New Germany

Creative Background

Ming Dynasty Ming Dynasty Yu Yufish preparation "Lei Guo Chuan", Feng Menglong has adapted it to "New Collections"; now "Dongmeng" Guozhi is a re-adaptation of "New Collections".

Yu Shaofei (the word will be divided into Zhai Zi ". At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Feng Menglong has been corrected according to history books, and there is also a significant improvement, and the name is "new rutheno". In the Qing Dynasty, Cai Yuanfang made another revision, adding order, reading, detailed comments and brief comments, renamed "Dong Zhou Lie Guozhi) People's Literature Publishing House according to Feng Menglong's" New Collection "to Cai's change For some corrections, cancel the review, note, reading, order, and distribution, re-publish, and the title is still "Dong Zhou League Guo Zhi", entitled "Feng Menglong, Cai Yuan."

Works Influence

"New Collection" is Feng Menglong's "League Gui Chuan" in Yu Shaofi. For three hundred years, this is a popular historical righteousness that has spread except for the "Romance" of the Three Kingdoms. "East Weekly Guo Guo Zhi" is actually a comment book of "New Collections".

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