National will

The essence of the national will is the will of government, not the embodiment of the people. When the government will consistent with most national consent, it can be considered to reflect the will of the people. The people are illusory political concepts. In this regard, the national propagation is more appropriate. Personal will is to express the meaning of things in a certain period of time. It means that the subject's appeal, requirement, prayer, concentrated on the main body. Power is an embodiment of the national will. The state's general appeal of the society often forms a national system and has used the country to express the will of the national subject. The operation of the national system is power, it is the normal operation of power reflects the presence of the system. What kind of system will have any power pattern, and the changes in power patterns also reflect the changes in the national system. National will

my country's reform of political system is actually adjusted to the power pattern, which in turn reflects the reform adjustment of the national system. Here, the power here is the embodiment of the will, the operation of power is the general requirements of the state's members, reflecting the overall interests of the country, and the mark is the normal order of society.

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