National Geographic Information Public Service Platform

objective significance

Geographic information is an important strategic information resources, it is playing an increasingly important role in government decision-making, industrial development, people's life. To implement the "State Council on strengthening the work of surveying and mapping of opinions" and "basic surveying and mapping Regulations", continue to promote the construction of geographic information resources, and actively explore modern geographic information services, vigorously promote the development of geographic information industry, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping to make a construction platform important decisions, the purpose is to greatly improve the capacity and level of public service mapping.

platform for government, business and professional sectors of geographic information comprehensive utilization of resources, the demand for efficient services, relying on existing geographic information mapping departments production, updates and service infrastructure, as well as national secret and put into operation non-classified physical WAN links, China Unicom distributed throughout the country national, provincial and municipal geographic information resources to achieve macro different parts of the country, in view of the opening up and development of micro-geographic information resources and 7 × 24 uninterrupted hours "one-stop" service, to build an effective sub-share on this basis, the linkage update, and efficient mechanisms for co-operation and maintenance services, to enhance the capabilities of geographic information public service and the level of information under the condition.

Construction and Operation

The platform is important, mainly reflected in:

First, to achieve inter-regional multi-scale GIS data resources integration applications. into the country's interoperability of geographic information data resource integration, eliminate hierarchical management through information technology, information resources departments is difficult to share information silos, caused by the digital divide.

The second is to change the geographic information services, surveying and mapping support to enhance the service capabilities. provides geographic information resources for all government departments from the way the data into a "one-stop" online geographic information services, will address the users of geographic information technology resources during the difficult, high construction costs, long development cycle and other problems .

The third is to improve the mapping of public services, promote geographic information industry development. through the construction of the public version of the platform available to the general public authoritative public welfare geographic information services, providing value-added development environment, eliminating geographic information bottleneck caused due to confidential data, will greatly promote the development of geographic information industry.

4 is to promote geographic information resources sharing. was built by sub-sharing mechanism will drive mapping departments, sharing professional sectors, enterprises and social organizations of geographic information resources and collaboration services.

Construction Content

generally designated by a master node, 31 points and 333 node information base consisting

platform. Among them, the master node relying National Geomatics Center of construction and operation, relying on provincial sub-node geographic information services, construction and operation of the information base relying on municipal geographic information services construction and operation. Node platform among all levels, at all levels between the node and the appropriate government agencies and professional sectors, through e-government, outside the network to achieve vertical and horizontal interconnects. Unicom vertical distribution in the primary node, sub-node, the information base of national geographic information resources, to achieve the linkage and collaboration service update; lateral Unicom government agencies, professional sectors, for online geographic information services and resource sharing.

The master node construction of units: Responsible for National Public Data Used (1: 50,000 to 1: 1,000,000) construction and maintenance updates; master node and portal service system construction; construction services and user management system ; master node hardware and software environment and security and confidentiality system construction; the construction of the main nodes in the network access system (sub nodes Unicom, the relevant state ministries and professional sectors). Sub-node construction unit: the province is responsible for a common geographic framework data (1: 10,000) construction and maintenance updates; sub-node service system and portal construction; sub-node hardware and software environment and security and confidentiality system construction; construction sub-node network access system ( Unicom master node and each information base in the province, the province relevant departments). Information base construction unit: the city is responsible common geographic framework data (1: 2000 and large) the construction and maintenance updates; information systems and portal service base construction; information base hardware and software environment and security and confidentiality system construction; information base for network access system construction (sub-node Unicom province, city departments). Among them, a common geographic framework data, systems and services portal, hardware and software environment, etc., can use the "Digital City" results.


First completed the construction planning and technical design. prepared and issued the "National Geographic Information Public Service Platform Plan", "accelerating the guidance of National Geographic platform of public service information", "National Geographic Information Public Service Platform Technical Design Guide" and other guidance documents; completion of the "electronic map data specifications," "place name address data specifications," "geographical entity data standard" pilot draft preparation and testing; carried out the service standards, standardized application preparation.

Second, the master node to build a prototype system. to complete the global 1: 1 million data, the country of 1: 4,000,000 and 1: 250,000 and 1: 50,000 (government version) digital map data production and main elements materialized integration processing, the initial completion of the master node government Version geographic database framework; completion of the master node online services platform systems, portals, application system prototype development; networking test and Heilongjiang were divided node. At the same time, started the construction of sub-node experimental work to determine the pilot content.

Third, to conduct a public version of the data and experimental design. launched a geographic information features refined stratification and define the elements of secret writing programs and testing, represents supplementary provisions and the forthcoming Remote Sensing public use regulations based on public maps and other content, to carry out the master node and the public version of the design data resources test.

The fourth is to carry out work related special declaration of. to complete the "national geographic information public service platform construction project proposal" prepared and submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission. Development and Reform Commission has agreed in principle to the terms of the construction of the platform into the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and platform construction-related content as one of the national construction pilot.

Five is the platform for the communication with the user units. organized the geographic information resources sharing forum, participants from 18 departments to be fully affirmed thinking of building platforms, have expressed hope for an early use of the platform; and the Office of the Information Center, Ministry of Public Security Platform Application We conducted seminars, to further clarify the application and demonstration to promote the idea.

major problems

First, the network is still difficult to interoperability. At present the national e-government network (classified network) has not been fully completed, longitudinal national, provincial and municipal mapping departments difficult Unicom, laterally mapping departments with relevant government agencies, professional departments isolated from each other. E-government Network (classified network) opening time, has become a major obstacle to government version of the platform provides geographic information network service as soon as possible.

National Geographic Information Public Service Platform

The second is still not enough rich data resources. user demand for large-scale, high-resolution data resources is more urgent, the level of demand for geographic information global political, economic, military and other hot spots of increasing. Existing data sources (particularly provincial and municipal) vary widely, need to invest a lot of time, manpower and financial resources for processing and integration; existing collection of resources (especially foreign part) is very limited, far unable to meet the needs of users. Data integration and information resources to deal with the problem of lack of resources relative, will control platform to provide high quality services and surveying and mapping emergency support capabilities.

The main task

First, stepping up the government version of the master node platform construction. to open as soon as the master node government version, and complete the preparation of technical specifications and service system functional expansion; completed during the year to expand the geographical entity data, management system development.

The second is to accelerate the construction of a node provinces, municipalities and interconnection. completed as soon as the pilot province in a common geographic framework data production and online services, and strive to achieve more years of online services and municipal public geographic framework data. According to a mature condition, a principle Unicom, China Unicom to take a variety of ways (network Unicom way, escrow services, data hosting options, mirroring the way the nodes, etc.) to achieve interoperability.

The third is to start the construction of the public version of the platform as soon as possible. as soon as possible the public version of the master node; based on the upcoming geographic information features refined stratification and define program elements of secrecy, public use of remote sensing image management regulations and other policies, and gradually enrich the public version of the master node platform data resources, promote the platform Province and municipal public version of the node construction and collaboration service.

The fourth is to accelerate the demonstration platform and application services. to units sharing agreement as a breakthrough, around the office, the State Emergency Management Office, Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Education and other units to business needs, conduct demonstration application platform, the platform to play the role as soon as possible.


To speed up the construction of the platform, the implementation of "innovative thinking, extraordinary operations, integration of resources, accelerate the construction of" the spirit of the instructions, is from the understanding of aspects of the platform, information resources integration, and think a little personal platform to talk about long-term operation and maintenance aspects.

(a) to further raise awareness

First, the platform is a long-term work on the platform.

put on the big platform construction background information and promote awareness of the national economy down. Platform is an important starting point mapping of public services, will be transformed geographic information services, promote geographic information resources sharing, an important means of mapping the level of public service capacity and improve. Therefore platform construction project is not phased, long-term work of surveying and mapping department.

Second internet is not equivalent to the existing GIS system.

common GIS data systems manage limited resources, and GIS software tightly bound; while China Unicom national platform to massive data resources to achieve open interoperability and service aggregation.

internet data is not limited to three basic geographic information data.

basic geographic information data is mainly in the form of relatively fixed 4D products; and a common geographic framework data platform is for networked socio-economic information space of integration and online browsing labeling and other service needs to integrate and into, including geographical entity data, place name address data, electronic maps, imagery, elevation data and so on.

The fourth is to correctly distinguish the boundaries confidential version of the public version of the platform.

Edition runs only classified classified network environment (e-government network); public version can be run on a non-classified network environment (e-government extranet, the Internet). In addition, e-government, outside the network of China Unicom, although take time to wait, but can not wait, or they will miss the opportunity.

(ii) improve the platform continuously updated information resource

platform that force non-life single-handedly constantly updated data, the platform can become. Through technological advances, social forces continue to strengthen updated sound platform for information resources to better serve the overall situation, serve the society and people's livelihood.

First, update frequency to speed up common geographic framework data. Study on Integrated technical methods

To carry out production and linkage data updated as soon as possible and form a practical software tool, to update the map data platform, geographical entity data, place name data and address data.

The second is to fully integrate social sharing of geographic information resources. through sharing mechanism to collect geographic information resources relevant professional sectors; taking full polymerization resource-related businesses and community groups, such as high-resolution images, street facade, 3D city models, navigation electronic map, synergies service.

The third is to continue to collect other relevant geographic information resources. to collect vital geographic information resources through the relevant projects, particularly involving my collection border stability, security and development of neighboring countries and the current map data and geographic information resources on the international political, military, economic hotspots of the country.

(c) to promote the industrialization of long-term platform to run services

platform for sustained and efficient operation and maintenance of a long-term task, requiring a lot of manpower , material and financial resources do support the need to constantly improve the integration of high-tech achievements platform, the integration of the latest information on resource-rich platform, and constantly develop basic application functionality to expand the platform; the need to seek community-based platform for value-added services highlights, based platform for customers' business needs a dedicated system. To this end, long-term operation and maintenance of the platform should be based on national policy, the introduction of the industrialization of business model and mechanisms.

recommended under the leadership of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping joint departments at all levels and enterprises, research points to build a shared, joint update, collaborative service policy mechanisms and implementation measures; owned enterprise information resources, with operational services test the ability of enterprises to develop cooperation and explore mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. Gradually establish effective management and operation and maintenance mechanism, promote the industrialization of long-term operation and maintenance platform, ensure platform provides 7 × 24-hour service, continue to promote the wider use of geographic information.

related events

2021 Nian 7 5 March, 2021 edition of National Geographic Information Public Service Platform was officially opened, a comprehensive update of the online service GIS data.

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