Munich Oktoberfest

Historical Level

Said from 1810 to 2014, the Munich Oktoberfest has a history of 204 years. Due to the first World War for 5 years; the Second World War was suspended for 7 years. Since 1946, holidays have become more and more, there is a grand folk festival.

Birth origin

October 12, 1810, the prince of Bavaria, Dwig, and Saxony Wang State, Charlotte Lemino, Princess wedding. The father of the Crown, Joseph decided to hold a two-day celebration for his son's wedding. In order to show the king's grace of the subject, in these two days of activities, there were 4 places to all civilians for all civilians in Munich. The Kingdom's cavalry guards also hold horses and shooting competitions on a big lawn in southwestern Munich to show. In order to commemorate this festival, the officers and men of the participating officers and soldiers requested the king to name the lawn with the name of Bride Germany. Since then, this lawn is called "Teice" grass. Since the celebration has a profound impression, people suggested that in 1811, a full-time event. Have it once a year later. This is the origin of the October Festival.

Early change

1813, due to Napoleon invasion, the first time I was forced to cancel, after the external disease, the October Festival was resumed, and the scale was also expanded. In addition to horse racing There are also projects such as rock climbing, bowling, and swingings.

The first rotating Trojan is set on the venue of the October Festival in 1818. In addition, there are other projects that have other citizen entertainment, such as the draw, attract a lot of people to participate, prizes are ceramics, silverware, jewelry, etc.

Beginning in 1819, the Munich government took over the October Festival, and the October Festival became an annual fixed tradition. In 1850, a highly 20-meter Bavarian appearance debuted on the Tressia lawn, and a Roman temple was also completed under the Bavarian god after 3 years. Several October several times will be canceled, such as 1854 and 1873 cholera, 1866 Puro War, 1870 law war.

fixed forming

The end of the 19th century Munich has gradually developed into a world-famous folk holiday. The time of the October Festival has gradually extended, and it has changed to the sunny, the weather is relatively warm, and the "October Festival" has become a festival in the last weekend in October.

In 1880, the Municipal Government issued a license for the sale of beer on the October Festival. In 1881, the first beer brewed in 1881 settled in the October Festival. It is night, more than 400 stall lights, illuminated the whole Night sky. In order to increase the seat, and join the band performance, the beer operators have changed the small beer house into large beer tents, and more and more circus and playground operators come to help the Beer Festival.

1910 is a 100-year-old Barber Festival, and people drink 1.2 million liters of beer. At the time, the largest beer tent was recently received more than two thousand people.

War interruption

The Oktoberfest of 1914 to 1918 was forced to be interrupted because the first World War was forced to break, so only one scale was held in 1919 and 1920. Smaller "Autumn Beer Festival", 1923 to 1924 World Inflation caused the Beer Festival to be canceled again. From 1939 to 1945, during the Second World War, Oktoberfest was not held, and the same war is only held in large scale "Autumn Beer Festival" in 1946 to 1948. At this point, the Oktoberfest has been interrupted 24 times since founding.

After the war, the Mayor Tomas Vimir in Munich is knocked on the first can of the new brewable beer bucket with a gamstick, announced that the Operating Oktoberfest is especially The opening method has become the tradition of the Beer Festival. The horse racing in the Oktoberfest was canceled, only in the 150th anniversary celebration of the 1960 Elderly.

The tragic scene in the history of the Oktoberfest is on September 26, 1980. Once the entrance to the Beer Festival, the entrance to the Oktoberfest has caused 13 people to die, more than 200 people were injured, of which 68 were seriously injured. This terrorist attack is the most serious attack in Germany.

September 17, 2016, the 183rd Munich Oktoberfest opened in the rain.

On April 21, 2020, Governor, Governor, Germany, said that he was influenced by the epidemic of the new coronal pneumonia, and the Mayor of Munich had decided to cancel the original September 19 to October 4th. Munich Beer Festival 2020.

Featured activities

Opening ceremony

Every October October, the grand opening and multicolored parade organized by major brewery . The opening ceremony was hosted by the mayor of Munich City in a temporary big tent. At 12 noon, in the sound of 12 gorgeous artillery, the mayor knocked the braquet in a big beer barrel with a wooden raft, then unscrew the faucet, put the beer came out, and the big beer mug in special middle. Mayor drinking this first cup, the famous October Festival officially started.

Dressing parade

The first Sunday of the Oktoberfest, people from all states in the German countries wear a special national costume, play music, vastly over Munich's city center, finally came to the field of the Beer Festival. Theresienwiese.

People dress themselves into ancient dishes, the princes of the ancient clothes, the princes of the silk satin, and the classical carriages of the flowers and dress, and many people are very simple to wear the clothes wearing the peasants. . The people participating from the old, there are families, middle school students, and even kindergarten children have. The people playing are also colorful, have a shepherd of the Alps, the Mono-Board of the Rhine, to the Nika of Cologne, the old man in North Dprus.

Beer tent

In order to attract foreign guests who come to Munich, Munich's eight major brewerys are giant beer on Turka Plaza before the festival. The cow, German, called "Bierzelten", more luxurious than the general tent decoration. There is a long wooden table and bench in each tent, and there is a temporary stage, playing a happy folk music by the folk band. Tents can generally hold three or four thousand, with a maximum of 7,000 seats.

Every beer shed generally only provides a brewer's beer. In order to highlight their own unlike, each brewer is constructed with the featured and comfortable style of the beer shed. The decoration standards of the outside of the beer shed are new, but most of them are a pattern, you can take the twentie people's long wooden table and chair arrangements. The center is dressed in a new high performance stage with flowers and lights. Decorating a huge satin and knitted garland, some of the beer sheds also have two layers, upstairs is "Ya". Customers who are wearing the Bavarian national costume in each tent.

Amusement item

There are also many projects suitable for family entertainment, traditional entertainment, such as large runners, rotating Trojans, etc. The organizers organized some fresh programs or amusement projects every year, such as hiring foreign art groups, and plays snakes, trains and other programs.

In addition, many of the amusement facilities also hold many meaningful exhibitions, such as modern electrical exhibitions, excellent wheat exhibitions. Also infused with a small circus, juggling, magic performance, etc., countless small shops put the entire playground to be lively, visitors can buy souvenirs, Bavaria's specialty small snacks, or participate in the game, You can also win a variety of cute toys.

Characteristic food

For a beer specially brewed for the Oktoberfest, it is called "Wiesenbier", which is deeper than the general beer color, and the wine is also bigger, and the wine is time. It is a large wine glass whose "maß" is a liter, which is on site to build a big tent to 10,000 to 10,000 people. Only Munich's local alcohol is allowed to provide this wine inside. The alcohol also consumes a lot of food, most of which is traditional homematings such as sausages, roast chicks, kimchi and roast cattle.

Festival scale

Visiting the October Festival does not have to buy tickets, however, every play show must buy the court. The price of beer has also increased year by year, but tourists are still increasing each year. During the October Festival, the number of sales volume of beer and broilers is amazing. In 1981, there was 6.2 million tourists, a total of 4.2 million liters of beer. In 1984, the tour will increase to 7 million, and 5 million liters of beer have been drunk, and 660,000 chickens have been done.

The current amount of the current annual is maintained around 6 million. Many of these tourists are from foreign countries, mainly from Italy, the United States, Japan and Australia. In recent years, traditional costume parade has been added to the Oktoberfest. Many tourists have put on traditional leather trousers and tight dress. They join the parade. Each Oktoberfest should consume about 6 million liters, 500,000 chickens, 100 cows, and bringing 830 million euros for Munich.

Social Issues

Alcoholic problems

The problem of alcohol abuse on the beer festival is also increasingly serious. In order to avoid the beer festival to become a happiness, in order to keep the Oktoberfest to maintain its traditional atmosphere, the elderly and children can also participate, in 2005, the organizers proposed the slogan of "quiet Beer Festival", stipulating the management of the beer In the evening, I can only play the traditional blow music before 6 o'clock, and the fails of music can not exceed 85 decibels, only at night to play pop music and punch instruments.

Bloody incident

In July 2016, three bloody incidents occurred in Bavaria, Germany, Munich City has begun to discuss security issues in the Munich Oktoberfest, and the safety measures taken Including tourists from carrying backpacks.

China Tour

Beijing's first Munich Oktoberfest

Munich Oktoberfess from September 6 to 21, Beijing Olympic park. This is also the first time to give official authorized festival in Beijing for the first time in Beijing's Oktoberfest.

The venue of the 5th 50,000 square meters of the field consists of four distinctive beer caravans, namely the Munich Oktoberfest, the Royal Beer Caze, the princess of the princess and new Swan Fort. The catering style will fully reflect the characteristics of the German Bavarian area, and it is entirely built in the tent of German standard beer caravan, where the main dampenser is 13,000 square meters. Beer Suppliers participating in this event are all the most famous, most representative beer vendors in Germany, such as Germany's two largest, older beer HB royal beer and king beer. All the supply of beer is imported from Germany.

2014 Beijing 2nd Munich Oktoberfest

2014 Beijing 2nd Munich Oktoberfest was hosted by Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee, Beijing Xinao Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Wenhua Star Culture Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Wenhua Star Culture Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Wenhua Wenhua Asset Supervision Management Office, Germany Munich Municipal Government, Munich Oktoberfest Special Support, the 2nd "Munich Oktoberfest - Beijing Tour" on August 15 to August 30, 2014 At the west side of the Beijing Olympic Forest Park, the West Side of the Tower of Beijing, the period is 16 days.

Chengdu Munich Oktoberfest

May 22 to June 7, 2015, the first "Munich Oktoberfest - Chengdu Tour" in Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park is held.

This "Chengdu Tour" is the first attempt in Munich Oktoberfest in China. The event was authorized by the official overseas committee of the Munich Oktoberfest Organizing Committee in Munich, Germany, will be the theme of "Chengdu's Munich, the World's Carnival", showing the original Bavarian national characteristics of the Munich Oktoberfest.

Chengdu is a world-gourmet that UNESCO determined by UNESCO, will be united with German food culture during this event.

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