National Counter-Terrorism Center

Development History

On August 27, 2004, US President Bush signed an order to give the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) greater powers and establish a National Anti-Terrorism Center.

The first order

The CIA director is temporarily given greater powers to perform many of the duties of the proposed director of national intelligence. Order to identify the CIA director as the president’s chief intelligence adviser and strengthen the CIA director’s power to manage the US intelligence agency’s $40 billion annual budget. Bush’s second and third orders involved the establishment of a national counter-terrorism center and the establishment of intelligence-sharing procedures for intelligence agencies, respectively. The fourth order ordered the establishment of a presidential committee to protect the civil liberties of Americans.

Position establishment

According to Bush’s order, the National Counter-Terrorism Center will report to the Director of the CIA, which will give the CIA the power to intervene in diplomatic, military, intelligence, law enforcement, and financial affairs. At the same time, the Director of National Intelligence will become the President’s chief intelligence adviser, and he will supervise and coordinate the actions of all intelligence agencies in the United States and abroad. The authority of the director of the National Intelligence Agency will be far greater than that of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency who is currently coordinating national intelligence work.

In addition to establishing the post of Director of National Intelligence, Bush also suggested the establishment of a National Anti-Terrorism Center. The U.S. government has established the "Integrated Terrorist Threat Center" to be responsible for intelligence analysis. On this basis, the National Anti-Terrorism Center will expand on a large scale and become the U.S. government's "intelligence database" on terrorist threats. Bush believes that the National Counter-Terrorism Center will coordinate and supervise the anti-terrorism plans and operations of all government agencies and departments to ensure the unified command and operation of the anti-terrorism plan. The head of the National Counter-Terrorism Center will provide the President with briefings on terrorist threats every day and answer various questions raised by the Director of National Intelligence.

The National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) counts the annual number of terrorist incidents and casualties to actively promote world peace.

Current leader

Director: Christopher Miller

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