Northeast Administrative Committee

1946 Nian 4 28, Jilin and Heilongjiang People's Self-Defense Forces liberated Harbin, the KMT receives high-ranking officials with the withdrawal of the Soviet Red Army. North Manchurian branch, northern Manchuria military, Songjiang Committee, and military authorities stationed in Harbin Songjiang. Northeast Administrative Committee

May 3, Harbin People's Government, Liu Chengdong mayor. 5, Songjiang Provincial Government, Feng Zhongyun any governor.

In June, the Central Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and indicating the Northeast Democratic coalition adjustment northeast and enrich the leadership. Lin Biao bureau secretary of the Northeast, the Northeast Democratic coalition commander and political commissar. Peng Zhen, Ronghuan, Gao Gang, Chen Yun, deputy secretary of the Northeast Bureau and deputy political commissar of the Northeast Democratic coalition.

August 7, northeastern provinces on behalf of the joint meeting in Harbin, the first high school auditorium opening, closing on the 15th. Peng Zhen, Zhou Bao, Feng Zhongyun and other leaders attended the meeting. 185 delegates, discussed and approved the policy agenda on democracy-building in the Northeast, the Northeast Liberated highest elected executive leadership body - the Federation northeastern provinces administrative offices of the Administrative Committee, referred to as the Northeast Executive Committee. Election as Chairman Lin Feng, Zhang Xuewsi, Gao Chongmin as Vice-Chairman, Secretary-General Li-wen, 11 of the Standing Committee, 27 members. During the meeting, the General Assembly made a resolution is issued public protests electric KMT camp northeast disable the Red Army one hundred yuan ticket.

According to the agreement ROC national government and the Soviet government agreed, the Soviet Red Army stationed in Northeast China, the Soviet Red Army could issue currency. But the KMT camp northeast of the Economic Commission actually on August 1, 1946 unilaterally ordered the withdrawal of all Soviet Red Army headquarters in the northeast territory previously issued hundred votes, with immediate effect to stop the flow. The news came very angry delegates, on behalf of the northeastern provinces joint meeting of representatives of all the deputies, on the 11th issued a public protest electricity. During the meeting, also it adopted condolences to the families of martyrs pensions, build Martyrs Monument, named with the name of the martyrs, written deeds of the martyrs and motion. Later, the committee selected the office and the intersection of Bank Street in Nangang Gogol Street.

October 16, renamed the Northeast Executive Committee.

1948 December liberation throughout the Northeast, the committee moved to Shenyang. August 21, 1949, the Northeast People's Conference held in Shenyang. 27, Northeast People's Government announced the establishment of this point, the historical mission of the Northeast Administrative Committee ended.

1947 Nian 10 10, Northeast Post and Telecommunications Authority issued the "Double Ten Day" stamp is to the northeast of the Administrative Committee for the pattern of the building.

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