National Campus Football Characteristic School

Synonym National Youth Campus Football Characteristic School General Refers to the National Campus Football Characteristic School

Establishment Background

The General Office of the State Council issued the "China Football Development Reform Overall Program" on March 16. On the basis of more than 5,000 schools, the national campus football characteristics has reached 20,000 in 2020, reaching 50,000 in 2025. And to play football education. Deepen the reform of school sports, cultivate comprehensive development talents, put campus football as expanding the size of football population, consolidate football talents, improve students' comprehensive quality, and promote the healthy growth of healthy growth, enhance parents, social identity and support, let more Teen students love football, enjoy football, enabling the effective way to participate in football and adapt to social rules and ethical norms.

Setting up the purpose of

I hope to promote the growth of the teen football talents. Promote the establishment of a large and medium-sized school campus football team, we will improve the normalization, vertical and accepted universities, high schools, junior high schools, primary school football competition system, and explore the assessment of college football competition into college sports work assessment.

Main measures

Promote football popularity

requirement to promote the popularity of campus football. All local primary and secondary schools are listed in the teaching content of sports class, and share the comparison of schools. Based on support characteristics, the key to the basic and high-primary and secondary schools, the high-pronged primary and secondary schools, the national primary and secondary school campus football characteristics have reached 20,000 in 2020, reaching 50,000 in 2025, which is carried out School of women's football accounts for a certain proportion.

Improve the insurance mechanism

National Campus Football Characteristic School

Improve the insurance mechanism, promote government purchase services, enhance the level of campus football security, and relieve students, parents and schools. I hope to promote the development of cultural learning and football skills. Strengthen the teaching management of football specialty cultural courses, improve the examination enrollment policy, and motivate students to actively participate in football learning and training. Allowing football special students to properly flow within a certain range of admission, obtain a good special development environment.

Expansion of teachers

to expand the teacher's team. Through the training of existing special, part-time football teachers and recruits, improve the level of teaching coach, encourage overseas high level football coaches. By 2020, a round of training for 50,000 campus football special, part-time football teachers. Improve policy measures, strengthen professional education, and create conditions for physical education teachers for retired athletes.

The first batch of pilots

In 2015, the Ministry of Education plans to select and support the construction of the first batch of 6,000 campus football characteristics schools in the country, 10 or so pilot counties (districts).

Wang Dengfeng, the Director of the Ministry of Education, introduced that in 2015, according to the overall deployment of the State Council to develop football business, the implementation of the "Implementation of the Adolescent Campus Football" will be formulated. At the same time, the selection of the first batch of national campus football characteristics. It is planned to select and support the first batch of 6,000 special schools in the country, 10 or so pilot counties (districts). In addition, on the basis of promoting the universal campus football competition, four levels of college, high school, junior high school and primary school, the organization, large, medium and primary school students.

Implementing the National Campus Football Characteristic School backbone teachers' national exemplary training programs, staged training football teachers, coaches and referee and football outstanding retired athletes. my country will cooperate with the International Football Club in terms of teacher training, introduction technology, expert guidance. Some foreign high-level football coaches will be teached.

According to the Notice of the Ministry of Education, in 2017, 20,000 campus football special schools, and 30 campus football pilot counties (districts) will be selected in the country. Yuan Guore said, since 2014, Yuan Gui will gradually establish and improve the mechanism of the high school, junior high school, high school and university four-level football league, through the enrollment examination policy to dredging football talent growth channels, and continuously cultivates excellent football backup talents.

Declaration Conditions

Featured school recommended ratios According to 6% -8% of the total number of primary and secondary schools in this district, the total amount of control is performed in three years. Among them, in 2015, it was recommended according to 3% of the total number of primary and secondary schools in the district, and the campus football foundation can increase the recommended ratio.

According to the requirements, the special school selection must be coordinated with urban and rural, regional and school types, according to the basic proportion of 1: 3: 6 high school, junior high school and primary schools, appropriate to the boarding school and nine years of consistent school . It is necessary to help the regional league launch and the popularity of campus football. The selection should pay attention to the connection, fully consider the factors such as primary and secondary school districts, and the primary schools, the selection of small-scale colleges and high-quality schools and high-quality high schools and special students with special students, and ensure that the excellent seedlings of the campus football can rise into the campus football. The last level of schools, forming the development pattern of campus football regional development. "Campus Football League School", "Sports Traditional Projects", will be included in the selection of categories and give priority.

After the school is declared, after reviewing the Municipal Education Commission, the Ministry of Education will also organize experts to select, and combine the relevant work to carry out the ground check. After the publication of society, named "National Campus Football Characteristics" "National Campus Football Pilot County (District)". The state gives certain support for specialty schools and pilot counties (districts) in campus football teaching, training and competition, teacher training, selection student training, etc.

Implementation Opinions on August 13, 2015, the Ministry of Education officially announced the implementation of the Ministry of Education and other six departments on accelerating the development of youth campus football (hereinafter referred to as "implementation opinion").

"Implementation Opinions" pointed out that the work goal of campus football is that it is fundamentally completed in 2020 to meet the rules of talents, and the adolescent participation, the level of exercise, the system mechanism is full of vitality, the basic conditions guarantee, cultural atmosphere Steady Chinese Characteristic Youth Campus Football Development System.

Among them, under the great improvement of this goal, the specific goal is to support the construction of about 20,000 adolescent campus football characteristics school, reaching 50,000 in 2025. Focus on the construction of 200 left and right higher levels. Under the more powerful conditions of conditional protection, a round of training to complete 50,000 teen campus football specialized teachers.

"Implementation Opinions" indicates that five key tasks for developing campus football are: improving the level of campus football, deepening football teaching reform, strengthening football extracurricular exercise training, and improving the campus football competition system, smooth Excellent soccer growth channel.

"Implementation Opinions" also put forward six major security measures to develop campus football, including strengthening the construction of teachers, improves site facilities, and improve students to participate in football incentives, and increase fund support, improve safety insurance System, encourage social strength to participate.

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