National Shanghai Medical School


National Central University School of Medicine, founded in Shanghai in 1927 by the National Central University, National University is China's first medical school founded; first name National IV Zhongshan University School of Medicine , 1928 Nian 2 was renamed as Jiangsu State University Medicine , 1928 Nian 5 was renamed as National central University School of Medicine; 1932 independence for the National Shanghai Medical College. After changing of the guard in mainland China, in 1952 to "national" word, changed its name to Shanghai First Medical College upgraded to university status in 1985, renamed the Shanghai Medical University. In 2000 incorporated Fudan University, Shanghai Medical College retained the name. Now called Fudan University Shanghai Medical College .


  • 1927 years, the fourth National Sun Yat-sen School of Medicine was founded in Shanghai Wusong, China's National University founded the first medical school, Yan Fuqing He became the first president. February 1928, changed its name to the National Fourth Zhongshan University, Jiangsu, in May 1928, and then changed its name to National Central University, School of Medicine and has changed its name to Jiangsu University School of Medicine, Central University School of Medicine.

  • 1932 Nian, National Central University School of Medicine independently National Shanghai Medical College , as National was the only Chinese medicine hospital.

  • 1936 years, the Maple new school and Zhongshan Hospital, built at the same time.

  • 1937 years, the outbreak of war, moved to within Yunnan Kunming understand Longtan; 1940 onward moved to Sichuan, Chongqing Gele, president of Zhu Hengbi. In 1946, the war, moved back to Shanghai.

  • 1952, changed its name to "Shanghai First Medical College."

  • 1959 years was designated as one of 16 key universities in the country.

  • 1956 years, the teachers and students on the medical division moved to Chongqing Chongqing Medical College was founded in 1985 changed its name to Chongqing Medical University.

  • 1985, changed its name to "Shanghai Medical University."

  • In 1994, the 211 project (China focus on building 21st century, 100 University Program) preliminary hearing, first obtained this qualification for the Shanghai university.

  • In 2000, with the original Fudan University merged to form the new Fudan University. Shanghai Medical University, split into a number of departments directly under the Fudan University, "the doctors' names once canceled.

  • In 2001, disbanded Basic Medical and Clinical Medical College, the medical school merged to form a new fight by teachers and alumni, named "Shanghai Medical College."

  • 2009 years, the College of Pharmacy moved from Zhangjiang campus Fenglin Campus.

  • 2011 years each of Medicine Department of the re-integration, the new listing on the Shanghai Medical College, Fudan Fenglin Campus, the former overall health recovered.

  • 2012, the restoration of Basic Medical establishment.

National Shanghai Medical School

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