Northern General


"Han Han Shu · Bai Quan": "General, not always, this note: Applause betrayal. Bearter 4: The first general, secondary Ride, the truck ride, the secondary, the general. "

Liu Zhaoyi pays attention to Cai Qi" Han Yi ":" Hanxing, set the big general, ride, the second prime minister, car ride, Wei General, before, after, left, right, all Jin Zi, position, Shangqing, Dijing teacher soldiers, Siyi police. "

Northern General

Qing people Zhang Shangyi in" Zuo Zi discount, II The 14th "also said:" Western Han Dynasty General, the generals, the second prime minister, the car ride, the general, all the golden printed violet position, ""

"Song Shu Officials: "Si Zi, Wei Wu Emperor, rank 2,000 Stone. Huang Xiaoxiao, the second time. Han admire and bids." "

" Hanjing " Before Cao Cao, it is a miscellaneous general. For example, the Eastern Han Dynasty is in Bing, Sima Yu, Ma Xian and others; Huangyi, Hu Le, Li Le, Han Si and others at the end of the 2nd century.

"Si Qi, Wei Wu Emperor", that is, Cao Cao has placed four years, and the four of the four people will no longer be "old-age". Cao Cao's four generals set by Cao Cao were the generals of heavy headers. For example, the 202nd of AD, Han Wei "is the general of Baot Teng, the general of Xixi, and the opening of the government; Fu Liao Wusheng, General Zhang Liao, Nandong, 215, Xia Houyuan, Xi West; In 219, Cao Ren worshiped the South General.

But the enemy's Han Han, Dong Wu, still insisted on the four-year-old general, such as Huang Zhong, Shen Wei, Zhao Yun, Chen to, Jiang Wei, Dongwu, Zhu Ran, Ma Mao, land resistance, resort, Lukai.

Wei Wenyi will develop nine products in the official position, and the status is secondary. The North and South Dynasties is also a senior general of the generals.


General Three Kingdoms Wei Zhengbei General leads, 冀, 冀, 并, 州.

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