Network attached storage

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Nework Attaehed Storage (NAS) is a computer external storage device with a large storage capacity. Because of its special application function, it is widely used. It is directly connected to the network through a hub or switch.

Chinese name

Network attached storage

Foreign name

Nework Attaehed Storage




1 Memory

2 NAS function

3 Features of NAS

4 NAS application


There are many types and forms of NAS integrated storage, among which the following 4 are more common.

(1) i change the disk drive array;

(2) CD or DVD drive ;

(3) Tape drives or removable storage media;

(4) Simple server. The simple server integrated in the NAS device can complete the management of x,t internal files, and separate the storage-related functions from other functions performed by the application server.

NAS function

NAS system has RAID function and complete file server function. Supports files of any format, including SMB format of Windows, NFS format and CIFS format of Unix and Linux, etc. [1]  .

Features of NAS

(1) The geographical installation location is not restricted by distance, and has all the main characteristics of high capacity, high performance and high reliability of the disk array;

(2) Convenient and simple to use, plug in the power supply, connect the network cable, and put it into use within 10 minutes; add equipment online without stopping the network and fully integrate with the established network to protect the original investment;

(3) The mode storage adopts the RA ID mode;

(4) Sharing platform cross-platform file sharing, supporting operating systems such as Windows, NT, Unix or Linux;

(5) The independent optimized storage operating system of the operating system is completely free from server intervention, effectively releasing bandwidth and improving the overall performance of the network. Integrated local backup software can realize serverless backup. The log file system and checkpoint design make data recovery accurate and timely. The dual-engine design concept allows users to access data even if the server fails;

(6) Centralized management Store files under different system platforms in one NAS to facilitate centralized management of network administrators and reduce maintenance costs. The web-based GUI management interface makes the management of NAs equipment clear at a glance; it comes with management software that supports multiple protocols, with diverse functions, supports log file systems, and generally integrates local backup software.

NAS application

Provide a large amount of data storage space, solve the problem of high-speed and safe storage of a large amount of data, mainly used in free E-mail space registration, FTP server, multimedia and image industry, financial securities industry and other fields that require a large amount of data storage; for small and medium-sized enterprises , Can also replace the function of file server + SCSI disk array.

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