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Olympic gold medal

From then on, all Olympic medals will reflect

2000 Sydney Olympics, the Chinese team won 28 gold medals The total number of medals is 59, basically reached the requirements of the Olympic glory plan. In the face of the gold medal of Chinese people, the Chinese team handed a reply with their satisfaction. For a time, everyone is immersed in the exciting joy, China's huge achievements in sports have proved that China has become the "sports first-class country" in the world, and the Chinese strong country dream has been implemented in advance in sports. The people showing the gold medal in this Athens Olympics, can say that the Chinese have reached the "worship" for the Olympic gold medal. Just when people were proud of the gold medal of the Chinese Olympic athletes, they may not know how much the cost price of an Olympic gold medal. China has invested a lot of manpower to compete for the Olympic gold medal. This is what everyone is obvious. What is China's investment in preparing for the Olympic Games and sports? Chinese officials are all about it, but they just listen to people in the sports world: "Our expense is increasing year by year, our cost is guaranteed."

Noth of doors, from various channels or some information. According to the national shooting team, they practice the guns, ammunitions, and flying sauks used from foreign countries. It can imagine that the daily consumption of shooting teams will not be a small number; according to the national badminton team, they will participate in foreign affairs competitions every year. The cost is six or seven million yuan. China's various sports teams must go abroad to participate in a large number of foreign events every year. Then the entire Chinese team's foreign event should be more than 100 million yuan per year.

The national gymnastics team coach Quekui said: From 2001 to 2003, the national gymnastics team costs 20 million yuan, which is only the training cost of the gymnastics, does not include the construction cost of sports venues. In this way, the national gymnastics team prepares for the Olympics for 4 years, and the training costs will take 80 million yuan. If the gymnastics get three gold medals, a gold medal cost is 27 million yuan; if you only get a gold medal, a gold medal cost is 80 million yuan

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