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School introduction

"National Jiangsu University" entry is the "National Jiangsu University" in history, is Nanjing University from February 29 to May 16, 1928. The number of times used during the day of the day, including "Jiangsu University" from April 5th to May 16th. Regarding the People's Republic of China, Jiangsu University is, see the "Jiangsu University" entry.

National Jiangsu University is a short-term use of the history of Nanjing University, and in February 1928, the original "National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University" has been named, only "Jiangsu University" on April 5, 1928 ". Under the strong opposition of teachers and students, eventually renamed "National Central University" in May 1928. In August 1949, he changed its name "National Nanjing University". In 1950, "Nanjing University" was named "Nanjing University" and used it to this day.

Historical Edition

Sanjiang Teachers School (1902-1905), Dujiang Teachers School (1906-1911), Nanjing Higher Normal School (1914-1921), National Southeast University (1921- 1927), National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University (1927), National Jiangsu University (1928), Jiangsu University (1928), National Central University (1928-1949), National Nanjing University (1949), Nanjing University (1950-). In 1952, the national college department was adjusted, and Nanjing University adjusted the department of engineering, agriculture, education, and formed a school in Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing Agricultural College, Nanjing Normal University. According to the "Nanjing, Jinling two universal mergers, adjustment work", the historical archives of Jiangsu University (Central University former school) (new) Nanjing University.

History History

"Four Middle School" Yi name

In November 1927, the education sector has changed The Name of the San Shengshan University. The most direct cause of the rename is that Zhongshan University is more than one, the secondname is not easy to distinguish. At that time, the "University District System" was being tried. The construction of more Sun Yat-sen University was also brewing; but the Qi Qi Qi Qi University The letter is increasingly investing in Part B, if the country is increasing to the 28th University of Sun Yat-sen University, it is not difficult to imagine the chaotic situation; the Zhongshan University, retaining Guangzhou, has expressed the commemoration of Prime Minister (Sun Yat-sen); It is advisable to use the province.

February 10, 1928, the University Committee notice, according to the "Regulations on the University Regulations", the fourth Sun Yat-sen University "should be changed to Jiangsu University". On February 29, 1928, the University Institute (renamed by the Ministry of Education) University Committee adopted a change in the school name, and issued a number of regular instructions (Figure 1), requiring the fourth Sun Yat-sen University to rename "Jiangsu University" .

"Easy Trend" began

Four Middle Middle Middle University, I don't want to change the name "Jiangsu University", so when the rename is still brewing At the time, the school put forward an objection. After the renaming of "Jiangsu University" is officially issued, the four Master's "unexpected", immediately set up the "National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University Renovation School Numach Forward". On behalf of the University of Books, I believe that Jiangsu University is neither enough to have a national center of the country, and it is not enough to tree the top of the city. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

First, it will enable the "national academic losses." Because the nation's academic should have a center, and Jiang Nan is called the rich zone, Nanjing is a human article, "Xindu Jian, Academic Center, Schzimimmim". And the four middle schools have a long history, the scale is large, and it is set as a quyn, the wind of the tree, it will inevitably "appear to be gainful, innovative academics." If it is renamed Jiangsu University, the scope is limited to one province, and the scale is naturally a certain, the national academic must fix the center.

second, it is not conducive to the development of the school. Because since the Qing Dynasty, Sanjiang Normal University has been divided into two rivers and teachers, to the National Nanjing Gench and National Southeast University, and then to 9 colony, the school name has been replaced multiple times, but it is enough to represent the Southeastern provinces. "The fund is given, which is not limited to one or two provinces", "the source of students, more in the country". Once the Jiangsu University, the students such as Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces will not enjoy the economic allowance of their province, which is lost in the four middle schools. Obviously, this is not conducive to the development of "New Exotic University".

third, with the provincial name, with a strong feudal thinking. Because the provincial boundary is called, it is scheduled for the former generation, and it has been used for only time, "hindered more". Moreover, since the Republic of China, provincial education is the Department of Education in all provinces, so that the education approach is often around the warlords of one party. The university cateusa has created a university system, and it is hope that "the province of supernatural academics, the province of the feudal ideology", how can you save the school.

fourth, it will cause confusion on the school name. University education, the scale should be magnificent, but it is necessary forces. my country's cultural participation is uneven, and the development of education is unanimous. For example, Xinjiang, Gansu, and a university area in every province is difficult to do, but it is possible to set up two university districts in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Use the province to name, it is bound to cause chaos on naming and management.

Recommended Name Schedule

After listing the reasons why it is not advisable to change the Jiangsu University, the delegation urges the University of Science to recover the life, and change the national fourth Zhongshan University is named "National Nanjing University". Because there are many benefits:

first, with international. All countries in the things, all of the Kyoto University, such as the University of London, the University of France, the University of Berlin, Germany, Tokyo University, Japan, etc., is a famous academic school that has few hundred or hundreds of years. And "Wu Guoling cultural relics, crown south dynasties; Ming Dynasty students, Tens of thousands", if you want to restore the old view, revitalize the sky, and the capital University of the East and West, the most international school name is "Nanjing University".

second, with permanent. Political changes, Xingrong impermanence, to make the school name unchanged, and comparable to the ancient university of the world, the most permanent is "Nanjing University."

third, with authority. "University Regulations" was promulgated by the National Government, according to the regulations, renamed Nanjing University, is even more undoubted. Even the establishment of the education administrative convenience in the province, the name of the name of the place should also be named at the name of the place. Moreover, when the military political period, the first of the central Weixin first ended. If you must be renamed Jiangsu University, "Will the National Government's Weishi?"

National Jiangsu University

fourth, with global. Rename "Nanjing University", can be separated from Peking University, North and South Second School is a symbol of Chinese universities.

Unfortunately, this recommendation was not adopted at the time. In this regard, the teachers and students of the whole school are expected to have a lot of people. By the four middle schools in February 23, 1928, they would like to change the school name.

Only called "Jiangsu University"

On April 5, 1928, the University Institute made decisions: "University District University does not have to add two words. ", The original fourth Sun Yat-sen University is only called" Jiangsu University ". ("University Installation", the resolution of the 11th meeting of the University of University, April 5, 1928.)

Teachers and Students protests

made in university in the university After the university, the university does not have to add the resolution of the "National 'Two Words", the Former Five Sun Yat-sen University, only the "Jiangsu University" ", teachers and students are unacceptable, and the group is angry.

April 13, 1928 The student held a meeting in the gymnasium to make three resolutions:

(1) three days of the whole strike;

(2) All to the national petition, and ask the university institute;

(3) Store the Jiangsu University school card in school students, which will never hang.

Students pick up the brand of "Jiangsu University", all the way, all along the road "Advocating the Regulations of the National Government University", "opposes Jiangsu University", "promoting the National Nanjing University" and other slogans, and the school card is raised to the university categorium located in Chengxian Street, "Feng Gui" school, to protest. Declaration is reaching In the past, I still used the name of "National Fourth Sun Yat-Sen University". Yang Xingfo, Vice President of University Institute, explained the "Double Original" of the Dean, and the name of the school, said that the name is no big relationship with the school, and it is not necessary to change. See students Without reforming the original intention, he should be submitted to the meeting to discuss when he will hold a discussion of the commission of the University Committee. The university signature "still invites Zhujun to come back." Strictly reprimand: "There is a non-narrative name and self-proclaimed more than 100 students. He suddenly took Jiangsu University brand to the hospital, like this drama, and he has worked by higher education. "(Take the" declaration ", April 22, 1928.) This is undoubtedly a fire, the student smells, abnormal indiscriminate, and it is three days since the 20th, and the sage of Jiangsu University is stored in the student meeting. Not suspended.

Discussion on the school's name

Education Chaowa, Wu Zhihui, the president of the University School, Cai Yuanpei, deputy dean Yang Xingfo talks, after the consultation, Wu public It means that the capital school is renamed Jiangsu University, and it is not appropriate. Wu Zhihui put forward 3 points for the university name: (1) Namshan University District of Guangdong is named Zhongshan; (2) Capital University District should be set in the "Capital" Name; (3) Other university districts, named the place name.

After Wu Zhihui published a public in the newspaper, one side explains the meaning and name of the University Institute, one side to Jiangsu The school name of the university should be changed to the "Capital University" proposing his own reason: (1) The name of "Capital University" is associated with the capital, and it is also a strong advertisement for the new capital of Nanjing, so there is no It is necessary because it is necessary to change the Jiangsu to be Zhili, which is the capital of the capital, is just the name of the feudal era; (2) Capital University district can be in Shanghai, Jiangning City, in the name of the city, namely the name of the university The starting point is mainly from the perspective of university institutes, the purpose is to conduct effective jurisdictions on the university area. Therefore, for the "National Nanjing University" proposed by the students, Wu is opposition, and believes that "Nanjing" is a custom name, and there is The suspicion of accompanying, so it is not appropriate.

Wu's claims have disclosed in major newspapers, and the status of Wu Zhihui in the Kuomintang and its influence in the education community, all of the community believe that its opinion will soon Become a truth, and that is, the "Jiangsu University" will be renamed the "National Capital University" phase led, some news media, even in the university hospital, the Jiangsu University is renamed "Capital University" as a newspaper officially published.

After the Kuomintang Jiangsu Party Committee 马 冰 first proposes Yixin Jiangsu University as "Central University" . Mae Ice thinks is known for the university Simple, Shangtou, Jiangsu University is not known for the actor, and "Nanjing" two characters, "The Capital" is too space, and The voice is quite dark, and it is not a way to read. So he advocates that the Jiangsu University is renamed "Central University", one, "Central" two words, can represent both the country where the country is located, and the center of the culture is more sufficient. Two, the name is "Central University", then Nanjing, Jiangsu, Shanghai can include in the Central University area, can exempt the provincial and municipal education rights in the provincial and municipal education rights; three, the name of each middle school in the university is not necessarily crown Take a certain university, it is simple. Mae Ice emphasizes: "It is the first to be a country where the capital is located, and there is a solid-related center of the country, and the scale of Jiangsu University is in the country, it is uncomfortable. The center of the center. The central two characters, what is the glory, so the people do not want to cause the whole country to learn, otherwise, in addition to the school is also the name of Central University, there is no fairness. "After discussing the renaming of Jiangsu University, the University Committee of the University of Jiangsu finally adopted the opinions of Horse Ice.

The name of the name of the famous style

1928 April 24th, a temporary meeting of the University Committee,: "Jiangsu University renamed the Central University to add the word 'national'. "(" Release No. 337, University Institute ", No. 337, April 24, 1928.)" May 4, 1928, Dean of the University School, Cai Yuanpei, to the school announced this decision, the school name平 平 平.

renamed "National Central University"

May 16, 1928, the National Government Executive Center made a proposal of the University Committee. "Jiangsu University Removes National Central University" resolution. The national government appointed Wu Zhihui as the principal, Wu Jian said. The principal is still served by Zhang Naiyan.

National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University.


school organization

(1) Education Executive Institute; (2) University of the University; (3) Research Institute; (4) The education organs are equited; (5) Commentary; (6) Education funding agencies.

本 <

(A) Administrative organization branch registration group, document group, accounting group One person in the event group, the library, and all the director;

(B) Education group has a total of nine hospitals, the dean of each hospital: (1) Department of Natural Sciences Department, Department of Physics , Department of Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Department of Humanity, Department of Psychology, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Social Science, Department of Sociology, Department of Economics, Department of Political Science, Legal Studies. (3) Literature The Department of China, Department of Literature, Foreign Literature, Linguistics Department. (4) Department of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy. (5) Department of Education, Teacher, Teacher, and Equipment for Educational Sciences. (6) Medical College Division Medical Basics Department, Department of Internal Medicine, Surgical, Women, Child, Obstetrics, Specialist, Specialist, Department of Pharmacy, Pharmacy. (7) Agricultural Sciences Divided Plant Agricultural Science, Animal Agricultural Science, Agricultural Manufacturing section (8) Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Building Department, Mining and Metallurgy Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Dye Woven, Business School Branch, Accounting, Business Administration, International Trade Science. The class has to be re-group, and each subject has a re-division, and each application academy has also re-collected groups.

First principal

June 9, 1927, the National Government appointed Zhang Naiyan, a member of the Central Education Administrative Committee, and Zhang Naiyan, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, is the four middle school principal. After the national Jiangsu University, Zhang Naiyan successively served as the principal of Jiangsu University. On May 16, 1928, the National Government Executive Center made "Jiangsu University After the resolution of the National Central University, the National Government appointed Wu Zhihui as the principal, but Wu Jian said that the principal continued to be held by Zhang Naiyan. Zhang Naiyan has also become the first principal of the National University of China.

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