Old horse knowledge


Guan Zhong, Zhaobang from Yu Gongzhu, Spring and Winter, confused. Guan Zhong Yan: 'The wisdom of the old horse is also available. 'Is put the old horse. Tackle. ("Han Ai · said Lin,")

The future generation thus refines the idiom "Old Ma Zhi".


BA.66 BC, Qi Gong's policy of YANGo, the soldiers attacked Yan Guo, and Xiangguo Gu Zhong and Dafu were together with the same. Qi Jun was in spring, and it was a winter when I arrived at the triumphant, and the grass changed. The army turned in the valley to turn, and finally can't find the way again. Although there are many batch of spoons to explore the road, it still can't find where to get out of the valley. Time is long, and the support of the army is difficult. The situation is very critical, I can't find the way, the army will sleep here.

Old horse knowledge

Guan Zhong Suso Long, has an idea: Since the dog can go home far away, then the army in the army, especially the old horse will have the skills of the way. So he said to Qi Qigong: "The king, I think the old horse has the skills of the recognition, allowing it to get in front, bring the big army to the valley." Qi Qigong agreed to try. Guanzhong immediately picked out a few old horses, unlocking the reins, allowing them to walk freely in the front of the army. It is also quite weird, these old horses do not hesitate to travel in one direction. The army immediately walked in the West, and finally got out of the valley and found the road to returning to Qi Guo.

idiom meaning

first, all things are unintended. Everything in the world is equal, and the world can also give people a thought, giving people to enlightenment, giving people wisdom. Therefore, it should be regarded as a human beings of human beings, and they will be equally, respect, respect, and treat them and cherish them.

Second, people are not sages, you can don't. This causing that experienced people are more familiar with the situation, can play guidelines in a certain aspect, guide the role, and therefore, do things to make more brains, it should be good at discovering the law of things around me, I don't know what to do. People learn to ask, so you can take less. Furthermore, only constant learning can we constantly improve and transcend.


a text usage

the subject; the subject, predicate; More experience, familiarity, and can lead the role.

Application example

Qing · Huang Jingren "Two days after the autumn": "The old horse will add the bone, the poor ovitation tree is deep."

Qing Qian Qianyi "Gao Mei Zu Huai Yingtang Poetry": "Take ancestore to the Lao Ma Zhi, out of its rolling,"

Liu Shaozhen "柳 亭":" This route, I have traveled two times, although I can't do it, I don't feel excited and fresh. "

expand the reading

horses It is very long, the nasal cavity is also very large, and the olfactory nerve cells have also constitute a "olfactory radar" than other animals. This olfactory radar can not only identify feed, water quality is good, but also distinguish between the direction, find the road. The ear of the horse is very large, the ear muscles are developed, the rotation is quite flexible, the position is high, and the hearing is very developed. The horse has a strong memory of odor, sound and road, so Ma can be learned by sensitive auditory and olfactory feelings.

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