Nanjing Drum Tower

Synonymous Floor Park generally refers to the Nanjing Drum Tower

Historical Historical Edition

Yuan Dynasty to 200 years (1365), Zhu Yuanzhang set too often in Nanjing, Ming Tai Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi is Liu base. The following year, Nanjing Mingcheng Wall began to build, according to history books, "The Life Knights Replenish the New Palace in Zhongshan's Yang ... The new city is more than 50." There is 13, the 18th, which is the 18th city gate, that is, there is a 13-city gate, there are 18 city gates, existing Nanjing Mingcheng Wall is the Tianfu, the city, and the drum tower is built in the center of the city.

Ming Dynasty Hongwu fifteen years (1382), Nanjing Drum Tower was built, Zhu Yuanzhang built the Time of the Gulou in the whole city, and the bureaucrats were specifically controlled by the palm of the appointment.

During the Qing Dynasty, Nanjing Drum Tower only left down the city, until Kangxi Emperor South Tour, I was on the Siwang, and the local official was building a building in the drums, and renamed "Qi Tower". Therefore, the drum tower has the "Ming Dynasty Clear Monu".

The Qing Dynasty Kangxi is destroyed, only the bed is left, and then moved to Da Zhongting, and the Gulou Tower does not survive, only the surplus. Qing Dynasty, Kangxi 23rd (1684), in the beginning of November, Kangxi Emperor was rooted into the Yellow River, rectifying the rule to Jiangning, and the first two on the drumming city will overlook the Jinling style. In the first four Kangxi to return to Beijing, he repeatedly warned officials "clean yourself, Feng Guoshi law, turbidity, and metaphysical." Qing Dynasty, Kangxi 24th (1685), Wang Xin, Wang Xin, who is two rivers, etc., in the Gulou Tour, the "碑", in order to protect the monument, therefore, the Qing Dynasty Nanjing Drum Tower is also called a monument. Due to the Kangxi Zeng Deng Gun Territory, the renewal of Drum Tower was "观 楼".

After the Taiping Heavenly War of the Late Qing Dynasty, the renovation of the renovation, the building is the main hall, and there is a cylindrical cloister around.

The Republic of China (1923), which was turned into Nanjing Gulou Park as the Nanjing Drum Tower. In the 17th year of the Republic of China (1928) August, Zhongshan Avenue opened, Zhongshan North Road, Central Road (Zi Wai), Zhongshan Road, Huanghe Road (now Beijing East Road), Beiping Road (now Beijing West Road) five main road In this regard, forming a roundabout traffic hub and Zhongshan Avenue also thus from south to the new street. In October, the Republic of China (1928) In October, the Nanjing City Park Management Office was established and the Gulou Park belongs to it. Drum Tower once set up a gauge, and later as a temporary office place in the Central Astronomy Institute, after the establishment of Zikinshan Observatory, the observatory moved out. 19 years (1930), a Gulou Park Office, and two parks in Qingliangshan and Chickens. In July 1935, the Republic of China was built in July. At the end of the Republic of China (1937), after the Japanese invading China, the pseudo government set up the Gulou Park office, and the Mochou Lake, Wutai Mountain, Qingliang Mountain and street sheds. In May, the Republic of China (1946) In May, the National Government also set up Nanjing and set up Gulou Park Management.

After 1949 Nanjing Liberation, Drum Tower Park managed, re-repaired, and green. Once, I once as a lookout whistle of the fire department. In 1958, the park has a park area of ​​0.8 hectares, a nursery is 0.5 hectares. It has established a Gulou Park Management Office, and the leaders of the Greening Team of Chengguang District, the city construction bureau, and has more than ten people, and the management scope includes the surrounding area of ​​Gulou Square and Drum Tower. Green maintenance management and serves as a green arrangement of major holiday Gulou Square, floral plants. On October 1, 1959, the 10th anniversary of the National Day was officially opened to the Gulou Park.

In 1966, "Cultural Revolution" began, the park stopped the opening, being seriously destroyed, cultural relics, and a lot of losses, all the employees were all incorporated into the greenhouse. The park became the "Cultivated Wu Wei" headquarters, and then became the "Civil Defense Command". After the "Cultural Revolution", the park indoor cultural relics, and most of the ambitions will be lost. The rest is also severely destroyed.

September 11, 1974, the Nanjing Municipal Government has begun to restore the Gulou Park, approved by the Nanjing Municipal Government, established the "Drum Tower Park Leading Group", responsible for the recovery of Drum Tower Park, including Drum Tower, Gula Tower Wing Pavilion ( "Le Zhi Pavilion"), Gulou Square and surrounded by 15 people with employees. On February 18, 1976, the Gulou Terrace was seriously collapsed because of the "civil defense work", and the southwest of the pedestal has been cracking from the top and sinking.

September 30, 1979, the drum building repair project was completed; on October 1 of the same year, Drum Tower Park was restored to the outside world.

1983, "Drum Tower Range Rover" was rated as "New Jinling Forty View".

2003, when the "Nanjing New 55 scene", Drum Tower Park as one of Nanjing's logo architecture, once again become a hot spot for the public.

Building features


Nanjing Drum Tower covers an area of ​​9100 square meters, divided into two layers, under the lower layer, the next layer is built into the city, as high as 9 meters, red wall , Flying to the wind, there are three triodes in the middle, and there is a "观 阁" topic before and after running. The upper building is divided into a nave and the two temples in the east and west, and the drip is straight to the pedestal. Compared with other existing 13 Ming Dynasty official brick building, Ming Dynasty, Nanjing Gulou City, Ming Dynasty, is small, the larger width is 43.8 meters, and 22.6 meters wide. It may be relatively high in the Nanjing Drum Tower, which can have a relatively high terrain, so you can use a smaller volume to create a visual effect that can be achieved at a large number of buildings.


The designer of Nanjing City Wall is Liu Bowen, in order to reflect the dominance of Zhu Yuanzhang's "Huang Sign", he plans to plan Nanjing City to design the bits and Nan Dou. Polymer shape, a central axis throughout the city, the direction of this axis is "Northwestern - Southeast", the Nanjing City of the Ming Dynasty, is divided into "Nan Bug", "North Bug".

Drum Tower is parallel to the middle axis of the Ming Dynasty. From the map of the Ming Dynasty, the Drum Tower and the clock tower are located on the side of this central axis, and its "northwest-southeast" is consistent with the central axis. The choice of Nanjing Zhonglou Drum Tower in the Ming Dynasty also has a mystery. They are roughly equal to Chaoyangmen (Zhongshan Gate), Yinmen, Jubao Gate (Zhonghua Gate), etc., can be considered at the center of the city at the time. It can be seen that the head of the Nanjing Drum Tower in the Ming Dynasty is actually due to the shape of the Nanjing City Wall. The shape or rectangle of the Nanjing City Wall is not a common square or rectangle of ancient city wall, resulting in the axis of the axis. The axis of the city of "Northwestern - Southeast" has formed the Nanjing Drum Tower seemingly weird layout and orientation, but also reflects the special meaning of this Ming Dum City in Nanjing in urban planning.

Cultural relics

City Tower

Nanjing Gulou Nowadays, the wood structure, the top of the middle, three openings, is the 12th year of the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi ( 1684) built. The upper wooden structure is placed in the talents, drums, cloud boards, nodes, plaza four, copper bottles, three eye painting angle, etc., used to stay in the day and night and welcome Wang, choose, pick, etc. Luxurious.


The downstairs of the city is the city-level pedestal, the intermediate side, the coupon door is 3, before and after, for people to walk; the front wall of the pedestal, the top of the top A stone-level step, for people, the top of the top, the top ladder, the top ladder, with the rainwater under the rainwater; the pedestal is horizontally and the front and the front and the two drain windows are used to naturally light and ventilated.

Kangxi 碑 清 清 朝 朝 朝 朝 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 南 启 启 南 启 南 启Wan Jiangning people's uniforms are delivered, and government officials at all levels are in the branches and other volunteers, and they are not pleasant. He warned the size of government officials: can't pursue enjoy and do a surface article, should cleanse with the people, to punish the law, punishment Corruption, carry forward the actual difficulties in the people, and in the people's actual difficulties, and make the people's life, the people's life is guaranteed, and the people are stable, and the people who live up to my expectations. The second year, the two rivers at that time will "Holy" engraved stone, the monument is in the middle of the drum, and builds the building. Because the inscription is the warning of the emperors to officials, the monument is also called "Honestum."


The original newspaper on the Gulou Tower, two sides of the drums, 24 surfaces, but the mild deaths have lost. There is a "Taiping big clock" on the second floor platform, and there is "auspicious" and "wish" words. On the top floor of the drum, there is a dragon and phoenix tower placed in the glass cover. It is a gift from the 60th birthday of Cixi. Long Feng Tower is 4 meters high, 3.5 meters, hexagonal seven-level structure, carved, plants, plants, animals, external plating platinum, golden light. Dragon Phoenix Tower has a very fine carved person or plant, animal painting. From below, the four levels are people, all of which are soldiers, three national stories, etc .; three-stage flower and birds, sunflowers, Tianzhu, Qingsong, banana, thousands of young, etc. There is also a tiger leopard, snake insects and it; two layers of isolation have six big knights, six booth brackets, Feng Shang Dragon, six phoenixes; the upper part of the pavilion is from Feihe, lotus cover top. The whole pavilion, showing a beautiful picture, compact and coordination, vivid and beautiful, its engraving process is extremely exquisite, praised for the world, with very high ornamental value.

Protection measures

On August 30, 1957, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government listed Nanjing Drum Tower as Jiangsu Province cultural relics protection unit.

In 2013, in order to cooperate with the construction of Nanjing Metro Line 4, Drum Tower Park implemented closed gardens on May 15, 2013, and launched the drum reinforcement project, and closed the tour 2 year.

On March 20, 2017, the "Drum Tower" repairs and the surrounding environment comprehensive rectification project were approved by the Nanjing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the project total investment estimates 35.42 million yuan. The engineering design plan obtained the approval of the provincial and municipal cultural relics department on May 31, 2017. On June 1, 2017, the construction unit entry construction, design construction time was 18 months, and it was scheduled for 9 months.

October 16, 2019, Nanjing Drum Tower is listed as the eighth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Cultural activities

On the afternoon of January 12, 2016, more than 100 leading cadres in the urban area of ​​Jiangsu Province, gathered in the "Kangxi Note" in Nanjing Gulou Park, together The Clean Government Cultural Education Base "unveiled.

Cultural relic value

From the Nanjing Gulou, there is a basis for the conventions and its top, the top of the top, and the present, the present, the city building, the city building and the same period of Ming Dynasty The practice of architectural instances can learn about the shape of Nanjing Drum Tower in the Ming Dynasty and the specifications of official brick building in the Ming Dynasty.

From the position of the Nanjing Drum Tower in the city and its relationship with the road, the advantages of the highlands and the three perspectives of its special orientation, the relationship between Nanjing City and Drum Tower, from the site selection And two aspects of the management system can understand the relationship between Nanjing Drum Tower and Ducheng Nanjing in urban planning and urban construction.

starts from the Nanjing Drum Tower, the wall masonry, arch coupons, and top practices, etc., from the perspective of plane, profile, facade, fighting and large wooden components, etc., Nanjing Gulou Tower Composition, from small wood, color painting, glazed in several ways to summarize all part of the Ming Dynasty, but can not only study the characteristics of Nanjing Gulou in the Ming Dynasty, but also discuss the proportion of the city and the vertical transportation space, you can also understand China Ming Dynasty. Official brick building.

Travel Information

Geographic location

Nanjing Drum Tower is located on the Gulou District, Nanjing, Nanjing Mingcheng Wall, there is a 13th, foreign 18 That is, there is a 13-city gate, there are 18 city gates, and the existing Nanjing Mingcheng Wall is the Tianfu, the city, and the drum tower is built in the center of the city, and the Gulou Gang is 40 meters, and Zhong Zhongshan Yuyue, Beijing East Road, Beijing West Road, Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan North Road, Central Road, five main roads here.


Opening time

8: 00-17: 00

Traffic information


Gulou Hospital Station: Nanjing Bus No. 1, Nanjing Bus No. 16, Nanjing Bus 25 Road, Nanjing Bus 33 Road, Nanjing Bus Y1 Road, Nanjing Bus Y16 Road

Central Road, Drum Tower Station: Nanjing Bus No. 1, Nanjing Bus 25 Road, Nanjing Bus No. 28, Nanjing Bus 33 Road, Nanjing Bus 35 Road, Nanjing Bus 201 Road, Nanjing Bus Y1 Road, Nanjing Bus Y2 Road

Zhongshan North Road · Drum Tower: Nanjing Bus No. 3, Nanjing Bus No. 16, Nanjing Bus 31 Road, Nanjing Bus No. 34, Nanjing Bus 52 Road, Nanjing Bus No. 67, Nanjing Bus 95, Nanjing Bus 100 Road Nanjing Bus No. 551 Road, Nanjing Bus Y16 Road, Nanjing Bus Y25 Road

Drum Tower Bus Terminal: Nanjing Bus 552 Road, Nanjing Bus D2 Road, Nanjing Bus Y25 Road

Gulou Street: Nanjing Bus 551 Road


Nanjing Metro Line 1 Gulou Station

Nanjing Metro 4 Gulou Station

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