Mushroom meat sauce


Main material

pork fat 500 grams of dry 10


salt 1 teaspoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, 2 spoons, 2 spoons, 2 spoons of sweet noodles, 2 spoons of sugar

1. Pork cut into beans, fat, fat, thin meat; mushroom After the cold water is soft, it also cuts into the size of the bean size, and the water of the blasting mushroom should not fall.

2. Put the cuts of fat grains into the pot, slowly after a small fire, and put the fertilizer.

3. Then put the lean meat into the pan and stir-fry.

4. Cut 1 spoon of cooking wine, then pour in the soy sauce, and remove the water of the mushrooms in the mushroom, the impurities are poured into the pot. If the water does not completely, it is about 1 to 2 cm. , Add an appropriate amount of water, cover the pot, stir slowly for about 15 minutes, the middle needs to flip the pot to avoid sticking pot.

5. Pour the mushrooms into the pot, transfer to the old sauce, add the sweet noodle sauce, if you need to add the appropriate amount of salt, continue to cook for 10 minutes, then put Into the sugar fire is juice. Make a mushroom mermaid, you can directly mix rice, mix or diet vegetables, or you can use other ingredients as a seasoning.

Other practice


main material

pork belly 400g, pig skin 100g, mushroom 20g < / p>


salt amount, ginger is appropriate, old pumping amount


1. Pork skin , Cook for 5 minutes after water.

2. Unplug the pig skin on the pig skin with tweezers.

3. Scrape the oil of the pig skin with a knife.

4. Cut the pig skin into a thin strip.

5. Cut the pig skin strip into fine particles.

6. After the mushroom bubble, the tangee is spare.

7. Cut the pork belly into a thin strip.

8. Put the pork with a knife into a meat.

9. Put the pork belly in the pot and stir fry.

10. Fried fry until it is oil, divergent.

11. Pour the chitinous frying and stir fry.

12. Pour the three tablespoons.

13. Pour the chopped mushroom.

14. Pour enough water.

15. After the appropriate amount of salt, the fire is boiled, change the small fire to cook 1.5 hours, then in the clean container, you need to dig it out.


1. Phytopholytes are made into fine particles with a knife, and the firing is fried.

2. The pig dot is boiled and then unplugged the residual pig with tweezers.

3. The meat sauce should be stewed.

4. In order to highlight the mushrooms, purexia of pork belly does not let too much spices or seasonings, there is ginger.

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