Nasi Huqin

Appearance: The appearance is similar to the long cylinder of the Hunan flower drum, and the shape is quite quaint. The piano wood or bamboo is cylindrical, and the wooden person uses a circular eucalyptus to dig empty inner core; bamboo is commonly used in two ends of the bamboo tube. The cylinder is 18 cm to 25 cm, the tube diameter is 10 cm to 16 cm, the wall thickness is 0.8 cm ~ 1 cm, and the top of the cartridge is expressed as the sheepskin or pyrin, and the rear end is open. Miyu, wood or bamboo, with a total length of about 70 cm, using the hardwood production of the wooden, walnuts and other hardwoods, the top engraving the faucet (Figure); bamboo people often use people to make a bamboo, piano The head is topped. The upper end of the piano rod is equipped with a two-axis, and the chord shaft is also known as "ear", multi-use xenograft or hardwood, tapered, shaft length 12 cm to 15 cm, and the shaft is engraved with stripes. There are two forms in the setting of the chord axis, one is left and right, the top of the piano is opened, and there is an elongated small hole at the top of the chord, and the two strings are pulled out (bamboo), string The lower end of the groove or string is provided with a bone or bamboo hill mouth (string pillow), the other is that the chord shaft is located on the sides of the hose, and there is a thousand pounds below, regardless of the form, the setting of the chord shaft and the piano The cartridge is right angle. The lower end of the piano rod is loaded into the piano and the trim, and the centers of the leather are biased on the wooden hollow piano horse, the two swords or steel wires, and the fine bamboo is a piano bow.

Existing status

In the Chinese Musical Institute of Music Institute, Beijing China Art Research Institute, a Naxi Huqin is displayed. The piano bamboo is 18.6 cm long, 10.5 cm in diameter, and the inner mouth of the carton is facade, the rear end open. The piano head, the piano rod makes a whole hardwood, the whole length is 67 cm, the top is carved, and it is exquisite, and it is lifelike. The lower strings, two sinusoids are provided on both sides. The chord shaft is hardwood, conical, shaft length 12 cm, and the shaft is engraved with straight valve. The piano rod is a semi-circular column, the front and rear circles, the upper end is fitted, and the lower end is loaded into the piano and exposed to the tail column string. The skin is placed in a wooden hollow piano horse, the horse is 1.5 cm long, 0.6 cm wide, 0.6 cm high. Two swords, use the borders and two strings. The piano bow is used in a white horses and the bow is 71 cm long. This piano was made in 1984, the process is fine, and the body is in the form of a piano, the piano, the piano, the chord shaft and the bow are black paint, and the appearance is calm and solemn. It has been loaded into the "Chinese Musical Machine Tasting" large-scale album.

Performance method

Perform a sitting position. Place the piano on the left leg, the left hand holds the piano, and the right hand holds the tail bow to clam the twisted squat. Press the five degree relationship into a, E1, and the auda A-F2. The sound is soft. Common performance techniques have pronunciation, slippery and licking, etc. It can be used for solo or ensense, which is an important Chinese zone stringed instrument in Naxi. It is mainly used to play the traditional "Bai Sand Dialect" and "Nassagu (Cave Music)" in the Naxi tradition. More famous music is: "Step Step", "Ten Support", "Water Dragon", "To Spring", "One Rivers" and "Mountain Lower Sheep". The famous players have Li Zhi, the wooden column, Li Zilin, and Xiuxuan and so on.

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