Neoclassical music

Artistic Characteristics

New classicism on the aesthetic trend, not only deny the title and subjectivity of romantic music, but also negates the lantern romanticism and its expansion Fantasy and performance. New classicalism advocates that music creation does not have to reflect the social and politics of disorders, advocate "neutral or" art first "position; create should go back to" classical ", return to" The era of returning from Babach "go, there There is a pure (not mixed poetry or painting, etc.); the composer should get rid of the subjectivity, and the classical balance in the form of the classical objective, with modern techniques.


As the system, new classicism affects the later generations, represents the Italian composer F. Busen and Russian composer if Stravinski.

Busen It is believed that music should maintain strict objective spirit and neutral attitude, and classical forms such as Pattya, Grand Song, Tota, Sa Carlia and Ruglka are the best in practice. Ways. Stravans launched a new classical boom after I published the Declaration of "Back to Bach" in 1927, and set off new classicism.

Typical work

new Early typical creation of classicism is Bobisoo's "comedy" and "piano troishes", but the most typical is Strainski's dance music "Muse's dominant Apollo", "The Kiss of the Fairy" , "Psal Symphony" and "Piano Concerto", etc. These works are selected from the ancient mythical stories, some use medieval religious themes, and strive to simulate ancient music style and combined with modern techniques. Thereby forming a new type of ancient music style.

far-reaching influence

Advocated by Busni and Stravansky, new classicism, for many modern excellent composers A far-reaching influence. The A. String Quartet "and" The First Violin Sonata "and the" Emotional Violi "," Uncommon Violin "," Uncommon Violin "," Accompany Violin " Groups and other works, there are obvious neoclassical features in music concept and structure.

The profound content of his symphony and elegant and rational performance method reflects classical features. The other composer D. Mi Tuan group, although the early works have the influence of post-romantic art, but the "Piano Sonata" (1916), the symphony song "Prote", piano collection "Sodda "(1919 ~ 1920), six mini" small symphony "," Spring Concerto "," Piano Concerto "," Piano, Clarinet, Piano Group "(1936)," French Group ", 14th ~ 16 strings four retrograms, there are many symphony and piano concerto, all have obvious new classic characteristics. Many works in the middle of Prance, such as "French Group" (1936), "Two Piano Concerto" "G Small Songs" (1939), "Piano and Tube Six", "Three Things of Piano, Doublex Tubes and Data" can be included in this field.

Germany P. Hinde Mitter A representative called new objectivism, has established a new system in theory theory. But he never stayed away from traditional adjustment and tissue, he has written many modern fellowship with fresh and precise allegation skills. He is good at combining the classical genre form and the new music language.

Hungary B. Bartok and Z. Kadok are new nationalists, the former application of national music themes, but not simply use, but to adjust, rhythm, tune, etc. Elements are decomposed, combined into their own unique music grammar. His "The Music" (1936), "Two Piano and Musical Sonata", "Two Piano Sonata", "Third Piano Concerto", "Orchestral Concerto" The typical work of neoclassicalism. At the same time as Kadai is applying Mazar folk songs, Kuda is striving to make language and tune closely, and close people. For example, the orchestra group "Harry Yano Polish", "Garlanda Dance", "Orchestra Concerto", Double String Quartet, "Uncommon Violin Sonata" is its representative.

The Soviet с.с.Purkfiv, д.д. Schostatakovic's thinking of modern, nation, social ideas and classical thinking Combined together, it has greatly expanded the category of neoclassical music style.

French composer Raweil despite the very colorful attachment, a large number of exotic modes such as Spain, China, Arab, Greece, avoiding natural hike and empty four, five-degree audience Self-made one. But his skills, clear themes, classical three chords and sound systems, and respect for classical forms, can also be classified into neoclassical categories.

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