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synonymous with New York University Stern School of Business at New York University's Stern generally refers School


School of Business in a century of history, has accumulated a remarkable reputation. To name a recent example: In the "Financial Times" 2003 Global EMBA programs list, New York University Business School ranked No. 5 overall, individual financial subjects ranked No. 1; "US News and World Report's" 2003 Global Part-time MBA program list, the New York University Business School ranking 1; in the "Business Week" 2003 global EMBA programs list, New York University Business School ranking 7.

New York University School of notable alumni in the financial sector, including: the US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, RICHARD FULD executive director of the New York Stock Exchange / Investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. President, the United States NASDAQ stock Robert Greifeld Exchange CEO and president, Chairman of the Board of directors of American Express financial HARVEY GOLUB, Chairman of credit Suisse first Boston Bank Board of directors ALLEN WHEAT, (Taiwan) JEFFREY KOO such as China Trust commercial Bank president. 2003 Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Engel, is currently a professor of finance at New York University.

New York University School of Business near Wall Street financial center, about the wide range of contacts with hundreds of world-class financial research institutions and financial enterprises, making the New York University School of Business not only in the academic field, but also in financial practices have outstanding advantages. New York City is the world's largest financial centers and the United Nations headquarters. With geographical and academic advantages, the New York University School of Business has become a true sense of world-class, global business and economic management research and academic institutions.

partner with Columbia Business School, as the majority of students choose Stern relating to a place. Because it is only one step away from Wall Street, you hear it use of their close relationship with the majority of the New York financial community would not be surprised. Stern very prominent in financial terms, its financial system often lead the way in the development and dissemination of new technologies and conceptual knowledge. You probably think Stern is looking for financial work because (American Express, check José Manhattan firm, Goldman Saatchi company and consulting firm Drott are the top recruiters), but it is in other areas there is also the strength of the most prominent international business, information systems and entrepreneurial spirit. Stern percentage of female students is even higher than Colombia, teachers and students from different countries. It is a comprehensive program of exchanges, its guest lecture series has attracted some of the top executives in the world.


Alumni may be enhanced, a student admitted with a wry smile, he lost the opportunity and regret Stern alumni, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan drink together. Like in many big cities, these no college campus, so that students lose some social activities. "Socially, I really want it to be a close-knit college. Although I met a lot of great people and established a good contact, but I do not know if there is an opportunity to develop a deep friendship," says a student. . Even so, Stern School students still have the same reputation in the organized many important activities.

Stern School with two buildings as a base, Henry Kaufman Management Center and TCI hall, lobby in Washington Square. It shares TCI hall and business undergraduate courses. Some courses to expand next door Sim Kim Kaufman Hall. School Facilities modern, well designed. Stern new graduate student housing for 120 students. It also has a lot of areas around apartment buildings for students to rent.


Since only more than 400 full-time position and there are 11 applicants for each position, with Stern to enter into the top colleges, like any other hard. The general rule is the same as with other business schools. Key

academic life

Stern in 1999 and redesigned its MBA program to promote the integration of a variety of courses and create more multiple functions links courses is part of a two-week preparation phase before in-depth courses. It covers aspects of ethics, computer, math, data analysis and team building and social activities. During this period, the annual freshmen are divided into several classes of about 65 people, they spend the first year together. The students then further to form their own study group of about five people. In the second semester, there is a comprehensive strategy practice. It includes in-depth study of a case, the strategic analysis and exchange of lectures together. Stern's MBA is quantified and strict requirements have a good level of mathematics. It is recommended that students have their own computers.

The students lamented the rule Stern's "35%", which means that any assignments, exams, courses are only 35% of A-level results. Others are B +, B, B-, sometimes C. "In a business school student's psychological," says one student, "B + or B- is quite a failure results. Some teachers and students tried to change the 35% rule, in order to get anything worth A student can . but to get it, most executives agree that it would damage the Stern School of business at the position in the rankings "As one student said Stern, the greatest benefit is the opportunity Dao Chuguang College in New York City.; but the worst thing was no one to do so, because they are busy learning. Stern in Manhattan's Greenwich Village area. There is one of New York's most diverse and vibrant region, but because of Stern and New York University campus did not, so most students come to school by car from Bulukelin, New Jersey and elsewhere, far away from home between college and make The students hardly social. That being said, but there are still a lot of activity during at least the "beer bang" every Thursday evening.

Social Highlights

Halloween party; fraternity dance (spring); Stern satire Festival (summer). Stern is a traditional MBA Institute of Finance, but has added new areas of expertise in order to attract students to the company network and related start-up companies of interest. However, to a large extent, it is still more willing to meet their own needs neighbors, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase this Wall Street recruiters. However, the students suggested Stern, an important impact online revolution might reduce the ability of Academy to do so. Many people are looking for a traditional job security and high returns of start-up companies. Even the "traditional" students want to choose at least one or two e-commerce courses, so you can see how it will affect their work. The students are not so worried about the implementation as soon as possible. Many people delay the job opportunity, because in a small start-up companies is the 'real', no such opportunity was expected: it is necessary to find a job before the December salary expectations also declined slightly, but early. retirement expectations and bulk stock is on the rise. "everyone," one student said, "thinks he will be the next millionaire. "

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