Northeast University of Finance and Economics Press

Historical History

Northeast University of Finance and Economics was established in 1985, located in the beautiful coastal city. Since the establishment of the commission, the publishing house has hoped a banner of "Internationalization of Finance Education", and took the lead in cooperation with internationally renowned publishers. I have published hundreds of international authority finance management standard teaching materials for importing copyright, and do dozens of dozens of foreign countries. Excellent management books, greatly promoted the internationalization of bilingual teaching and financial education in China. In 2001, the National Copyright Administration was rated as "Advanced Unit of National Book Copyright".


Northeast University of Finance and Economics, the organization is included in Figure 1:

Main business

Northeast University of Finance and Economics is always Service education is in the first place, forming a textbook and teaching support system for college education education and medium and higher vocational education. In the 21st century, the society put forward the goal of "integrating the advantage professional resources, building an integrated teaching materials system". Since 2000, there is a comprehensive launch of China's characteristics, the new concept of finance management classes "21st Century New Concept Textbook" publishing project, We pay attention to the cultivation of talents in microeconomics (enterprises), now published more than 60 series, more than 500 varieties, forming a complete door class, a complete classification system, and has established adaptation of discipline changes. Textbook update replacement mechanism.


National Baijia Book Publishing Unit (2009)

National Copyright Trade Advanced Unit (2001)

Liaoning Province Spiritual Civilization Create an advanced unit (2006)

National Publishing Industry Excellent Website (2008)

National Excellent University Book Agency Station (2006)

Liaoning Province Publishing Printing Advanced Unit (2001, 2005, 2007)

Liaoning Province Publications Printing Quality Product Excellence Award (2007)

Northeast University of Finance and Economics Press

Chinese Book Award

"Urban Economics" (The 12th China Book Award) (2000)

"Economy and Happy" (Thirteenth China Book Award) (2002)

< P> "Western Development and Comprehensive Improvement Labor Quality" (The 14th China Book Award) (2004)

The first Chinese Excellent Publication Award (2006)

"Utilization of teachers' resources library, boost college textbook marketing"

2nd China Excellent Publication Award (Book Nomination Award) (2008)

"Japan Internal Control Evaluation and Audit Standard"

"Company Governance and Accountability"

"Company Governance and Securities Exchange Commission"

Five project awards in Liaoning Province

"Enterprise Culture New Green"

Liaoning Five A Project "Selection Award"

"Western Environmental Resources Industry"

introduced version of the outstanding book award

2004 "management principle"

"Financial Report and Analysis"

2007 "US Dollar Crisis"

2009 "Great Depression"

Output Outstanding Book Award

2007 "Higher Education Finance, International Experience and China Road Selection"


Northeast University of Finance and Economics works to carry forward academics, actively encourage innovation, establish "Teaching Materials and Academic Works", "Sanyou Accounting Publishing Fund", funded a large number of textbooks and monographs, established a good social image and brand image in the academic community.

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