Niu Riling Reservoir



Three county junction, Wanquan River on the water, due to the name of the mountain Niu Ridge, the reservoir area, control the water area 1236 square kilometers, and belong to Hainan Rainstorm Center, many years of annual rainfall 2600 mm, annual average water volume of 2.24 billion cubic meters, annual flow of 71.1 cubic meters per second.


The Niu Riling Reservoir is located in the territory of Huihai City, Wanquan River. The main dam of the reservoir is a concrete fasting gravity dam, the top of the dam is 115.5 meters, the largest dam is high. 90.5 meters, the top of the dam is 341.2 meters. The reservoir test is 112.04 meters, and the total storage capacity is 77.79 million cubic meters; for many years to regulate the reservoir, 107.94 meters in the past 100 years, the corresponding storage capacity of 625 million cubic meters (centuries flood drop 7430 cubic meters / sec); normal water level 105.0 meters, corresponding The reservoir is 529.75 million cubic meters; the dead water level is 80.0 meters, and the corresponding storage capacity is 11.255 million cubic meters. The reservoir drowned 406 hectares of cultivated land and the migration of 6,220 people.

Hydropower Station

Niu Riling Hydropower Station design 120,000 kW × 4, using the mixed generator production produced by Tianjin Power Generation Equipment Factory, designing the water head 61 meters, single-machine flow 39.0 cubic meters / sec, HL250-LJ-200 turbine, TS425 / 120-20 generator, design annual power generation of 2.81 billion kWh. The electric station is a dam in the dam, the size is 68.8 × 13.9 × 28.5 meters (length × width × height). The power station is went out of three times 110 kV (respectively sent Qionghai, Wenchang, Lingshui and Tunang), three times 35 kV. The secondary design of the electrician is conducted according to the Hyperong District Hydropower and Guangzhou Electric Association in 1974, and the five new technologies are: weak electricity collective logic circuits, stationary controllable silicon excitement devices , Transistor relay, automatic tour detection device, electromechanical product wet trophy test.

Power Station Construction

Niu Riling Hydroelectric Hub is one of the recent development projects selected by the island hydropower plan in 1965. Since 1969, a large number of dams and preliminary designs have been carried out by the Hydropower Design Room. In March 1973, Hainan District Hydropower Bureau proposed the preliminary design report of Niu Riling Hydropower Station: Select the normal water storage level 80 meters, loaded 30,000 kilowatts, and the dam is used with pulp stone gravity dam. Between 1973 and 1975, the Hydropower Bureau of Hainan District complements the design work, and finally determines the existing scale and type of its hub project.

The project started from 1976. Hainan Administrative Region Government has established a Niu Riling Hydropower Station Project Headquarters, Huang Wen, deputy secretary of the district party committee, and Huang Jinxiu, director of the District Agricultural Committee, and deputy director of the District Hydropower Bureau, Jiang Chengyu, resident, maintained a deputy command, in addition, deputy There is also a technical person in charge of Ou Yangtao, such as Gong Zhaoxun, Guo Ren Road, Huang Qiang, Yu Hao, Huang Liangchao, Chen Yongwei, etc. The headquarters organized the Guangdong Hydropower Second Engineering Bureau and Hainan District Hydropower Construction Team (in 1975 at Xiaoguangba Power Station Construction Team), and the construction team supplemented by some county water conservancy construction teams and migrant workers were constructed. Using a cofferdam, the right shore of the governing scheme construction, No. 1 and No. 2 unit were put into production in December 1979; 3 and No. 3 and No. 3 and No. 3 and No. 3 and Power Generation in January 1982 respectively. All projects have been investive by national investment of 139 million yuan. Formal completion acceptance in June 1986.

Since the operation of the power station, all aspects have been good. The highest power generation is over 300 million kWh. The new technology of the electrical secondary circuit is working properly, and it is experienced on October 3, 1989, high water level (107.22 meters).

River Lake Long

In July 2021, the Heil Lake Lead announced by the Hainan Provincial Government: Li Jun.

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