Music angel

Brand introduction

"Music Angel" mini audio product is complete, powerful, easy to use, novel design, cover the market segmentation. According to the product function, it can be divided into: card audio, computer audio, USB digital audio, insert U disk audio, laptop audio, Bluetooth audio, iPod, iPhone series audio, gift audio, etc., can be divided into: kitchen audio, Bathroom audio, outdoor audio, morning practice, etc., according to the service crowd can be divided into: prenatal audio, infant sound, teenager audio, workplace charging audio, parent audio, elderly audio, etc., according to the system size can be divided into: sleeve, pocket Sound, portable audio, digital palm sound, etc., can be divided into: speech smart sound, tourist audio, star audio, religious audio, etc. Under the cooperation of multi-type products "Combined Boxing", "Music Angel" has achieved great success in the market, especially in overseas market development, mainly more than 40 countries such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and reached in 2012 Sales of 204 million yuan.

Music Angel series speakers, the main sales areas are European, American, Southeast Asia and other regions, a total of more than 40 overseas countries have a product agent of music angels. At present, the market share and coverage rate of music angels in overseas markets has reached 42%, and there is also a large brand effect and appeal in the domestic market. According to preliminary statistics, the brand of domestic markets and music angels have been widely recognized. In Taobao, enter the "Mini Speaker" to search, the music angel is in the first place. It is based on such a high quality of the product and the quality of the product, the music angel has achieved proud results in the audio industry and has reached 204 million yuan in 2012.


Music Angel, a fantastic name, a poem brand, when our lips are lighter, when we come to these four words, It seems that there is a kind of inexhaust between the lips;

Music Angel, a superior quality, a unremitting pursuit, when holding music angel, you can feel a solemn quality commitment , A brand of eternal charm;

music angel, is a light dancer, is a bride in the dream, a friend of your life, is also a mentor for your music.

British literati Kalais said: Music is an angel speech, music can make people there is no distance between people.

From the sound of the sound, people are also happy, the people's heart, the real thing, feel the object, so that the sound is corresponding, the sound is corresponding, the soon change, becomes the party, Sound, the sound is happy, and the dryness, the feather (Mào) is a music, the music is called later.

Music is a kind of entertainment, enrich your life; music is a dream, you can bring you hope; music is a kind of enjoyment, you can get close to the truth; music is a sharing, will The world's most beautiful voice is gathered one by one.

Angel derived from Greek angelos (messenger). Jewish Islam and Christianity are very similar to the angel. They are known as the spirit of serving God, and they will send them to help people who need to save, and they convey the aim of God. The spokesperson of God.

Music: It is the best expression of human thought feelings, Angel: It is holy, good and beautiful representative. And the uniform fusion of the two, the birth of excellent music angels. Through the Music Angel brand digital audio, we hope to communicate: happy, kind, beautiful and happy life concept and attitude, because this is not only God's will, but also our corporate culture.

Brand glory

"Music Angel" with excellent quality, preferential price, won the customer's trust and good reputation. It is the persistent and unremitting pursuit of products and quality for many years.

February 14, 2006, officially applied for the first patent to the National Intellectual Property Office. In June of the same year, I officially applied for the "Music Angel" brand to the China Trademark Office.

2007: Expanding production workshops, large quantities of production.

2008; became a partner of the South Media Group under Guangdong TV Station, and filmed the first TV commercials of "Music Angel".

2009: Success became China Mobile supplier, and the first place in the gift change points computer exchange list (to the present is).

2010; successfully became China Unicom supplier in March. In July of the same year, cooperation is started through TUV's certification and with Germany "Kristall".

2011: Music Angel as one of the first speaker Salon, successfully hosted the first speaker salon, and got respect and affirmation of the industry peers. "China's famous brand" is awarded "quality leading enterprise. Become a unit of deputy director of Shenzhen Science and Technology Population Promotion Center. And apply for" music angels, Music Angel "trademarks in more than 50 countries such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, It has laid a solid foundation for the music angels. For many years, we have focused on digital audio, intelligent sound research and development, have already produced advanced technology and technology for producing digital audio, and the company's equipment is complete, management is perfect, stable production.

The main products include: mini audio, computer audio, plug-in U disk audio, card audio, iPod, iPhone series audio, digital palm audio, Bluetooth free sound, intelligent voice point song audio series. Product selling China, Dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Brand Idea

Brand positioning: trend, fashion, high-end, atmospheric, leacon transformation and wave;

Brand spirit: equality, unity, gratitude, responsibility; brand strategy: Music Angel brand, using high-end channels, using high-end channels to market the music angel (Music Angel) Promote, and the Music Angel series products take brand management and cultural shaping, while strongly integrated with the well-known brands of the outside world, special attention to the promotion of brand image. So far, music Angel has successful and China Mobile, China Unicom, Samsung mobile phone, Jinli mobile phone, the 26th World College Student Sports Association and other well-known enterprises and social groups were in strategic cooperation. At the same time, the company actively participates in public welfare organizations and charity activities, grateful to the society, make music angels (Music Angel) ) The external reputation and social image of the brand have been further improved;

product positioning: exquisite appearance, superior technology, exceeding quality, high quality and excellent price;

Product core: selection of international digital The advanced philosophy and crafts of the sound, produce the most perfect and exquisite products, meet the standards of international first-class enterprises in the appearance, function, sound and after-sales, pass a positive core value, let the wonderful music infected everyone Emotions, let everyone full of positive energy every day.

Corporate culture


equality is a concept and attitude of Junjiahao, is also Jun Jiahao An intrinsic culture, not only refers to the company's atmosphere, colleagues' friendship mutual help,

Everyone is completely independent and equality in the status and personality, but also everyone can understand each other in the spirit. Thinking each other, understanding others can also reflect;


The company all members of the company are all in the city, and strive to make the biggest achievements in their job positions. Loyalty trustworthy , Service company, serious progress, brave responsibilities, firm persistence, unite, The development of enterprises, add bricks, dedication to the progress of the company, everything is the final orientation of the company's interests;


Thanksgiving is not just a slogan, more actions; Thanksgiving Not only It is a concept, it is a feedback. Adhering to the frontier idea concept of "knowing thanksgiving and staff, a sense of honor, the company, the joy, and the prosperity of the business", Junjiahao inside the inner thanksgiving is prevalent. Thanksgiving, a dedication; one pay, a life gain;


is fundamentally based on quality, with employees as wealth, with credibility as glory, with technical guarantee, to pursue career For power, the responsibility of creating value is responsible for personal responsibility, for the responsibility of the family, for the responsibility of the company, for the responsibility of the society, the responsibility of the whole country and the nation;


Innovation is the corporate development of the corporate development of the corporate development, and it is an important part of the overall strategy of the enterprise. The innovation of the company includes both product design, development, extinguishing, packaging, promotion, marketing, and sale of innovation, including innovation changes in organizational architecture, personnel composition, strategic planning, management model, etc. Only the core idea and deep thinking of innovation can be formed in the competition in the market, never eliminate, occupied a place;


is committed to the development of digital audio products With design, meet different consumers' unique demand and personalized hobbies, advocate an active attitude, build an open-minded music world, using international digital audio, most advanced technology, make music simple Chemical, intelligent, humanized, and take you a wonderful dynamic note.

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