mutual benefit

synonymous with the principle of mutual benefit and mutual benefit generally refers


detailed point is this: mutual benefit (mutualbenefit) refers to the principle in the marketing process, the salesman to be able to deal with both parties or can be larger interests as the starting point for the two sides are to reduce losses, can not engage in marketing activities to bring harm to the party or the party's loss. You know, the reason for the customer to make a purchase, the transaction is that the resulting benefits equal to or greater than the price he paid. Thus, sales personnel in marketing activities to try to meet the objectives of the parties themselves and the chasing customers and achieve win-win situation is to develop long-term customer of dollars, is the basis and conditions customers continue to buy, but also to obtain basic conditions and customer word of mouth. To become popular, is expected to sales personnel, we must try to provide benefits to the customer, the customer is trying to benefit from its intended purchase. Simply put, refers to the two sides of the transaction are able to get benefits from the transaction!


principle of mutual benefit (mutualbenefit), also known as the principle of reciprocity. World Learning Center organization asked for preferential treatment to each other on the other side of the trade, emphasizing the overall balance of rights and obligations between the members.

That any member of the party in the enjoyment of preferential treatment to other members of the party, sjxj must give preferential treatment to other Members peer. In the practice of multilateral trade negotiations, only to abide by equality, mutual benefit and concession arrangements in order to reach an agreement among the members to maintain a balance between the interests of the members of the party, seeking to global trade liberalization.

cooperation through various channels so that both sides can get benefits, get win-win.


In the First World War, Germany had a special forces task is captured behind enemy lines to grab back the trial. Was playing the trench warfare, team of people in order to pass through the two armies confront the forefront of no man's land, it is very difficult. But one of the soldiers crept past sneak into the enemy's trenches, relatively speaking, this relatively easy. War on both sides in this regard special forces, often sent to grab a enemy soldier, brought back for trial. There is a German special forces have repeatedly and successfully accomplish this task before, this time he set off again. He very skillfully through the area between the two armies, unexpectedly appeared in the enemy trenches. A lone soldiers are eating, unsuspecting, and it would be disarmed. His hands still holding just eating bread, this time, he instinctively put some bread and handed across enemy suddenly fall from the sky. This is perhaps the most of his life doing the right thing the. In front of German soldiers suddenly touched by this move, and led to his strange behavior - he did not capture the enemy soldiers go back, but his back, although he knew the boss would go back furious. The German soldiers Why is it so easy to be a piece of bread touched it? In fact, human psychology is very subtle. People generally have a psychological, is to get someone else's benefit or good intentions, the other side will want to return. Although the German soldiers received from competitors there is only a piece of bread, or bread that he did not want to, but he felt good partner a rage against him, even if it involved a plea in good faith. But this is a gesture of goodwill, when it is natural to express, in a moment touched him. He felt in his heart, in any case can not put a prisoner of their own good person when arrested back, even to his life.


1, mutual benefit is the basis for the two sides to reach a deal. In commodity trading, buyers and sellers purpose is very clear. Mutual interests and benefits of the transaction are support points, only when both parties feel the benefits, will it be possible to achieve consciously transaction.

2, mutual benefit and enhance confidence in the work of the sales personnel. Because of social stereotypes, sales personnel more or less there is a common mental disorder, is the lack of confidence in their work, always worried customers might be dissatisfied with his attitude, afraid to leave the customer mercenary, deceptive impression. Important reasons for this state of mind, or that they did not follow the principle of mutual benefit, or do not realize the mutual benefit of the transaction. Sales personnel should recognize that, because of their labor, when customers pay the money, get a better life. In this sense, instructor sales personnel is the customer lives. So meaningful work, profit and remuneration for granted.

3, mutual benefit and can form a good trading atmosphere. Because buyers and sellers of their different positions and interests, antagonism between the two sides is always there. In fact, the customer hostility of sales personnel, because they can not ascertain their own interests will be obtained. So, in order to stabilize sales personnel, optimism, patience and meticulous attitude, the transaction can bring to the interests of customers tell each other.

4, and mutual benefit is conducive to business development. Mutually beneficial transaction will not only help new customers become old customers, maintain a business relationship for a long time, and customers will continue to bring their influence to new customers, growing your business, and prosperity.

mutual benefit

5, sjxj mutual benefit is a fundamental principle of commodity trading, but there is no clear dividing point of interest in the actual implementation. Distribution interests of both sides, and it is not simply split in two. Excellent marketing personnel, always enabling customers needs are the greatest degree of satisfaction, but also make their own maximum benefit. And thus the interests of the customer sales personnel do not contradict each other, mutually antagonistic.

between biological

and rhinoceros hornbill

rhinoceros hornbill standing rhino who help clean up the parasite to fill his stomach while

clown fish and corals, sea anemones

clown fish living in corals, sea anemones avoid predators in the gap, but also to corals, sea anemones provided Oxygen

honey badger and a honey guide birds are a good partner

they often cooperate with each other, jointly destroyed the hive. Bees often nest in tall trees, honey badger do not easily find it. After the sharp-eyed birds found hive honey guide the tree, she went to look for honey badger. In order to cause the honey badger's attention, honey guide birds flapping wings often make a special action, and issued a "blah" sound. Honey badger get the signal, it came in a hurry, climb the tree, chew honeycomb, bee off, eat honey. Honey guide birds stand aside, and other honey badger after a good meal, and then enjoy a hive of bees wax alone.

ferocious African rhinos

birds also have their own friends, this is the rhinoceros birds.

rhinoceros foot weigh a few tons, its skin thick, as dressed in a bulletproof armor, that sized head as big as a Longhorn, should be finished by any beast it one.

original, rhino skin though thick, but it thin and tender skin folds between the number of blood-sucking ectoparasites and mosquitoes then stepped, from where their mouthparts thorn in, taking rhino blood so rude guy, how and body shape like thrush-sized birds rhino became "close friends" mean

rhino itchy and tender, can be in addition to himself painted Nigeria can how much defense that these insect bites, but there is no other good way to get rid of, eliminate these nasty pests. It catching insects and birds rhino players, they fall in groups rhino back, constantly pecking at those who seek to rhino suck the blood of pests. rhino whole body comfortable, naturally welcome these flying small partner to help.

crocodiles and thousands of birds of mutual benefit is a very interesting thing. Chidori not only in fierce crocodile who find bugs to eat, but also into the mouth of a crocodile in the pecking fish, mussels, frogs and other meat debris and parasites in the crocodile's mouth leeches.

sometimes crocodile big mouth suddenly closed, thousands of birds on is in there; this time, thousands of birds beak just gently striking crocodile jaw, crocodile will open mouth, then thousands of birds flying

ants and aphids


ant antennae causing it to touch aphids secrete honeydew, with the latter willingly, aphids straighten the abdomen, secrete honeydew drop this case will ask aphids ants lick honeydew.

ants can not draw the sap in the plant stem, only aphids and other insects have this ability.

sap by aphids draw mouthparts, studies show that 62% of the German brown ant food is honeydew. to collect honey dew, brown ants will raise aphids. brown continues to collect honeydew ants, aphids and stimulate the secretion of more and more honeydew.

nectar workers with open jaw spit out large honeydew seek eater while licking honey dew while continuing with tentacles touch for those who eat.

ant not posted sentries in their "range" of aphids around. However, if you notice ants in the nectar "aphids tiger" ladybug close it will immediately put fighting stance: the hind legs rely on support straighten himself, has tentacles toward the direction of movement of

symbiotic ants and cicadas corner, they have a good relationship

.. anemone shrimp and red anemones also worked well. Two claws each anemone shrimp tucked a red anemone, all day long wanderings. Once the danger, immediately filed shrimp anemone red anemone, red anemone tentacles use to deal with toxic offenders. In this way, anemone shrimp may foraging everywhere, you do not have to worry about security; and as long as the red anemone shrimp anemone collect leftover food enough to the fullness.

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