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Franco-Prussian war broke out in the early days, Eugene accompanied his father to the front, confrontation with the Prussians in Saarbruecken. However, as often found in French defeat, Eugene fled France, and his mother arrived in England Kent Chislehurst (now Greater London south-east) together. After his father died in 1873, the place, the Bonapartist Eugene declared as "Napoleon IV." While in exile in Britain, the British royal family had considered his marriage with Queen Victoria's best young daughter Princess Beatrice.

Eugene later Ren Yingjun officers and voluntarily set off to Zululand. During reconnaissance, he was Zulu raid and stabbed to death. Evidence that once a revolver against his lifetime, until the ammunition runs out. His death shocked the French make, poor communication on military ties with his country, because he is the last hope to restore the Bonaparte family dynasty. Zulu was later claimed that if he had to show he was the French royal family, it would not kill him. After some rumors uproar, alluding to Britain's Queen Victoria Eugene deliberately arranged for this accident on the grounds that, when confronted with a Zulu warrior, Lt. Carey and his men from Eugene just 50 yards away, but a gun is not made to withdraw the camp.

Eugene badly decomposed body was finally shipped back to the United Kingdom, buried in Chislehurst. Later, the bodies were transferred to his mother ordered the construction of the mausoleum in Hampshire, and was buried with his father. Before the death of Eugene, Eugene Victor designated by the cousin of Napoleon Bonaparte succeeded as Lord of the Bonaparte family, is not Victor's father, Eugene's uncle Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte.

life story

unlucky youthful

Napoleon IV extraordinary life experience. 1856 when he was born, his father already was the emperor of Louis Bonaparte. But also because it is the only son, is "longitudinal days of the holy," it seems destined to take over Jian Zuo, a continuation of the ancestral Sajik Bonaparte dynasty.

European royal brothers and those sickly compared to Napoleon IV neither dementia nor madness, healthy, high-spirited, theoretically already perfect, but it happens to catch the national best of luck bad luck. 15 years old French war with Prussia, his father took him in front of Saarbruecken and general military confrontation, I would like to reproduce the glorious battle of the Napoleonic Jena. But the French army suffered repeated defeats, Napoleon III also Sedan surrender. Paris but also in the planning Republican revolution, Emperor Napoleon IV Houourenni had to take exile. As Spain's daughter, the Queen can not believe that the French do not want to believe, so look for an American dentist Evans to help. Evans sent them a refuge in England. In Kent, England, Napoleon III and they reunited, after which the family quiet for some time.

1873 Napoleon III died, the revival of the Bonaparte family nature of the task fell on the shoulders of IV. But Napoleon IV low prestige, so he can only choose With British help.

Napoleon IV went to the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich - which is now the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst's predecessor, went to a training when the artillery. But once his British classmates threw him into a pond.

But Napoleon IV In this situation still with beautiful fencing, equestrian and interesting British English is recognized by his classmates. His only drawback is probably the "reactionary view of history", and his professors to Woolwich for Agincourt, Blenheim, or the Battle of Waterloo views very uncomfortable, so will soon become history class and Ukraine ancient Mongolian almost dangerous battlefield.

Nevertheless, he is still very popular in the UK, the British royal family and even going to the little princess Princess Beatrice to marry him. But a British prince or duke's name does not seem to be able to Napoleon IV restless soul pull back from the dream of the French Empire revival. The owner of the Bonaparte family destined to the battlefield, it seems to be a fate.

Adventurers Dream

opportunity finally came. 1879 Anglo-Zulu War broke out in a very timely manner, Napoleon IV seem to see the light of day, he needed the war to enhance their prestige. He asked too Houourenni put pressure on the Duke of Cambridge, the British commander in chief, to command the army. Too Houourenni also request to Queen Victoria. After the queen agreed, Duke of Cambridge also withdrew, he had to Napoleon IV appointed to the British commander in South Africa Lord Hill Chelmsford forces.

Lord Crawford was bad luck - the battle of Iraq shortly before the bulk Del Vannes, in front of the British African indigenous suffer heavy casualties, more than 1,600 casualties, in order to cope with the war situation, the urgent need to revive Ford morale of the troops, and the Duke of Cambridge again Napoleon character traits IV told Crawford, who jumped at the personnel changes. In Crawford view, an ambitious, enthusiastic excess of the Bonaparte family adventurer willing to come here to help, then it is better.

French waste their lives for the British prince thing is also very unhappy. Even in the most radical republicans view, Napoleon IV is still the heir to the French throne, he was under no obligation to have to participate in the British, let alone sent to the exile in South Africa.

embark on road of no return

However, these doubts and objections failed to shake Napoleon IV determination. Unfortunately, he was brought from Britain two good horses in the class to Dade has died, Napoleon IV had bought a few horses at the local, although the seller warned that his new horse horse Sahuan easy, but Napoleon IV still did not mind.

Napoleon IV quickly to the front. Ford did not give him what title arrangements, this is so that he can try to avoid undertake dangerous missions, but Napoleon wanted to prove himself in battle. Ford Napoleon IV to find a safe place, and Colonel Harris together. Colonel Harris is a quartermaster in charge of traffic, detective work. Harris saw Napoleon IV, had to find an aide to bring him, this is Jie Lier Brandon adjutant Lieutenant Kelly. Lieutenant Kelly is a little small for aspiring officers, only strength is to speak French point. He and floating romantic Napoleon IV is satisfactory match.

Napoleon IV with renewed British offensive behavior while alive. Crawford has allowed him to perform reconnaissance patrols with the army in the Zululand. In one operation, Napoleon IV flatter brandish, red in front of a pedestrian. However, the commander confirmed to him as stupid, so he would not let his limitations and then to the ground.

Napoleon IV found himself managed to live, can only do some mapping work, which is very impatient. I found a chance to recommend whether the region can draw a map to expand some of Colonel Harris. Harris take it for granted that in front of the camp ten miles should not be a Zulu people come and go, so he agreed. This action only assigned a seven guard, including Lieutenant Kelly included, along with Prince off June 1, 1879, Napoleon IV riding ran out of the camp began his vacation, an officer shouted at him:. " ! protect yourself, do not let someone hit you, "the prince unhesitatingly replied:" Oh, no, Kelly will take care of good, I'll be fine "

life meteorite Africa

since Napoleon IV to draw the map, so about noon, the patrol squad all dismounted. They noted that the previous two miles there is an abandoned town Zulu, Prince wanted to find some small shed and search the raw fuel Simmer coffee. Kelly and uneasy, he believes the town unsafe, is surrounded by high barbed fruit idiot, probably an ambush, but Napoleon IV that this is purely unfounded. He ordered the soldiers marching to the town riding direction, Kelly followed. They went into the town, Prince said that Kelly did not need to consider: Only a few dogs looking around the room. These people began to dismount coffee, no one thought to set up a sentry. Kelly and Napoleon IV are debating the Napoleonic Wars. Twenty-three hours later, they would have scattered throughout the grazing horses go. Just then an indigenous man reported that he saw a piece of high ground there is a Zulu. This time Napoleon IV anxious, four sent the horse to come back ready to ride away. In total, they spent 10 minutes looking for a horse, is ready to be launched to escape. Suddenly the bushes burst of gunfire, no fewer than 40 Zulu warriors suddenly rushed over, these people at once silly, other people can ride their horses, but Napoleon IV in Africa to pick a good horse frightened the horse , how he could not ride to. Suddenly the horse began to gallop, Prince caught hanging in the saddle holster, he dragged out over one hundred feet, that has been tightly clutching leather, leather and later dumped him off at the Horseshoe, At this point his "strong Guard" has long run out of sight.

Napoleon IV struggled to his feet, about seven Zulu people are rushed over to him. His only weapon is only a revolver, a pistol Napoleon IV only fired two shots, but were blocked by a bunch of Zulus things.兰嘎拉巴勒 called Le Zulu spear stabbed in the thigh Prince, IV fell, a man named Zha Binga Zulu people and rushed to stab his shoulders ......

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the next morning, British troops out in force searching for the remains of Napoleon IV. The irony is that just seven people followed Napoleon IV patrol, but the search for bodies has dispatched 1,000 people.

corpse in the place of Napoleon IV was found fallen - though already undressed, but the body has not been destroyed, which is Zulu custom. A total of 17 wounds on the body, in front of all. After finding the bodies, Ford's first reaction to this is at the highest level of funeral troops immediately. Some officers insist Napoleon IV's body brought back to England and buried with the first emperor, but to preserve dead bodies in South Africa easier said than done. The doctors best efforts to smear on the remains of the Prince of preservatives, then wrapped up the corpse into the coffin with grass and sand. A month later the bodies shipped back to the United Kingdom, being opened to identify the bodies, when Napoleon IV poor face had rotted beyond recognition. Too Houourenni tolerate the grief and panic, let the American Dental Evans take over collapsed servants continue to complete the autopsy.

Then, the body was transported on a gun carriage brought to the Queen Mother's residence in Kent, and buried the Napoleon III. It is estimated that there are about 40,000 people from London to attend the funeral of IV.

remaining thing is accountability, according to Kelly being fired to charges of desertion from the army.

1880 Nian Empress Eugenie Zululand to pay tribute, specially visited his son's accident town. Empress unexpectedly made a request: to kill his son like to see the Zulu people. Since 兰嘎拉巴勒 Le had died, she was introduced to the Zha Binga. Zha Binga told the Queen Mother: The white man fighting like a lion. This is a good praise. (Also the same for Zha Binga own) Queen Mother heard remark, probably to placate widowed Sangzaizhitong it.


In the 19th century, the newly discovered asteroids are generally named after the name of the goddess, but this asteroid No. 45 has to be named Eugenie, the first open purely to name names the atmosphere asteroid. How to say after the death of Eugenie also been the refuge of the bar.

In 1998, astronomers using telescopes in Hawaii CFHT view Chaourenni found its satellites, this is the first use of a telescope direct image captured by the asteroid satellites.

This satellite is called The Little Prince (Petit-Prince), to mark the only son Napoleon for the queen Eugenie born. Having a diameter of about 13 km radius of the orbit 1184 km 4.766 days to about one week Eugenie. Mother and son finally reunited in heaven.

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