Numerical Methods


Application Computer is used to calculate the method used by the numerical method. Modern numerical calculation is to control the high-performance numerical calculation method of modern computational mathematics to control the high-speed operation of the electronic computer and implement the calculation target to obtain numerical results required by scientific research or engineering applications.

Value Calculation

[Numeric Computation]

Calculation is calculated to obtain numerical results as the target. The most original and most direct purpose of mathematical development is the numerical calculation. The accuracy of the efficiency and calculation results of numerical calculations often depends on the calculation tool. For thousands of years, with the development of human society, from the heart calculation, written calculation, to the application consolidation, abacus, scale and calculation chart, until the application of electronic computers now, numerical calculations have experienced great changes. For example, the invention of the logarithm in the triangular function table makes the original complex calculation can be done by the table. The application of desktop computer in the 19th century has also greatly improved the speed of four operations. By the mid-1940s, electronic computers appeared, and the size and efficiency of numerical calculations were rapidly improved in the past.


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