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The English word for multimedia (duō méi tǐ guang pan) is Multimedia CD, which consists of two parts: media and multi. Generally understood as the integration of multiple media. Multimedia is a combination of computer and video technology. In fact, it is a collection of a variety of media; it combines the advantages of books, radio, television and other media, and the advantage beyond TV lies in the interaction with users. It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as human traffic. Large airports, touch screens in stations and large electronic screens in golden advertising spaces, exhibitions, company lounges, etc. are broadcast on TV, etc., because the file size of multimedia software is generally 500-700M megabytes, the main carrier is CD-ROM, people are used to calling it It is a multimedia CD.

Multimedia features

It combines text, image, animation(two-dimensional , Three-dimensional), video, video, sound, music and other traditional performance media advantages, combined with interactive functions, developers According to the needs of customers and projects, through careful planning and creative ideas, combining various expression methods, using computers to program and integrate related materials, making it an organic whole-"multimedia software", its carrier Usually a CD is used, which is what we call Multimedia CD. Its advantage lies in its rich and vivid expression and operable interactivity. The use of multimedia technology can express the profound principles clearly in an intuitive and visual process, and achieve good teaching purposes. It has been used in various fields of real life, such as:

Types of multimedia applications

1) Project investment (Use multimedia images, sounds, animations to fully express your business plan, this advanced method is very convincing)

2) Corporate image promotion (it has many unique advantages, such as vivid image, large capacity, quick retrieval, strong interaction, and targeted communication, etc. It is simply impossible for traditional prints, TV films, newspapers and periodicals. Compared with)

3) Product promotion (patent and technical parameter description, sales staff can use it to show customers the shape, features, functions, parameters, etc. of new products. Use Enterprise product display multimedia can teach customers the most intuitive and effective way to use products)

4)Teaching training

5)Multimedia electronic sales Books (With the popularization of multimedia, electronic sales brochures have become more and more significant in improving the success rate of real estate sales. It has become the key to the success of real estate marketing. Interactive electronic sales brochures will contain a lot of information Display to users with 3D animation, virtual reality and other technologies to avoid the dullness and boringness of traditional sales brochures. Users can jump to view relevant information according to their own wishes, such as the introduction of real estate developers, apartment types, public facilities, transportation facilities, and surrounding areas. Environment, payment methods, etc.)

6)Multimedia touch screen query software (used in large-scale exhibitions, job fairs, banks, post office business queries, tourist attractions navigation, bookstores, computer stores Data and quotation query system, etc., which are mainly combined with a computer (called query terminal) placed in public places for query) Multimedia application technology

Art design, two-dimensional presentation animation, three-dimensional animation head , Product 3D modeling, field shooting, 3D virtual reality, commentary dubbing, video editing, video tape transcription, material processing, multimedia interactive programs

Some cases of interactive multimedia software

Goldwind Technology Customized multimedia CDs for corporate image and product promotion of Xinjiang Airport Group, VR virtual display of Xinjiang Airport Group’s T2 terminal, multimedia CDs for animation demonstrations of the principle and application of green dry air cooling, Multimedia production of animation demonstrations for the principle and application of Tu-Kazakhstan petroleum gas lift, new Tian International (3D modeling and 360-degree model house display of the surroundings, properties, and apartment types of the famous Tianmen real estate), etc.

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