my room


Depicts the graduate student's daily life in the room in the room, usually in the family, home appliances will spit him.



staff table

Producer Three-top Polypine, Changsong Valley, Songshan Yaun, Field Macro History
Out Tiangang Li
Director Shallow Duangyang, Dagang Wide Sizes, Okama is Guan Guang
Screens Chuanbian 优 子 Vocal 林 ツグ ツグ

Vocational Table Reference

Music Soundto

Type Quame Remarks
Theme Song "ぎゅっ"

behind the scenes

The show is the first time of the Chamuli Straighten TV series.

Broadcast Information

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Set Date Rating
The first set 2017-09-18 2.7%
Second set 2017-09-25 3.3%
Ethlet 3 2017-10-03 2.2%
Fourth episode 2017-10-10 2.8% Episode 2017-10-17 3.7%
Sixth episode 2017-10-24 3.1%
Seven episodes 2017-10-31 3.6%
Eightseeing 2017-11 -07 4.5% Ninth episode 2017-11-14 3.2% < / TD>
Episode 2017-11-21 3.6%
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