nano gel

Nanogels generally refer to hydrogels with a diameter of less than 200nm.

The development history

Nanogel, whose main body is hydrogel, is a three-dimensional network of polymer. It has the characteristics of non-melting and insoluble, and can only swell.

With the development of time, hydrogel research gradually from bulk gel, to microgel, and then to nano gel.

Recently, the United States at the university of north Carolina at chapel hill, north Carolina state university biomedical engineering Ye Yanqi Gu Zhen professors and students in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics in the published review articles, in recent years are summarized based on the in-situ polymerization of nanometer protein gel prepared by progress, and prospects the future development direction and industrialization prospect.


Nanogels have several advantages over other gels. First, they are small in size and easy to be engulfed by cells. Second, it can easily penetrate various protective membranes in the human body, such as the meninges, so as to realize drug delivery to the brain. Third, high efficiency of drug loading

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