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Neuchatel, Lake

French as Lac de Neuchatel, German for Neuenburgersee, Latin as Lacus Eburodunensis.

Switzerland's largest lake. Jurassic Luo Shandong in the south west. Glacial lake, 429 meters above sea level. Southwest to northeast about 38 km wide and 6-8 km, an area of ​​218 km2. Water depth of 153 meters. This communication from the lake Qi Ente River and Lake Biel, the Aare River empties into the Rhine. Navigable, winter ice. The northwestern coast intensive village, sloping vineyards all over. Lakeshore cities Neuchatel, Yverdon and so on.


All in the largest lake in Switzerland. An area of ​​218 square kilometers (84 square miles), belonging to Neuchatel, Wo (Vaud) state, Friborg (Friborg) state and Bern. Between Bill (Biel) Lake and Mora (Morat) Lake through the canal. About 38 km (23.5 miles) wide, 6 to 8 km (3.75 to 5 miles), altitude 429 meters (1,407 feet), the deepest 153 meters (502 feet). There are Di Yele (Thiele) across the river, Ahlers (Areuse) River and Blois (Broye) River into. Discharge from the northeast end of the lake. Northwestern shore (Neuchatel) the highest population density, Lake slope cultivated grapes. North Shore La Tannuo (La Tene) to discover the famous prehistoric relics.

educational institutions

University of Neuchatel (Université de Neuchâtel)

Founded in 1838, Switzerland was a state comprehensive university. 1909 officially became recognized by the federal National University. 3,200 students each year.

located in French-speaking Switzerland is the birthplace of the famous watch industry. Its modern French Department since the 18th century will be world-renowned. Swiss Federal decided to Neuchatel University Biological Engineering Science as a competence center. Microscopy Research Institute established in 1975 made a very excellent research results in microscopic electronics, optics and applied physics in electronics, and more committed to open and research in these areas in the future.

In addition, it maintains close ties with the major companies in microscopy in biological research and science aspects.

University of Neuchatel existing student 3200. The ratio of girls accounted for 50% of the students; the number of foreign students accounted for 18%: 60% from Europe, 15% from Africa, 14% from the Americas, 10% from Asia. Each year, about 330 students graduated from the University of Neuchatel.

Language: French

Hotel School


IHTTI Neuchatel Hotel Management School is part of Switzerland's largest education group -SEG (Swiss Education Group) . College was founded in 1984, it has more than 600 students from more than 30 countries. 26 years to build homes more than 2000 students. IHTTI is a member of the Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH), but also by the authorized institutions in Switzerland Restaurant Association, International Hotel School Association, the European Association of Hotel School, the American Hotel Association.

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