson is well-known, and he first appeared in "Dawson's Creek" as a super-fast-talking and self-ridiculous "babble". Today, he has been fighting in front of the camera for 15 years and will appear on stage in the Canadian independent feature film "One Week". Jackson has appeared in the industry-respected film "Bobby" directed by Emilio Estevez and in the psychological thriller "Shutter" which was released in Tokyo. In addition, Jackson performed with Patrick Stewart in the comedy "Theatre Life" on the West Bank of London and was well received. The play was written by Pulitzer Prize winner and Oscar nominated David Mamet.

    Jackson's feature films also include the film "Twisted Heart" by Michael Bortman. Then he successively participated in the performances of the trilogy "Wild Duck Turns into Phoenix", "Gold Digger", and "Andre the Seal". Jackson has since appeared in the "Skull Club" and Rose Troche's proud work "Fetish Reasonable". The play is HBO's film version based on Moises Kaufman's groundbreaking play "Laramie Project". In "Northern Lights", he played a struggling young man and played a rivalry with Donald Sutherland. In Steven Soderbergh's films "Eleven Arhats", "Scream 2", "Next Is You" and "I Love You New York", he also performed brilliantly. In addition, his films include "The Grudge", "Gossip", Bryan Singer's "Nazi Pursuit" and "Fatal Game". As a local actor born and raised in Vancouver, Jackson had to travel between his hometown, Los Angeles and New York.


    Walter Beshop/Pingweida

    Walter Beshop, once one of the most outstanding scientists of our time, he is The person in the world who understands the crisis and development prospects of marginal science best. He and his partner William Bell are conducting this groundbreaking research. From quantum physics to genetic engineering, their research covers all fields. As a result, they have maintained a close relationship with the U.S. government, and they have promoted the country’s Innovations and breakthroughs in the scientific field have solved many difficult ethical problems at the same time. But these all happened before the accident in 1991. That year, his assistant Carla Warren was killed and Walter was admitted to the mental hospital in St. Claire.

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    17 years later, Walter appeared again. He was once again by FBI Special Investigator Olivia Denham Recruited into the scientific team, and conducted scientific research under the supervision of Walter's long-distanced son Peter. Walter provided the government with a series of scientific theories and technological breakthroughs, and he staged a man’s scientific myth. At the same time, he is also exploring the coincidences behind a series of "strange patterns" weird events and his own scientific research. However, what makes him always sad is that the only memory he has can only tell him the outline of this true story. Finally, in order to defeat the invasion of future humans (observers), the timeline must be reset. He took his son Michael in September into the wormhole leading to the future. He is the Minister of Defense (Walter B) in the parallel universe, and Walter's personality is very different, but Walter's scientific research ability is even better.

    Actor JohnNoble

    JohnNoble is an Australian drama, film and television actor, and he has also directed more than 80 plays. In his early career, he served as the artistic director of the South Australian Drama Company for 10 years, during which time he fell completely into an obsession with South Australian culture. He has performed with major Australian art companies and directed 70 new Australian plays.

    As an actor, he is known to have started as the regent Denethor in "The Return of the Lord of the Rings". This won him the Screen Actors Guild Award and the American Broadcasting Film Critics Association Award. He has appeared in many American dramas, including "24 Hours", "Secret Operations Group", "Stargate Atlantis" and so on. He lives in Sydney, Australia.


    Philips Broy/Pang Feili

    Philip Broy, a member of the National Homeland Security Agency, leads the investigation by the official investigation team of the U.S. government The "singular mode" case. Because of his unique leadership skills, he was easily promoted. But he prefers to explore the boundaries of limits and experimental laws. When a bizarre event happened on the earth, he could always find the reason hidden in it brilliantly. He formed a special team to investigate these weird things. Led by special investigator Olivia Denham, and with the joint assistance of Walter and his son, this team has shown its talents. How to manage this team has become the biggest test of Bloy’s political abilities, which also makes him the prime target of those who do not want the truth of the incident to be announced. Bloy's goal is to find the people or things behind the mysterious incident, and to stop the incident in time before it gets out of control. He also holds the same position in another parallel universe, but he is loyal to Colonel Jones (who wants to destroy two parallel universes and create a new world) in order to get his son better medication After catching Jones' plan, he wakes up and surrenders.

    Played by LanceReddick

    After playing the role of Lt.CedricDaniels in the critically acclaimed "FireWire", Reddick was sought after by everyone. He also played a role in the popular drama "Lost" while playing "Misted Files". He appeared in a series of high-profile Cadillac commercials, and co-starred in the independent film "Road to War" with Oscar-winning actor Cooper Gooding Jr. and starred in the "Tennessee" produced by LeeDaniels. Reddick travels frequently between New York and Los Angeles.


    Stills (5 photos)

    Actor MarkValley

    MarkValley has guest-starred in many popular American dramas, and has been the most popular in recent years. It is well known that he played BradChase in the first two seasons of "Boston Legal". His character John Scott in the show is also an FBI agent. He and Olivia are investigating the plane incident, but he is on the verge of death due to an accident.


    The actor BlairBrown was born in Washington in 1964 and starred in the movies "Future Speed" and "Newborn". He was nominated for Emmy Awards from 1989 to 1991 and was also in Spielber. In the first season of the American drama "Falling Stars", Gexin starred as a survivor who colluded with aliens.

    BlairBrown plays NinaSharp, the leader of the MassiveDynamic Group, one of the world’s top ten economies founded by Dr. Bishop’s colleague Dr. William. She is also doing research on marginal sciences. The most special one is her Olivia’s mechanized arm (which contains a high-energy source and was used by the villain in the first season as a battery to open the door to space). She told Olivia that it was caused by cancer, but it was actually to prevent Walter Beshoop from getting hurt by crossing the door of space. of. In 2036, I worked in the Ministry of Science (Ministry of Science). When he contacted Walter secretly, he was suspected by windmark. Using the lq7 device to detect glass vibration, she knew her true identity. During the later struggle, Dr. Hesting, an internal member of the rebel, was read by windmark. Heart, windmark knows the location of ninasharp. In order to protect Walter’s plan, ninasharp shot and committed suicide. Give, provide all the help, keep all the secrets, be brave, silent, capable, always serious, in fact humorous, always calmly comforting the hostess, make the hostess feel better, in the crisis of life and death I can also make jokes and appease the people around me. The real good man was killed by the metamorphosis from the parallel world in the second season. The shapeshifter turned into Charlie and sneaked into the FBI undercover, intending to murder Olivia, but was eventually killed by Olivia's detection. Olivia was heartbroken for Charlie's death and wept bitterly for the departure of her comrades.

    Played by KirkAcevedo

    Actor: KirkAcevedo was born in New York, USA on November 27, 1974, with Puerto Rican and Chinese descent. He has a keen interest in acting since he was a child, often performing improvisations in front of his family, and joined the school’s drama club in high school. After graduating from high school, Acevedo entered Puccis College and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. As many of his classmates got the chance to perform in "Prison Storm", he was also inspired to audition and successfully won the role of Miguel Alvarez. His other works include "Law and Order: The Jury", "The Brothers", "24 Hours", "The Gangster Brothers" and so on.


    Walter has been silently helping Walter in the Walter laboratory, and he is a probability expert in the parallel universe.

    Played by JasikaNicole

    "Law&Order: Criminal Intent" Jasika Nicole plays Astrid Farnsworth in this play and is also a member of the FBI agent team.

    The Observer

    The observer appears in the play as a member of the scientific team. (Excluding S04E19) 9 people from January to September. (Dead in August) (It is proposed that there are 12 people in the 5 seasons)

    In the beginning they were just observing, and gradually they began to control humans... (S02E03gordon first mentioned the purpose of observers)

    In the ensuing war, in July, Walter’s anti-matter bomb was blown to death in the old Titan Juli Building. In December, he was found to be strangled by helping to reset the timeline in September. In September, the observer device was taken out. Later, he was shot and fell to the ground while helping Walter reset the time.

    Executive: Captainwindmark (Captain Winmark)

    The name that appears most frequently is September (played by Michael Cerveris)

    Basically every episode has an observer So far, September should be the kind-hearted side among the observers, and August, who sacrificed his life to save lives for love. And this "observer" is more than one person. From the perspective of the special episode, the observer of the evil side (ie, the observer society) aims to replace human beings' dominance over the earth.

    Actor MichaelCerveris

    MichaelCerveris is a stage actor at the Royal Theatre. Born on November 6, 1960, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. He graduated from Phillips Exeter College in 1979 and graduated with honors from Yale University in 1983. In 1985, he joined Broadway to create and perform. He also has certain accomplishments in music, and has his own band as a guitarist.

    Music Soundtrack

    The soundtrack of "Edge of Crisis" was co-created by MichaelGiacchino, ChrisTilton, and ChadSeiter.

























    Behind the scenes production

    The play was created by the famous producer JJAbrams (Felicity, Alias, Lost), and it has been successfully launched in Toronto, Canada. The behind-the-scenes production lineup of the play is unprecedentedly strong-in addition to J.J. Abrams, the play also invited AlexKurtzman, RobertoOrci (Transformers, Alias, Startrek, MissionImpossible III), a pair of Hollywood gold screenwriter-producers. Gold producer Alex Graves (Journeyman, TheWestWing) will also join the show.

    The first episode of the show is 90 minutes long and has an investment of up to 10 million U.S. dollars, and subsequent episodes may be 2 million U.S. dollars per episode. It is a key series that has been funded by FOX TV network and has been invested so far. The biggest new series of the 2008 ~ 2009 broadcast season.

    Fringe, jointly created by J.J.Abrams, RobertoOrci and AlexKurtzman, will bring viewers a new experience of sci-fi mystery that has never been seen since the end of "X-Files." My first impression after reading the first episode of the script (first draft) is that the boundary between science fiction and reality is very blurred in this drama.

    Production and distribution

    Production company:

    Bad Robot [United States]


    WarnerBros.Television[United States]

    Issuing company:

    20thCenturyFoxTelevision[United States]

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