North China Government Board


The nominal of the North China Government Board belongs to the governments of the Warriors, and enjoy a very high autonomy in the Wang Publoms, with direct "North China Security Army", and full Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi Province, Japan's Enemy District and Beiping, Tianjin, Qingdao three special markets, Henan Province, Henan Province, Yidong District is also governed by North China, and the so-called anti-armit, public security, resource development and regulatory supplies and demand relationships, etc. The tasks of the aspects have, in addition to external relationships, in all aspects of the internal affairs are not subject to the Puppet Government, which is actually controlled by Japan.

Administrative settings


set up provinces and special cities under the Administration, province, province, county, governor, Dao Yin, Mayor and county governments appointed by the Administration Committee.

General Office

The North China Government Board is within the Ministry of Comparison, Finance, Public Security, Education, and Construction of the Five Services Department, and allocated one person, partitioning the government community;

< P> and set up a government affairs, secretaries, and the internal institutions of the political committee.

Standing member

set up 7 Standing Committee: Chairman and the General Administration of China supervised Wang Kexin, the Finance Department supervised Wang Times, the Public Security Department supervised Qi Yuan, Industrial Safety Supervisor Wang Yaitai, the Ministry of Education supervised Turning, and the Construction Department supervised the Yin Suit, and the Minister of Administration Zhu Shen.

North China Government Board

The member is Dong Kang, Wang Yutang, Su Zhiren, Yu Jin, Jiangyu Zong, Zhao Qi, Ma Liang, Pan Yumei.

Muschery Crime

When preparing a Wangkou Central Government, Wang Kemin and Wang Jingwei struggled to win the contract and complained. Japan is a Jing Wang Jingwei. In June 1940, Wang Kexin hurriedly went to the stage, appointed Wang Yutang to supervise the Committee on the North China Government Committee.

After Wang Yang's job, the "North China Association" and "North China Comprehensive Survey Institute" specially served as Japan, "and witnesses the chairman of these two organizations.

During the three-year term, Wang Hao Tang took five strengthening public security sports, and sagged countless patriotism and innocent people, arrested a large number of people for Japanese military service; and developed igutrial, with grain, Do our best to support Japan's invading war.

In the 8 years of Japan, the oppression, slaughter, search, plundering, and plunder, plunder, plunder, and plunder.

The Wang Big National Government is only a virtual name in North China. "North China Specialization" is the established "national policy" in Japan. In the North China Enemy District, even the five-color flag is still hanging, just change it to new people. Will the flag.

Independent administration

Japan's policy for North China is: government work "direct leadership of the land army", "rule the administrative administrative in the occupation area. That is, the comprehensive important important important to North China Matters, direct guidance of the North China Government Board "or" Main Refers to Economic Matters "" Behind the Operation Guidance "by the" Xingya Hospital North China Contact ".

Japan 's "North China Association Army" rule all the administration of all North China pseudo-political power, Hebei, Peiping, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, is responsible for "government guidance" by local Japan garrison. North China and provincial level, the Japanese army dispatched the Council.

The specific transactions of the various parts of the Japanese Army are located in Beiping, Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding, Shimen, Xingtai, Handan, Taiyuan, Jixian, Yangquan, Linyi, Yuncheng, Changzhi, Jinan, Texas, Jining, Yidu The special agent, Xuzhou, Haizhou, etc., Yantai, Xinxiang, Kaifeng, Shangqiu, Xuzhou, Haizhou, are responsible for the "Liaison" of the city and county.

January 23, 1938, the Japanese Prime Minister announced that the Japanese government is "in the supervision status" in North China pseudo-political power. The "North China Contact Department" in Beiping acts as the "external supervision" of North China pseudo-political power in Beiping.

In November 1942, the Xingya Council Contact Department was replaced by the Japanese Embassy Department.

As for Wang Pigaute, North China, "North China Assistance Army" warned: "Do not take sharp centralization, so that North China hinders the help of the big East Asia war." Wang Piga has received some things on some surface in North China. The "five-color flag" has been taken in North China. On February 9, 1943, the same banner is the same as the Wang Points.

in "Huaihai Province" (Japanese: わ わ か - ょ ょ , "Silicolo", "Sihuai Special Zone"), Use the "dictatorship" of Wang Publoms.

Wang Pupragou has established a "military committee to China," and sent a "member" stationed in Beiping. "North China Public Security Army" is called "North China Yizujun", replacing the same military flag and military emblem with Wang Tai.

August 14, 1945, Japan announced unconditional surrendering, on September 2, Japan officially signed a surrender book. On October 10, Japan's "North China Association Army" signed in Beiping.

October 11, the North China Government Affairs Committee is received by the Chongqing National Government Military Commission. Northern China pseudo regimes in the past 8 years are completely destroyed.

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