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本 美 学 (9 photos)

Hairstyle: Refreshing Skin Short Hair

good at: karate

character: hearty, acting style is not inferior men, but not a tomboy, but somewhat strong woman

The school: Dan high school

Association: Air-handle department

Tongban classmate: Bao Shi Yingzhibi (Tv361 in the Middle Beauty mentioned, two years ago, accidental death)

dubbing actor:

Japanese version: Sangji Mountain (TV 361 ~ 362) (~ 393 392 Overseas), Masayo Kurata (TV 592) (Overseas 643)

station with Edition: Taomin Xian (the TV 361 to 362), Yangkai Kai (TV 592)

Defield record

Animation debut

本 美 美 手道 英姿 (6 photos)

361 Dan high school school strange (previous)

broadcast time: May 24, 2004

Introduction: By the Minila, Conan decided to the garden The ghost turmoil in Dan high is investigated. The cause of things is before, from the stairs, the stairs in front of the art, called the male student. After that, the courtyard will suddenly appear on the desk, and the courtyard does not have the footprints left by the desk ...

362 Dan high school school strange (post section) < / p>

Sading time: May 31, 2004

Destroduction: Conan They found that when they were investigated in Dan Shuangzhong, who attracted the spokes of the ghost, found that the desk desks of the death of the accident due to accidents The school's atrium, and did not find the footprint of the handling desk criminal. There are suspected people are the national ecstasies, art rooms in the health room, and there is also the library. Unveiled the mystery of Conan to convene three people into the art room, and made the garden, pointed out the criminals of ghosts!

592 猿 and bear hands 酉 酉 酉 市 (presence)

In the animation before OP, there is a karate with the land.

593 猿 and bear hands 酉 酉 市 物 物 物 (0005)

Lan in the uniform prisoner mentioned the number of tricks pass.

Comics debut

"Detective Conan" comics single line No. 45 Keyhole characters.


file.11 (total file.457) School odds


file.1 (total file.458) Where is the footprint! ?

file.2 (total file.459) Leave the truth of the table


file.11 (total FILE.718) Naimi

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