Network Literature University

Educational background

Guiding ideology

To fully implement the party’s educational policy, take the scientific development concept as the guide, follow the laws of education, take talent training as the foundation, and discipline Building as the leader, taking the "Chinese Dream" as the spiritual guide, inheriting the Chinese civilization as our mission, pursuing the harmonious unity of the scientific spirit and the humanistic spirit, adhering to the concept of "creation changes life", and running a school to serve the Chinese who love online literature around the world The non-profit vocational education university.

Ideas for running a school

According to the changes in online education under the new situation and the development characteristics of online literature, based on serving online literature practitioners and enthusiasts, improving creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship A training model for high-quality applied talents based on the ability and basic quality of "three innovations and one base". In line with the principle of wide-calibre and thick foundation, we will strengthen public welfare education for the cultivation of excellent academic and practical network literature talents; the Chinese Network Literature University will increase its influence and radiation through its own construction.

Overall goal

Inheriting five thousand years of Chinese culture, cultivating millions of authors for online literature, enabling newcomers of online literature to embark on a career path faster, making online literature the mainstream of society, and letting the Internet Literature from China to the world.

Purpose of running a school

The network literature university "trains millions of authors for network literature, so that newcomers to network literature can embark on a career path faster, and network literature becomes the mainstream of society, and network literature can follow "China goes to the world" as its purpose.

Department composition

We train 100,000 online literature authors every year. The University of Online Literature is divided into three levels: Youth Academy, Elite Academy, and Creative Research Institute. They are aimed at newcomers who love online literature and are new to writing. They have published this work, senior authors with certain writing experience, and published many books. The works are trained by well-known authors recognized by readers.

Faculty Strength

The University of Online Literature has received strong support from the Chinese Writers Association and Lu Xun School of Literature. Bai Miao, Executive Vice President of Lu Xun School of Literature, and Associate Researcher Wang Xiang will serve as mentors. In addition, Shi Zhongshan, Ren Haizhong, Zhou Dedong, Zeng Zihang and other well-known writers, online literature critic Ma Ji, Peking University Chinese Associate Professor Shao Yanjun and other scholars, China Youth Publishing House Associate Editor Zhuang Yong and other senior editors, members of the Chinese Writers Association Well-known online writers such as Xiaoqi School will serve as tutors for the University of Online Literature, and major literary original websites will also actively participate in the teaching work of the University of Online Literature. The University of Internet Literature should provide public services for the field of Internet literature, starting from cultivating Internet literature authors, promoting the professionalization of authors, and promoting the healthy development of Internet literature.

School Committee Member




Mo Yan< /p>

Honorary Principal

Famous contemporary Chinese writer, winner of the Mao Dun Literature Award, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, 17K Chinese online signing author, representative works such as "Frog" and "Red Sorghum".

Tong Zhilei

President of Wangwen University

Chairman and President of Chinese Online, Vice Chairman of China Copyright Association, Director of Anti-Piracy Committee, Standing Director of China Publishing Association, Pioneer of Digital Publishing Industry.

Blood remuneration

Web University Executive Vice President

Liu Ying, founder and general manager of 17K Novel Network. He is a senior expert with a pen name and a well-known reputation in the industry. He is the author of "Newcomers' Guide to Online Literature" and other works.

Ma Ji

Network University Mentor

Associate Editor of China Writers Net. Millions of words have been published and completed literary works. He has been paying attention to and researching the development of online literature for a long time, and has authored the monograph "10 Years of Online Literature".

Line drawing

Tutor of Web University

Member of Chinese Writers Association, Deputy Dean of Lu Xun School of Chinese Writers Association, Deputy Director of Reportage Creation Committee of Chinese Writers Association, Chief Editor of "Yanhe" Literature Monthly .

Wang Xiang

Network University Instructor

Commonly used under the pen name Cambridge, he focuses on literary research, and successively offers courses in novel creation; film and television drama creation; online novel creation; Chinese traditional culture. Now he is a researcher of Luyuan Academy.

Shao Yanjun

Tutor of Web University

Famous literary critic, professor of Chinese Department of Peking University. Won the 2005 and 2006 "Southern Literary Circles" Outstanding Paper Award. Pay attention to online literature and offer seminars at Peking University.

Zhuang Yong

Network University Tutor

Publisher, editor of China Youth Publishing House, director of New Youth Book Studio. Independently launching a series of studies on "Reading China": Reading China in "Reading".


Tutor of Web University

Drinker, formerly known as Menghu, well-known contracted writer of 17K Novel Network under Chinese Online, founder of overhead historical novels, member of Chinese Writers Association, first online literature League mentor.

Snap Riding School

Web University Tutor

Xiaoqi School, whose real name is Liu Ye, is a well-known contract writer of 17K Novel Network under Chinese Online, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, the godfather of urban novels, the two-term network Literary League Mentor.

In the sea of ​​people

Network University Mentor

In the crowd, well-known online romance novel writers, freelance writers, screenwriters; TV series "Qian Duo Duo Duo Ren Ji", "My Economic Applicability The original author of the novel "Male".

Shi Zhongshan

Tutor of Web University

Contemporary famous military writer and playwright, Chinese online 17K contract author, has published more than 5 million characters of literary works, and his representative works "The Passion Burning Years" and " "Military Song Loud and Bright" and so on.

Zhou Dedong

Tutor of Web University

Famous writer and screenwriter, former editor-in-chief of "Girlfriend" magazine, "Quote" magazine, and "Youth Digest" magazine. Published a number of horror novels, such as "Midden Marriage", "Sanchakou" and so on.

Zeng Zihang

Network University Mentor

The chief emotional best-selling author and host in China. The representative work "Women are not ruthless, their status is unstable", served as an emotional psychologist, media commentator and guest host for many TV programs across the country.

Formally established

On October 30, 2013, China’s first non-profit university network literature university to cultivate original authors of network literature Established in Beijing today. The writer Mo Yan served as the honorary principal.

Teaching Mode

Established three academies, Youth Training Academy (Elementary), Elite Academy (Intermediate) and Creative Research Institute (Advanced), to teach students at different levels in stages. All colleges will invite literary masters, online literary experts, leaders of writers associations, and scholars from all walks of life to regularly conduct online and offline lectures, combined with systematic and professional online teaching courses.

Significance of the establishment

In 2013, after fifteen years of online literature, the establishment of the University of Online Literature will guide online literature from "industrialization" to the "professional" writing stage. First of all, the University of Online Literature has solved the problem of the author's "no way to enter", and literature lovers can take the first step in online writing. The University of Online Literature brings together senior editors from major literary original websites, not only can provide practical guidance for authors, but also act as a "star scout". The University of Online Literature will also regularly organize activities such as online literature leagues to create opportunities for newcomers to stand out. Secondly, the University of Online Literature provides different levels of training according to the individual needs of authors at different stages of creation to help authors break through the bottleneck of creation and avoid halfway through. For example, there are introductory tutorials for new authors and one-on-one work reviews for new authors; there are also customized courses related to film and television adaptation and paper book publishing for intermediate authors; and there are also customized courses for advanced authors. Literary theory research and practical courses. Thirdly, the University of Online Literature relies on the resources of Chinese Online and various co-constructors in anti-piracy, mobile reading, Internet reading, film and television and game copyright derivation, etc., to fully protect the rights and interests of authors, so that authors can create good works with peace of mind. The author provides a broad development space to fully display his talents.

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