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network radio is divided into two. One is a software running on a computer or a mobile smart device that can listen to various network radio on the network. Such as 蜓 fm, Anyradio network radio, etc. The birth of the mobile phone network radio software brings the gospel to the mobile phone users who have not provided radio module, you can listen to the same content as normal FM signals, and don't worry about the shackles of headphones online. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the WiFi environment, because the current domestic 3G traffic is not low. The other is that hardware FM support is the extension of the traditional radio, which can be connected to the Internet network through wired or wirelessly, listen to the network station on the network, and you can not use the network radio software on your computer to listen, But this thing needs to be purchased separately, and it is rarely. Now the network radio generally refers to broadcast software on smart devices. The third is a car network radio.


Network radio has a lot, common categories are as follows:

listening to RADIO2.0 (5)

ANYRADIO network radio (ANYRADIO) can play radio radio stations in the network, rich resources, gather in China and abroad, Central People's Broadcasting Station (CNR), China International Radio Station (CRI), all places Channel, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, foreign channels, BBC, VOA, CountryBear, etc.

蜓 FM radio FM provides global online news, music, economy, entertainment, cross talk, foreign language, education, urban, sports, novels, stories, opera, transportation, etc. 3,000 radio channels, 24 hours uninterrupted online Listen. Support 3G, WiFi network environment, and free traffic listening to the local radio station. The mobile client of the dragonfly FM includes iOS and Android.

Hymparn network radio is listening to some interesting programs is a kind of enjoyment, and a small green online radio is a small green online radio.

Good love radio, a free listening to the green software, collecting thousands of radio broadcasts in China, Hong Kong and Macao, foreign countries, network news, online radio, popular songs, rock music , Jazz, folk music, symphony and other music should have!

Network radio

The cool dog radio collects a free network radio with a variety of features. It provides you with a rich radio list, including more than 700 network radio stations, and also support you to add a radio station; it can also recommend local radio stations for you according to your location; if you have heard it, you can't hear it. Radio music, using its automatic identification, you can tell you the song name; when you encounter your favorite broadcast show, you can also use the recording function to record, so that the favorite program is not missing.

Basic function

1. Listening to the radio: The number of radio stations is huge, covering the world, has financial, entertainment, social news, pop songs, rock, jazz, people, light music, etc. All types of radio, meet your different preferences.

2 Automatic Update: Automatically update the recently played radio, automatically save the latest radio station in the recently listening to the radio clip

3. Timed switching machine: set time, automatic boot Playing the radio, let you wake up in the wonderful music, turn it off, let you get a beautiful music melody, and let you get into the dream.

4. Multiple languages: 12 languages ​​are available to meet the needs of multiple countries

5.upnp function: shared files with computer, adding favorite music in computer You can play

6 in the network radio. Collecting the like: you can collect your favorite radio

7. Multi-use features: Alarm is awake function, weather forecast


The era of amateur radio enthusiasts to receive a bunch of antennas to receive broadcast signals has become history. They can now clearly receive the world's programs of many radio worlds through the Internet.

In the future, the radio is roughly developed in both directions. First, it is more professional to develop, mainly for enthusiasts and enthusiasts; the second is to develop in the direction of popularization, with radio functions such as mobile phones, MP3, watches and other products to meet the needs of consumers. The former market is smaller, the latter market is relatively large. Therefore, professional manufacturing radios will decrease, but in technology research and development and practical development, there is still a huge space in new technology, digital broadcasting of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) wirelessly propagated. It is not only a high sound quality close to the CD, and the anti-interference ability is strong, and each digital station only needs to use a frequency band to effectively save channel resources. Moreover, the digital technology signal can transmit multimedia information to multimedia information in addition to the ability to transmit audio information, and become a tool for multimedia communication.

In the in-vehicle network radio, according to IHS Isuppli's automotive market research report, the car sales of global equipment network radio will increase to 30 times in the next eight years, driving a series of vehicles will be integrated in the next few years. In the automotive electronics system.

2018, the car sales of the integrated network radio on the audio body increased from 168,000 in 2010 to 24 million. The United States will lead the development of the car network radio market. In 2018, the country's sales will be increased from 149 million in 2010 to 10.9 million.

The car shipments that use the audio body that can be integrated with clouds have increased significantly, and the vehicle application will grown sharply in the next few years. These applications, whether they are built into the car, or through smartphones and other net mobile devices, there will be a variety of info, entertainment, remote diagnostics and navigation services. Music has been used as a major entertainment in the car for more than 75 years, and the network radio is expected to lead the application of the revolution in the car.

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