National Department of Sport

Synonyms The General Administration of Sports of China generally refers to the

General Administration of Sports established

The General Administration of Sports of China was reorganized by the State Sports Commission. In order to standardize the establishment of administrative agencies of the State Council, strengthen staffing management, and improve administrative efficiency, on March 24, 1998, the first plenary meeting of the State Council discussed and approved the "Plan for the Establishment of State Council Institutions and the Adjustment of the State Council’s Deliberative and Coordinating Institutions." The name is determined as "National Sports General Administration", reorganized by the State Sports Commission, and listed in the third sequence of the State Council's administrative agency-directly under the State Council (the original State Sports Commission belongs to the second sequence of the State Council's administrative agency). On April 6, 1998, the State Sports General Administration forwarded the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Activating the Seal of the General Administration of Sport" and announced that the new seal would be used from the date of publication. On the morning of the same day, the State Sports General Administration held a listing ceremony. Since then, the State Sports General Administration has officially stepped onto the stage of history.

Subsequently, local government sports administrative agencies have also adjusted some of their functions. Provincial governments generally abolished the provincial and municipal sports committees and set up sports bureaus.

Institutional Responsibilities

1. Research on sports development strategies, coordinate regional sports development, be responsible for promoting the construction of a diversified sports service system, and promote sports public services and sports system reforms.

2. Formulate sports development plans and policies, draft relevant laws and regulations, and supervise their implementation.

3. Plan the development of mass sports as a whole, be responsible for the implementation of the national fitness plan, supervise the implementation of national physical exercise standards, promote the construction of national physical fitness monitoring and social sports guidance work team system, guide the construction of public sports facilities, and be responsible for Supervision and management of public sports facilities.

Fourth, make overall plans for the development of competitive sports, set up sports events, guide and coordinate sports training and sports competitions, guide the construction of sports teams, and coordinate the work of athletes’ social security.

Fifth, make overall plans for the development of youth sports, and guide and promote youth sports.

Six. Formulate sports industry development plans and policies, standardize sports service management, promote sports standardization, and be responsible for sports lottery issuance management.

Seven. To guide and manage sports and foreign affairs related work, organize and carry out international sports exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

8. Organize and carry out major scientific and technological research, technical research and achievement promotion in the field of sports.

9. Responsible for organizing, coordinating, and supervising anti-doping work in sports.

10. Undertake other matters assigned by the State Council.

Organization setting

(1) General Office

File management, confidentiality, letters and visits, information integration, meetings, organization and coordination of various large-scale events, etc. Work.

(2) Department of Policies and Regulations

Research and formulate sports work guidelines, policies, and regulations, investigate and study major issues in sports work and system reform, and propose plans;

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Organize and guide sports theoretical research and sports development research.

(3) Department of Mass Sports

Research and draft the development plan of mass sports; implement the national fitness plan, supervise the implementation of national physical exercise standards, carry out national fitness testing; guide and promote school sports and rural sports , Urban sports and other social sports development.

(4) Competitive Sports Department

Research and formulate the development plan of competitive sports; research and balance the national sports competition, the setting and key layout of competitive sports; formulate a national sports competition system; Coordinate the organization of competitions for major international and domestic comprehensive sports meets; host national and urban sports meets.

(5) Youth Sports Department

Guide and promote youth sports work, and draft relevant policies, regulations, systems and development plans for youth sports work;

Guide and supervise the implementation of student sports health standards and student physical fitness monitoring; guide and promote the construction of youth sports service system;

organize and carry out youth sports work inspection, supervision, evaluation and recognition; guide the training of high-level competitive sports talents Draw up a youth amateur training management system, improve the youth amateur training system, and guide the construction of various sports schools, sports traditional sports schools, youth sports clubs, reserve talent bases for various sports events and related student cultural education work across the country;

Participate in guiding the work of national youth sports competitions, participating in reviewing national youth competition plans and competition rules, participating in guiding the registration of young athletes and sports technical level management; organizing and coordinating major comprehensive youth sports competitions and sports exchange activities; guiding the development of youth sports Work research and related training. To undertake other matters assigned by the General Administration of China.

(6) Department of Sports Economics

Prepare the mid- and long-term development plan of the sports industry;

National Department of Sport

Manage the financial work of the State Administration’s organs and supervise and guide the financial work of the directly affiliated units ;

Research and formulate drafts of policies and regulations on sports economy, business activities, and sports market management such as sports fitness entertainment, competition performances, training services, technical information, etc.

(7) Personnel Department

Responsible for the personnel work of the State Administration’s agencies and directly affiliated institutions, undertaking the qualification review of national mass sports organizations and the recommendation of leaders, and responsible for the political review of personnel going abroad And the dispatch of personnel studying abroad.

(8) Department of External Relations

Research on the sports situation of international sports organizations and other countries, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao and Taiwan; formulate sports foreign affairs work and involve Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Rules and regulations for sports activities with Taiwan, drafting and coordinating sports foreign affairs and sports activities plans involving Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau and Taiwan; managing foreign-related work in the sports system; and undertaking the daily work of the Chinese Olympic Committee.

(9) Department of Science and Education

Organize and carry out major scientific and technological research in the field of sports, and be responsible for the review, identification and promotion of sports scientific and technological achievements; under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, responsible High and secondary physical education planning, management of colleges and universities directly under the General Administration; organization and development of anti-doping work.

(10) Propaganda Department

Research and put forward the guiding ideology of sports work and important sports external publicity reports, publish major news; organize and coordinate interviews and reports of major sports activities at home and abroad.

Directly affiliated units

Sports management center:

Winter sports management center, shooting and archery management center, bicycle fencing management center, water sports management center, Weightlifting Wrestling Judo Sports Management Center, Boxing Taekwondo Sports Management Center, Track and Field Sports Management Center, Swimming Management Center, Gymnastics Management Center, Hand Lacrosse and Softball Management Center, Basketball Management Center, Volleyball Management Center, Table Tennis Badminton Management center, tennis sports management center, small ball sports management center, aviation radio model sports management center, chess and card sports management center, martial arts management center, fitness qigong management center, mountain sports management center, automobile and motorcycle sports management center. p>

There are also: Social Sports Guidance Center, Agency Service Center, Financial Management and Audit Center, Training Bureau, National Olympic Sports Center, Qingdao Sailing Sports School, Zhanjiang Diving School, Anyang Aviation Sports School, Qinhuangdao Training Base, Institute of Sports Medicine, Sports Science Research Institute, China Sports News Agency, Beijing Sport University, Sports Culture Development Center, Sports Information Center, Foreign Sports Exchange Center, Human Resources Development Center, Sports Equipment Center, Sports Lottery Management Center, Sports Fund Management Center,.

Province, District and Municipal Bureau

Beijing Sports Bureau, Tianjin Sports Bureau, Hebei Sports Bureau, Shanxi Sports Bureau, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sports Bureau

Liaoning Sports Bureau, Jilin Provincial Sports Bureau Heilongjiang Sports Bureau Shanghai Sports Bureau Jiangsu Sports Bureau

Zhejiang Sports Bureau Anhui Sports Bureau Fujian Sports Bureau Jiangxi Sports Bureau Shandong Sports Bureau

Henan Provincial Sports Bureau Hubei Sports Bureau Hunan Sports Bureau Guangdong Sports Bureau Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau

Hainan Provincial Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publishing and Sports Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau Sichuan Sports Bureau Guizhou Sports Bureau Yunnan Sports Bureau

Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau Gansu Sports Bureau Qinghai Sports Bureau Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Sports Bureau

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau Dalian Sports Bureau Qingdao Sports Bureau Ningbo City Sports Bureau, Xiamen City Sports Bureau

Shenzhen Sports Bureau Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Sports Bureau

Working Rules

Chapter One General Provisions Article 1 is for national sports The General Administration (hereinafter referred to as the General Administration of The Sports Law of the Republic and the Working Rules of the State Council have formulated these rules in accordance with the actual situation of the General Administration.

Article 2 The guiding ideology for the work of the General Administration is to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "Three Represents" as the guide, thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, and earnestly implement the party’s sports guidelines and policies to enhance the people’s physical fitness. To improve the physical fitness and quality of life of the whole nation, give full play to the important role of sports in promoting the all-round development of people and promoting economic and social development, realize the coordinated development of competitive sports, mass sports and various sports, and promote my country to become a sports power. Towards a sports powerhouse.

Article 3 The work principle of the General Administration of China is to resolutely implement the party’s line, guidelines, and policies to ensure the smooth flow of government orders; adhere to the people-oriented principle, continuously enhance the capacity of public management and public services, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people ; Adhere to administration according to law, strictly perform the duties assigned by laws and regulations, establish a standardized, orderly, and efficient work order; adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making, fully promote democracy, and promote open government affairs; proceed from reality, act according to objective laws, and keep pace with the times We will continue to advance, pioneering and innovate, and continuously promote the development of China’s sports industry; improve the rules and regulations, improve the supervision mechanism, strict organizational discipline, strengthen the construction of industry style, and continue to promote the construction of party style and clean government.

Chapter II Division of Responsibilities

Article 4 The General Administration implements the director-general responsibility system. The director leads the overall work of the General Administration, and the deputy directors and assistant directors assist the directors in their work.

Article 5 The deputy director and assistant director are responsible for handling the tasks in charge according to the division of labor; entrusted by the director, they are responsible for other tasks or special tasks, and can carry out foreign affairs activities on behalf of the General Administration.

Article 6 When the director is away from Beijing on business trips (going abroad) and on vacation, with the approval of the director, the deputy director in Beijing will preside over the work according to the order and perform the duties of the director.

Article 7 The main persons in charge of each department of the General Administration shall be responsible for the work of the department in accordance with their job responsibilities. Each department drafts rules and regulations and supervises their implementation within the scope of their duties. All departments should perform their duties, fulfill their responsibilities, take into account the overall situation, unite sincerely, maintain the unity of government orders, and earnestly implement the work arrangements of the General Administration.

Article 8 The units directly under the General Administration of China shall implement the administrative leadership responsibility system (Beijing Sport University implements the president responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee). All units perform their functions within the scope of their duties, assume responsibilities, and accept the guidance and supervision of the functional departments of the General Administration.

Chapter III Work Requirements

Article 9 Improve major decision-making work rules and procedures, improve decision-making transparency, and implement legal, scientific and democratic decision-making. The formulation and promulgation of departmental regulations, annual plans, five-year plans, long-term development plans, important reform plans, annual budgets, major projects and other major issues must be discussed and decided collectively. If relevant departments and units are involved, consultations should be fully conducted in advance; if localities are involved, opinions should be solicited in advance; if major public interests and the vital interests of the people are involved, opinions and suggestions should be widely listened to; major issues involving basic and strategic research , Should be verified, evaluated and legally analyzed by experts or research, consulting, and intermediary agencies.

Article 10 Enhance the planning, systematic and predictability of work, earnestly make annual work arrangements and deployment, and make timely adjustments according to changes in the situation and tasks. It is necessary to organize budgets based on annual work plans, plans for large-scale competitions and mass sports activities, plans for foreign affairs, and conference plans.

Article 11 All departments (units) of the General Administration shall strictly implement the request and report system, report work plans and work summaries regularly, and do a good job of requesting and reporting daily work according to the nature, procedures and authority of the work. Strictly implement the various regulations on the reporting of public emergencies information, and no late reporting, omission, concealment, or misreporting shall be allowed.

Article 12, further improve the supervision system to ensure the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the Party’s sports guidelines and policies, the instructions of the leading comrades of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the decisions of the party group of the General Administration, meeting resolutions and instructions of the leaders of the General Administration Wait for implementation. According to the requirements of the leaders of the General Administration of China, the General Office is responsible for the establishment of supervised items, and proposes the sponsoring and co-organizing departments (units). The sponsoring department (unit) shall seriously handle the supervision matters in accordance with the supervision requirements and the prescribed time limit, and feedback the results to the General Office as required. The co-organizing department (unit) shall actively cooperate with the sponsoring department (unit) to do the relevant work. If the settlement cannot be completed within the time limit, the sponsoring department (unit) shall make a written report stating the reasons and reasons. The General Office shall summarize the handling of the supervision matters in a timely manner and report to the leaders of the General Administration.

Article 13 promotes the openness of administrative affairs and government information, standardizes administrative behavior, strengthens service concepts, strengthens the sense of responsibility, and establishes a new trend of governing for the people, rigorous norms, pragmatic and efficient, and diligent and clean.

The fourteenth article strengthens the construction of the sports legal system. According to the economic and social development and the actual situation of sports work, timely submit legal bills and draft administrative regulations to the State Council, formulate rules and normative documents, modify or abolish regulations and normative documents that are incompatible with social development and sports work, and continuously improve and Improve the sports laws and regulations system. Adhere to administration according to law, and ensure that laws must be followed, law enforcement must be strict, and violations must be corrected. Actively carry out legal education, further enhance the legal awareness of the staff, and form a good legal environment.

Article 15 strengthens supervision and restriction. Consciously accept the legal supervision of the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee and the democratic supervision of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Accept the special supervision of judicial, supervisory and auditing departments, and carefully investigate and rectify problems found. Consciously accept the supervision of public opinion and the masses, and attach importance to researching and solving the situations and problems reflected in media reports. Pay attention to letters and visits from the masses, leading comrades should personally read and approve important letters from the masses, further smooth the communication channels, standardize the order of letters and visits, solve the reasonable demands of the masses, and maintain

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