Non-contact measurement


Non-contact measurement is based on photoelectric, electromagnetic and other technologies, without contacting the surface of the measured object, resulting in an object surface parameter information Measurement method. Typical non-contact measuring methods such as laser triangulation, eutectic fluctuations, ultrasonic measurement, machine visual measurements, and more.

Electromagnetic Electromagnetic (English: electromagnetism) is the study electromagnetic force (a physical property between charge particles A branch of physics of physics. Electromagnetic force is usually manifested as an electromagnetic field such as electric fields, magnetic fields and light. Electromagnetic force is one of four basic interactions in nature. The other three basic interactions are strong interactions, weak interactions, gravitational. Electrics is closely related to the magnetic field. Electromagnetic can broadly comprise electrical and magnetism, but narrowly exploring a discipline that is interrelated between electrical and magnetism.


Optoelectronics Engineering ( Optoelectronics ), also known as Optical Electronics , refers to It is a scientific with light, electricity , converts light into electric science. Based on the quantum photonics, optical electronics is applied to semiconductor materials, sometimes in the electric field.

Digital Photography Measurement

Digital Photography Measurement ( Digital Photography ) is the third phase of photography measurement. With the development of computer technology and the application of digital image processing, the search and measurement of the traditional photogrammetry are the same as the name point, and it is fully capable of completing by a computer. This can use relatively low-cost computer and its corresponding software to replace the expensive precision optical instrument to make photographic measurements a broader application. Digital photogrammetry is used by digital images or digital images. After processing, you can directly get digital products and visual products.


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    Non-contact measurement

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