Building size

Narajan Hii Wangche Palace is located in the north of Northern Northern Northern Central, Kathmandu, and the Wangong University is about 800 meters, and there are about 500 meters wide north and south. There is a gate, east Three gates in the door, the West Gate. These three doors have been used: South Gate is a gate, formal etiquette event, major festival activities to go to this door; Dongmen is used inside the royal family; Ximen is used by Wangong Secretariat. The palace is surrounded by the high wall and the tall bamboo in the wall. The front door is the broadest street in Kathmandu, and people are used to calling Zoyal Avenue.

The palace wall of the street is a silver galvanized iron fence up to dozens of meters. The woods in the palace in the hospital, the pine cypress is evergreen, and there is a group of white cranes inhabited. Before the Wang Palace Building, the face is a marble step to the main building, the large steps of the stairs, the left and right symmetrical stone bases are arranged on a giant animal stone carving, and they are from top to bottom: lions, giants, horses, peacocks and fish .

33 marble steps are the 4 gates of the Wanggong Building, the palace door decoration gorgeous, and the orthodontic eye represents the whole eyes of God. There is a god of colorful, spermous sculpture on the door fan, the sun, the god, and the god of Kumar. The round silver box on the threshold is a famous eighth child. 41 large round wooden pillars outside the gate supported the outwardly protruded copper slate, the cylindrical column sets a traditional sterling silver big glory. On top of the carved beam, all over the conch, flag, lotus, water, dust, royal umbrella, etc. symbolize auspicious ornaments.

Internal construction

The main halls in the palace building have a hall, the Royal Hall and Ballroom. The hall is a place where the king officially meets foreign VIPs and accepts foreign envoys.


觐觐 厅 厅 more than 370 square meters, there are 8 Greek Roman square leaflet columns, the two-row of copper chain is hung on the ceiling, and the marble ground is paved with a rectangular carpet. There is a huge oil portrait of the Sa'an Dynasty in the wall of the hall.

The Royal Hall on the second floor is the place to hold a major court ceremony. The hall is three-in-law, and the gate is inserted with the king flag and the national flag. The Royal Hall is 18 meters high, and there are 4 discufer cylinders in the hall, and the top is circular radiation, and the central high hungs a crystal glass chandelier with about 2 tons. Symbolizing the King's Rule Put on a small platform in the Royal Hall, the throne is 1.8 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, high 2.4 meters, and the throne is from the lion, and the carvings are composed. There is a relief and a variety of exquisite grain texture on the back. There is a smaller treasure lounge set by the throne and the king reserves.

Next to the hall is the banquet hall, the banquet hall is rectangular, the dining table has extended from the hall door to the other end of the hall, and there are dozens of high-carrying chairs on both sides of the table. There is a giant on the wall. Ximalayas landscape painting, glass window with colorful peacock, bronze, red auspic, lotus, etc. symbolized, with pink, light blue, light gray, 四 天 天 天 天 天 天Deluxe and elegant.

There are also kings, restaurants, offices, private books, souvenirs, prayer rooms, and attached buildings that are connected to the building. The highest building in the palace is a high 46-meter lookout, standing in the top of the tower, and can enjoy the panorama of Kathmandu.

王宫 characteristics

Narajan Hiji Royal Palace's main landmark building is a tower temple building with both Nepalese traditional architecture and one next to it. The tall commemorative tower building, their appearance color is an older palace dark red tone, and is light blue. This royal palace has actually been more than 200 years. It was originally built in 1793. It is the official residence of the Sha A Dynasty ministers. In 1970, he became the king, the neighborhood of the king and the Langong Secretariat. The palace building covers an area of ​​40820 square feet, divided into three parts, namely the living room, the state, and the royal home, with more than 30 halls. Some of the grand ceremony of the royal family and foreign enarvisions are all in this book.

Initially, Narajan Hiji is usually not open. Only one day in the Red Day of the Germany node, when the men and women civil and military officials and people can enter the king and the queen. The so-called odds, that is, in the forehead, a red point is a red point to show auspicious and blessing. Since November 1, 1993, the main hall of the new Royal Palace, the reception hall, the meeting hall, the crown, the Royal Block and the banquet hall, every Monday, four fees opened for two days, to visit the tourists at home and abroad, the rainy season or have major activities foreign. On June 1, 2001, the royal tragedy shocked the world was stopped here, and stopped twice a week.

July 7, 2002, the first birthday celebration of the King Junji, King Janji, was held in the new Wang Palace, tens of thousands of Nepalese, the ministers of all walks of life came to the Wangong Avenue early in the morning, and the long team Hold the flag, colorful flag, banner, hold flowers, play the instrument, order to the New Wang Palace to give gifts to the King Jan Della, the birthday, the whole celebration activity is 7 or eight hours. On October 15, the same year, the king of the German Day, the Queen Wang was suspended in 2001 and then started here again.

Tour information

address: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Tickets: Home Rupee, China and South Asian Union National Tourists 250 R卢, Other Foreigners 500 R卢

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