Northern River

character set

name :

  • timeless fantasy residents wo ka (when ke ru dream の occupied "Oriental dreams time and space")

  • Assistant Professor (Assistant professor "Oriental blame Yee talk about" All Cast)

role song

  • Sailor of Time (Sailor of Time "Oriental dream time and space")

stage works

  • "spatio-temporal Oriental dreams" machine from / bogey setup file

Oriental Space dreams

★ timeless fantasy residents ??? North lily

talk a little bit strange girl. Although the dream of beauty aides, has adopted a very casual statement.

seem able to talk but has no binding relationship. It looks very young, but the age of 15 (it should be very young) had already graduated from graduate school, and made assistant. (This world, is 11-year-old university graduate is 13 years old graduate)

specializing in comparative physics, of course, the mind is quite sharp.

while finishing the dream of US data collected, while doing nothing.

Northern River

speed ★★★★★ ★★★★★

strength ★★ ★★

Charge speeds ★★★★ ★★★★

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