National People's Army


Cold War era (1955-1990)

After the Second World War, Nazi Germany defeats. After the Potsdam meeting, Germany was completely relieved by the Allies, and Germany could no longer establish any armed forces again, only to establish a force as a guardian guardian, and Germany's defense affairs were responsible for the United States, Britain, Law, and Su.

In 1949, the four occupations of Germany established a capitalist Camp's German Federal Republic (West Germany) and two regime of the German Democracy (East German) of the Socialist Camp. In addition, since the East Western camp in the early 1950s, the relationship between the two sides has become increasingly tense. In 1955, Sideg joined the Northern Atlantic Convention Organization, and established a federal national defense army, and the threatened socialist camp country and East Detead signed the "Warsaw Convention", establish Warsaw Convention, and constructed an armed force belonging to Dongde. To resist threats from Western capitalist camps.

On March 1, 1956, Dongde's armed forces officially established, named "National People's Army" (NATIONALE VOLKSARMEE), this army initially mainly proved to prisoner from the Soviet Union before Nazi German soldiers And other volunteers. Since 1961, the East German government developed a conscription policy, from the free German youth (Freie Deutsche Jugend), and the number of newers in schools, the number of people has expanded to cope with the conflict caused by tensions of the Camp relationship of the East and West. On September 24, 1990, the National People's Army officially quit Warsaw Convention organization, and the East Government also stopped operating.

Dongde People's Army often serve

two German unified (1990 - Today) < / p>

October 3, 1990, Germany in Germany in nearly half a century is again unified, and East Germany is incorporated into Xide, Germany officially unified. Therefore, Dongde's National People's Army is replaced, and 50,000 soldiers continue to serve in the Federal National Defense Forces, but will leave the army soon, only some of the officers will continue to stay in the military.

After the unity of Germany, many of the national people's army have been discarded and dismantled, or sold to friendly countries and the third world.

East German People's Army rank military service


The National People's Army participated in several military tasks throughout the Cold War, such as the Spring of Prague, 1968 Czechoslovakia. In addition, since the establishment of the Berlin Wall in 1961, Grenztruppen, who was affiliated to the National People's Army, shoulders the task of the border of the Wei Dong and West Berlin. Since then, there are many people who want to invest in East Germany from the West Berlin to be arrested, gunshots and shooters.

As a member of the Warsaw Convention, the East National People's Army also needs to participate in military tasks for Western camps. For example, when the Cuban Missile Crisis, the National People's Army began to deploy operations, but the East Western finally reached a reconciliation, and there was no large-scale military conflict.

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