National Olympic Sports Center

Construction Level

National Olympic Sports Center (20)

In July 1986, the National Olympic Sports Center was officially completed.

In 1990, the National Olympic Sports Center was officially put into use.

On 1 April 2006, the National Olympic Sports Center Olympic renovation project was officially started.

September 11, 2007, the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium reform and expansion project was officially completed.

Building pattern


National Olympic Sports Center Stadium (9 photos)

National Olympic Center Stadium is located in Olympics North side of the body center is an important sports building in the center of the Olympics, and the total construction area of ​​the stadium is 3,2400 square meters. It can accommodate 6,300 viewers.

Swimming Pool

National Olympic Sports Center Swimming Pool (13)

The National Olympic Sports Center Swimming Museum is located in the north side of the Olympics, total building area 39,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 6,000 viewers. There is a standard swimming competition with a pool, assume a variety of water project competitions and literary performances.

Quantian, the national Olympic Sports Center, the National Olympic Sports Center, is located in the northeast side of the Olympic Center, with a total construction area of ​​3,100 square meters. It can accommodate more than 1,000 viewers, bear the hockey game, door ball competition Training tasks.

Training Hall

The National Olympic Sports Center Training Center is located on the north side of the Olympic Sports Center, composed of three equivalent training venues. The total construction area is 15,000 square meters, assumes the training tasks of the game projects such as handball, martial arts competition, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby.

Building features

National Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium Building Facade Modeling is closely fitted, the roof part combines building modeling, using a traveled double curved combination net shell, using Stereo housing of the reinforced Sata Scrolls, the stereo housing at the ridge of the ridge, the two side retaining classes, the treatment technique of the lower facade of the gym, simple and bright, with light spray wall and dark doors and windings, Blue gray reflective glass forms a large area of ​​virtuality. The south-spot lounge in the gymnasium and blue graphic reflective glass, which looks particularly outstanding under the huge building entity, while the red grid and upper silver gray rain pipe at the entrance is in the blue graphic glass. It is very distinct, and the two-sided mountain wall with a circular window and the human-shaped corrugated window to improve the proportion of the solid wall, so that the facade is different, unique.

Visit information

Geographic location

The National Olympic Sports Center is located in the south side of the North Fourth Ring Road, Beijing.

National Olympic Sports Center


Visit tickets for free, and the game is another ticket purchase.

Transportation line

Take Beijing Bus 386, 611 Road, 656 Road, 658 Road, 944 Road, 983 Road, 113 Road Asian Games Station getting off.


2019, the National Olympic Sports Center won the "Excellent Organizational Award" "Excellent Organization Award" issued by the State Sports General Administration Sports Culture Development Center

Value meaning

National Olympic Sports Center as the direct training base of the State Sports General Administration, according to the General Administration of project layout, the 19 projects of 5 projects, wrestling, hockey, tennis, and boxing, according to the General Administration of Project layout Nearly 700 athletes' resident tasks. Using a stationary gap, actively play the public welfare attributes of large sports venues, undertake social responsibility, hold national fitness activities and nearly 160 games in all kinds of thousands of matters, and annual reception of 2.8 million people. At the same time, do a good job in industrial operations and sports cultural publicity, and give full play to the demonstration role of national sports venues.

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