NetEase Netdisk

Network disk performance

  • Super large capacity

Provide the highest point redemption The free capacity is 3G, and files of any format up to 100M can be uploaded for permanent storage.

  • Flexible and efficient

Convenient and flexible usage, support file flash batch upload, support Multiple files are packaged and downloaded.

  • Complete functions

Multiple file management functions: file renaming, adding notes, shrinking Thumbnail display mode and picture preview, etc.

  • Easy to manage

Multi-level folders can be created for free classification, network disk keywords Search makes it easier for you to manage and find files.

Network disk expansion

NetEase network disk is bound to NetEase mailbox, or in other words, is the network storage space of NetEase mailbox.

Log in to Free Mail.

Click "NetEase Netdisk" in the tree menu on the left to open NetEase Netdisk.

On the point redemption page on the right, spend the active points of the mailbox to get the online disk for free.

The latest mailbox point redemption rules for online disk space:

1 Get 163MB of online disk space and spend 1 point

2 Get 280MB Net disk space costs 800 points

3 3G network disk space costs 1800 points

4 If you want to upgrade to 2GB network disk space, you need to activate the monthly pocket mail package

Since November 15, 2013, there have been new changes, such as

The free online storage service provided by NetEase mailbox provides permanent files File management functions such as storage, access, backup, and sharing. Storage period: Unlimited single file limit: 100M

Free expansion with points

  • Use 1800 points Redeem 3G

Bind product expansion

  • Activate phone Number mailbox5G

  • Open pocket mail (10 yuan/month) 8G

  • < li>

    (I haven’t activated it, but I got it for a free trial, everyone can try it)

  • Install Yixin on your mobile phone and log in.Add 2G


It should be the latest launch by NetEase. The date I wrote is 2013.11.15

How to use

> > How to save files to NetEase Netdisk?

Save the file to the NetEase Netdisk. This process is called "uploading the file". Please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to NetEase Free Mail, and click "NetEase Net Disk" in the tree menu on the left;

2, click "Upload File" on the page Button, or click the "Upload" icon in the action bar behind the folder.

3. Choose a target folder in your NetEase network disk (the default is the current directory);

4. Click the "Browse" button in the dialog box and select the one you want to upload File;

5. Press the "Upload" button. If the upload is successful, the file icon is displayed in the folder list.

>>How to send files in NetEase Netdisk to friends? ·

Click the "NetEase Netdisk" link on the compose page; ·

Select the file you need to send on the jumped netdisk file list page; ·

< p>Click "OK" to return to the compose page to continue editing the email; ·

Just click "Send" to send the selected file as an attachment to the email to your friends.


>>How to create a new folder? ·

Log in to 126 Free Mail, click "NetEase Netdisk" in the tree menu on the left;

·Select the new folder, ·Enter the name of the new folder, and press "OK" To create a new directory under the selected folder.

>>How to sort and save my files?

126 After opening the NetEase Netdisk for free mail, we have created folders for you by default such as "My Music", "My Pictures", and "My Documents". You can follow the file types Save the file to the corresponding directory. You can also create different folders according to your preferences. For example, in the "My Music" folder, click "New Folder", and then create a new "Jay Chou" and "Faye Wong"... This is very convenient for you to upload Files are classified and managed, which is also convenient for you to use and find.

>>How to modify the attributes and names of files or folders? ·

Select the file or folder to be modified, and click the "Properties/Rename" button behind the file; ·You can modify the properties of the file in the pop-up dialog box, including renaming. The attribute content includes the name, size, type, location, number of files contained in the folder, and cover file of the folder.

>>How to download files? ·

First select the file to be downloaded, click the "download" icon behind the file, or right-click the file and select "download file" to download a single file; ·click "under the file list" Pack and download" button to pack and download multiple selected files at one time; ·Click "folder download" to pack and download the entire folder.

>>How to copy or move files or folders?

First select the file to be copied or moved, select the target folder, and click the "Copy to" or "Move to" button, and the file will be copied to another selected folder. In addition to operating a single file, the copy and move functions can also operate folders.

>>How to delete files or directories? ·

Select the file or folder to be deleted, and click the delete button; ·A dialog box for confirming the deletion pops up, press "OK", and the selected file or folder is deleted.

>>How to view a single file?

It is used to view some common files (.jpg, .gif, .txt, .bmp, .htm, etc.) in NetEase Netdisk, which can be opened directly in the browser, and files in other formats will be previewed. Prompt to download.


If you expand and upgrade in stages, the points spent for the previous level upgrade will be refunded. For example: the first time you spend 500 points to get a 64M network disk, you only need to consume 500 points to expand to 128M space. You can also spend 1,000 points to get 128M network disk space directly.

Since May 6, 2013, the redemption condition of 163M online disk has been adjusted from 500 points to 1 point.

1. Due to the huge investment in online disks, in order to prevent repeated registrations between NetEase users from wasting resources, the users you recommend must be non-NetEase mailbox users.

2. NetEase has adopted a strict anti-cheating mechanism to prevent users who register falsely. Once the user is confirmed to have cheated, the mailbox user will not be able to enjoy the free service of NetEase Netdisk.

Whenever and wherever, save your documents, photos, music, and software, and truly feel the convenience of online storage.

Log in to NetEase mailbox anytime and anywhere, access your network disk, send and receive mail, and hard disk storage.

Back up your important personal documents, data, necessary software, system patches, etc., and bid farewell to the pain caused by mistaken deletion.

The upload function of NetEase Netdisk is very powerful. It not only provides the function of uploading multiple files at the same time, but also provides the function of automatic decompression after uploading compressed files in ZIP format. It is also very good in terms of downloading, providing a package download function for multiple files or entire folders. In terms of uploading and downloading, NetEase Netdisk can be said to be very outstanding. Unfortunately, NetEase does not support sharing files with friends. This makes its performance greatly compromised.

3. The maximum capacity of a single file on NetEase Netdisk is 1024M. Please note that it is not infinite.

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