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The set of Newton's research includes some articles written by the author for more than a decade, of which each of the different aspects of Newton's scientific thinking. Although each article is written separately, there is no much contact, but they are not just because of a certain aspect of the same person's idea, it is forcibly patching together. The core theme is to explain how basic scientific thoughts are associated with the mainstream philosophical idea of ​​the era, and is determined by experience control.

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Alexander Corre (1892-1964), Russian French philosophers, scientific history home. In scientific history, Kewarre has the status of George Saton, a father of the scientific history. Cobwar's work and his lectures in the Scientific History of the Princeton Institute, revealing a new scientific research method, which is different from the big comprehensive synthesis of Sutton Encyclopedia, but to show the clues as a whole with scientific thinking. The history of science, so that the scientific history research has great ideological charm, attracting a large group of talented students to turn to the scientific history and will lead them a lifelong business. The majestic painting of the "Science Revolution" is depicted in the "Science Revolution", which has deeply affected the general social audience. In other words, it is a generally accepted history of the social audience.




first Newton's comprehensive significance

in March 1948 The university of Chicago; published in Archives InternationalS D'Historie DES Sciences 3 (1950), 291-311, which is recomprined to "Journal of General Education" 4 (1950).

The concept and experience in Newton science ideology

initially in the name of "Newton Works and Experience" (L'Hypothèse et l'Expérience Chez Newton) The "Bulletin de la Société Française de Philosophie 50) (1956), 59-79.

The third Newton and Descartes

are studied in the study of Harvilt scientific history in Harvard University on March 8, 1961.


a. Huygens and Leibniz have a gravitational force

b. Is the gravity of a hidden nature?

c. Heavy force is an essential attribute of matter?

d. Void and delay

E. Roao and Clark discuss the gravity

f. Coperni and Copper gravity

g. Galan Di Theory and Gravity

h. Hu Ke is attracting the attraction of gravity

i. Galazi and horizontal sports

J Status and stationary status

k. Cartesian infinity and unclear

L. God and unlimited

m. Movement, Space and location / p>

Fourth Newton, Galileo and Plato

read at the Ninth International History Conference held in Madrid in 1959; first published in the "Ninth International History Conference" (1960) (1960) (1960), 165-197; Annales 6 (1960), 1041-1059.

The fifth unpublished Robert Hox Zuisak Newton's letter

Posted in "ISIS" 43 (1952), 312-337 .

Sixth Newton's "Rules"

published in Archives InternationalS D'Historie Des Sciences 13 (1960), 3-14.

Seventh gravity, Newton and Cotts

Published in Archives InternationalS D'Historie Des Sciences 14 (1961), 225-236.


Human name translated list

Kewarley's life and book


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