Northern return line


Northern return line is not a line that exists in the true sense, it is the northernmost line of the sun shines directly on the Earth. Northern return line, the weft of 23 ° 26 'north latitude, sun direct point from the south to the weft, return to the south, the name. The northern return line is the farthest position that the sun is exposed directly from the northern hemisphere, and its latitude value is Huang Dicheng. Solar direct point is southward and always circulates between the two latitudes near the northern return line (north latitude 23 ° 26 ') and the two weft coils near the South Return (23 ° 26'). The northern return line south to the south of the South to the south, the sun is exposed twice a year, the amount of heat is obtained, and the heat is obtained. Therefore, the northern return line is the boundary line of the tropical and northern temperate zone. Many vegetation, climate types in the vicinity of this northern return line. This line represents the boundary line of many things, both a temperature band (North Temperature Tape and Tropical) divided boundary, and the highest northern latitude line that the sun can direct. When the sun direct spot reaches the North Return line, it also means the summer solstice of the north hemisphere. It profoundly affects other natural geographic phenomena that are closely related, such as sun direct point, four seasons, five-band and air pressure bands, windband, climate zone, natural belt change, etc.

Important meaning

The influence of natural phenomena

The latitude value of the northern return line is Huang Dicheng, it is an astronomical climate characteristic with multi-learned meaningful Latitude line. The northern return line is important for astronomical, geographic, climate, and organisms. In the winter and spring conversion in the meaning of astronomy, the northern return line is full of spring, but the other side is still the winter of the bleak. The northern return line is of great significance to the scientific research of astronomy, geography, climate, and biological.

Temperature zone division line

Every summer, the Northern Return line can be irradiated vertically by sunlight. Then the sun moves in the south. Northern Hemisphere Northern Return Wire (excluding northern return line) Non-South Return line (excluding the southern return line) is exposed twice a year, the amount of heat is maxive, and the heat is obtained. Therefore, the northern return line is the boundary line of the tropical and northern temperate zone.

Astronomical special latitude line

Northern return line is a special latitude line with a typical astronomical significance of the earth, which is deeply influencing the natural geographic phenomenon that is closely related to it. When the season conversion in the merit is, the natural rhythm of this northern return line (Huang Dicong) and its nearby regions is also gradient. my country is located in the northern hemisphere, north return line (Huang Dicheng) from China to my country. "Twenty-four-air" proof is closely related to this special weft.

Sun direct north latitude line

Every year's summer supreme (90 °, the sun is 90 °), the sun direct point is maximized in the northern hemisphere, the sun height can To 90 °, this is the summer of the northern hemisphere, the northern hemisphere is short, the Arctic Circle (including the Arctic Circle) is extremely, the southern hemisphere is opposite to the winter, the Antonctic circle is extremely night. Thereafter, the direct spot of the sun gradually moves, and is always cycled between the two latitudes near the north latitude 23 ° 26 'and the South latitude 23 ° 26' near the two latitudes. Therefore, the two weft coils are respectively referred to as "Northern Return Wire" and "South Return Wire". "South Return Wire" is also known as "winter", the fingers, the sun runs to Huang Jing 270 ° for the winter solstice, at this time, the sun is almost direct south to return line, the winter solstice is the shortest day, the longest night, so the sun is direct South Return line is short from the day.

Sun activity rules:

Spring points (before and after March 21), the sun direct point is in the equator (0 °), after which it will be removed.

Summer until (before and after June 22), the sun direct point is on the northern return line (23 ° 26 'N), after which it will be seen.

autumn (before and after September 23), the sun direct point is in the equator (0 °), and then it will continue to move.

Winter Solo (before and after December 22), the sun direct point is on the South Return line (23 ° 26'S), and moves northward after this.

related changes:

1. The movement of the sun direct point causes a global heat distribution change.

2. Season movement of the sun direct point moves the South-South offset of the planet system.

3. Seasonal movement of the sun direct point caused a change in day and night and the high change in the sun.

Northern return line

Crossing the area

North Return line is a latitude line that exists, in China, from the west of the West: Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan, four provinces, crossing the Yungui Plateau , Pearl River Delta Plain, Taiwan Mountains.

from 120 ° W from West to Dong, North Return Wire throughout the country with Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Bangladesh , Myanmar, China; United States, Mexico, Bahamas. A total of 16 countries and regions.

The continents crossing the North Return line are Africa, Asia, North America, through the oceans are the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Pacific. At the same time, the climate crossing the northern return line is the tropical desert climate, temperate continental climate, tropical monsoon climate, plateau mountain climate, subtropical monsoon climate.

Northern return line through 16 countries and regions on earth, multi-desert and grassland zones, such as North Africa's Sahara Desert, Arabian Arab Desert, India Pakistan's Tar Desert, North America Mexican Desert, etc. The so-called "regression desert belt" appears. Only after China Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian (Sea), Taiwan, etc., is another scene, this is a forest, lush, abundant rainfall, rich property, people call "magical return green belt". Farming production and geographical climate resources are closely related, and superior geographical climate resources are an important condition for the birth of farming civilization.


Northern return line (3)

The cause of the northern return line is due to the rotation of the ground, but also around the sun. Since the west to Donggong, the track of the earth is rotated is close to the ellipse of the front circle. The plane of this ellipse is called the track plane, also known as the zodiac plane. The earth is rotated around the shaft, and the day is rotated. In this process, the ground shaft is not perpendicular to the track plane (the zodiac plane) of the circle, but is inclined, the angle is about 66 ° 34 '. The tilt direction of the ground shaft remains unchanged in the space (translation), causing the equatorial plane to be complicated with the zodiac plane (not parallel), and is inclined, the angle of the angle is 66 ° 34 ', that is, 23 ° 26 '. This angle is called Yellow Direction. The weft parallel with the zodiac plane on the surface of the Earth is returned, located in the northern paragraph of the north, the southern hemisphere is the south.

Northern Return Line is the weft latitude (approximately 23 ° 26 'N) that can be directly exposed.


Northern return line is a special latitude line with a typical astronomical significance, the north latitude 23 ° 26 'is the boundary of the northern temperature belt and the tropical line on the earth, only in the summer This day can you see the "immediate shadow" astronomical phenomenon. In my country, there is a memorial building such as Northern Returns Wire Monument, Square, Sign Tower. Listed below lists some more well-known:

Taiwan North Return line Monument

December 15, 2009, Taiwan Huaelian County monument. Taiwan has three northern return line standards, crossing Taiwan Wuhu, Chiayi, Nantou, Hualien four counties, a water township in Chiayi County in the West, and the other two in the east half of Hualie Ruixiang and the sea line Fengbin Township. The monument of the North Return line of Fengbin Township, Hualien County, is located next to the Eastern Coast, and the Pacific is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is 27 kilometers of the provincial highway, and the land of Hualien County is Fengbin Township. The top of the monument has a round ball, a cylindrical symbol of the north and horizontal, and only indicates "Northern Return Wire", and the marker stone is engraved with the words "Norta latitude 23 ° 27'4.51". Heat, the temperature of the two borders are bounded by the north of the line, thereby taking south for the tropical.

Yunnan Western Net Northern Return Line Park

In the exit of the west of Xiki County, it is separated from the county city, 1526m altitude, is the highest in China. Northern return line sign. The main sign name is "returning to the pavilion", which is fried, and it looks like a pavilion. Returning to the windows around the pavilion, there is a round sunroof in the middle of the top, corresponding to the central center of the pavilion, as the summer solstice observation.

Yunnan Mojiang North Return Line Sign Garden

Yunnan Mojiang North Return Line Sign Garden covers an area of ​​1500 square meters, with the position of Northern Return of Northern AD (North 24) ° 26 ') is the main axis. The northern return line passed from the city of Mojiang County, and was known as "Northern Return City".

Guangxi Nanning Daming Mountain Northern Return Line Sign Tower

There is a Northern Return line sign towers on the Daming Mountain Scenic Area in Nanning, Guangxi, established Next to the road of the old log of Daming Mountain, there is a North Return line Copparete.

Guangxi Guiping North Return Line Park

Guiping North Return Line Park North Return Line Sign is a curved architecture that is 18 meters, spanning 18 meters, high 17.2 meters high The top of the curved center holds a globe having a diameter of 6m, and the sphere has a "peeping hole" in diameter 16cm, and the sun light is exposed to the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Map" in the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Map". The sign of the sign is embedded with a width of 5 cm, a northern return line logo indication line for more than 20 meters.

Guangdong Shantou Northern Return Line Sign

is located on the hills of Shantou Chicken. 13.6 meters high, consisting of three parts: base, pillar and earth model. The pedestal is a Temple, divided into three layers, first, second, first, second, high 1.33 meters, each 9-level step, 0.3 meters high, only the first level. The pillar is two "North" font loaded cement brackets, 8.6 meters high, no matter from that direction, it has a clear "North" word, highlighting the northern return line theme. Earth model is supported by pillar, hollow, diameter of 5 meters, spherical marked world outline map, trademark equator, north-south return line and north-south circle, a diameter of 24 cm stainless steel pipe, pointing to the top, vertical plane, through the surface of the Earth model In the summer to Japan, the sun is inspected.

Guangdong blocked northern return line sign

is located in Jiangkou Town Jiangfin Park, sitting north facing south. The base width of the sign is 12m, and the inner ring is plasticized into a hemispherical shape, and the outer ring is a gossip; there are four slant columns to support the concrete base, the slope is supported, and the tower is facing the south. For "离", four slope are separated from 巽 (southeast), (northeast), dry (northwest), Kun (southwestern) quartz; lower part of the tower, water concrete, the top of the tower, use Stainless steel welding, its four ribs, each has two wings floating out, and any location is watching "North" word, meaning "North Return" and "Rockets". The top of the tower has a diameter of 62.1cm copper ball, symbolizing the sun, the central center of the copper ball has a circular hole having a diameter of 10 cm, which is used as a direct examination of the Summer to Japan.

Guangzhou from the north Return line sign tower

Guangzhou from the north return line sign tower is located on the Tanyue Po Land, Yau Mailli, Taiping Town, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou (23 ° 26'28 "444, 113 ° 28'56.16e) is 42 km from Guangzhou, which is the highest high and largest sign towers in the north and south of the world. Sign Tower has four weeks, northeast, southwest, northwest direction 4 Wings. The "Northern Return Line Sign Tower" on the top of the tower is a big word. The center of the tower is embedded with a copper heart and the top, the tower is hollow, the northern return line is being passed here. Every summer At 12:26 this day, the sun's direct shooting is here, people stand here, don't see shadow.

Other related

Timing culture

On the northern return line, the day is used to use the daily surveillance moment. Book is the shadow of the sun. Modern "Japanese 晷" refers to a timing instrument for human ancient use of daisy measurement time, also known as "Japanese rules". That is to determine and divide the time, it is usually consisting of a needle (Table) and the mortal (talent tablet). The method of using the Japanese meter is a major invention in the field of astronomy. There is a scale, molecule, ugly,,,, 巳, noon, no, Shen, 酉,, 亥 12 hours, every time, etc., "time", "time", this is 24 hours a day.

Location change

According to contemporary astronomical observation, due to the influence of astronomical factors such as ergonomics, chapter movement and extreme shift, the north return line is not a constant, but every year. Currently, the northern return line moves slowly from the north to the north every year, and the average distance of each year is approximately 14.4 meters. According to astronomers, the northern weft line of the northern return line appears 24 degrees from the north latitude 14 degrees 39 seconds, the most south weft At the north latitude 22 degrees 37 minutes, the average (midpoint) is approximately 23 degrees 26 minutes and 17 seconds. The northern return line is about 1.61 degrees in the north to the north, and the north and south distance is about 180 kilometers. The complete round-trip of the North Return line The cycle time is approximately 37158.

In 1976, through the resolution at the 16th International Astronomy Federation: Decided that the geographical location of the North Return line in 2000 was 26 minutes and 26 minutes 21.448 seconds. Afterwards, due to The northern return line continues to move slowly to South, and the degree of movement in the south is approximately 0.46845 seconds per year, that is, the average movement of about 47 seconds in the South. Circular 1 1300 (that is, 9291), North Return line will drift to the most south Point (north latitude 22 degrees 37 minutes 56 seconds). The position of the northern return line is not fixed, but it varies within 23 ° 26 '± 1 ° north latitude.

singular phenomenon

< P> History, many strange phenomena have occurred on the northern return line, such as the famous Bermuda Triangle, Egyptian Pyramid, Sahara Desert, is near the return line.
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