Network Notepad

Network Notepad is launched by NetEase. Network Notepad is an online note-taking tool built into NetEase mailbox. Through the network notebook, you can easily record your work arrangements, mood diaries, reading notes, etc.

Network Notepad will continue to introduce more exciting value-added services, such as image upload, colorful backgrounds, etc. Through these value-added services, you can make your log more interesting and more personalized.

The application of QQ network hard disk network notepad

The network notepad is a QQ text notepad. The remarkable function is that it is convenient to move.

QQ can open network notes at any time The notebook can be used at any time to save you from the tiring and busy carrying files.

The new network notebook, xNote network notebook, is convenient and quick to use, only needs a simple registration, you can use it conveniently, and it has powerful functions. , It can encrypt notes and save useful link collections. More importantly, when we write notes and essays, it can be automatically saved, which is convenient and fast, and avoids the loss of note content due to improper operation.

The representative of the network notebook, Provide online timely note, write diary, and send mood functions. Allows you to record your plans and ideas immediately anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to the complicated SNS community and provide users with a private space of their own.

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