Muhammad Nadier


Nadir Khan 1883, Biki Indund Latton (Dehra Dun, Northern Akanda), Afghan Branch Terrai branch (Part of the part of the Muhammad Zizi, Barak). His father is Muhammad Prefecture, and the mother is Saraf Sultana. His grandfather Yehaia Khan, Zeng Grandfather is a brother of Sullan Muhammad Khan Telai, Dost Mohammed Khan.

Palm authority

Nadell sweat follows his grandfather Ye Haiya and sweat from India to Afghanistan. In 1903, the commander of the near-demand Covers in the army of Amanurah Khan, participated in the anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-incidents of 1912, also in 1919, the third Afghan National Army in the Afghanistan in 1919. Outstanding commander. After the war, he served as a national defense minister and Afghanistan ambassador to France.

From 1924, after the Tajik army uprising in some Pashtu tribe and Habibullah Kalakāni, Naman Khan occurred as Khan Khan Differentiation, in February 1929, Amanura and the power of the Employe were overturned, and the Habibra, which was nicknamed "Pick the Shuzi", came to stand up.

Nadir sweat Under the military support of the neighboring British India and the British Empire, return to Afghanistan from France, organized a military to attack Kabul, several setbacks, finally on October 13, 1929 Attack in Kabul, followed by this city. On November 1, Habibra was killed by prisoners, Nardale Khanpeng on the Afghanistan.

Afghan king

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as the Sah, Shah, King), Najan In order to obtain the support of the aristocrat, landlord, Mulan and tribal chiefs, consolidate your dominance, and promulgate a series of decrees, abolish the reform of Amanura, formulate a new constitution, and promulgated the new constitution in 1931. In addition to the provisions of the King's unlimited power, the New Constitution has almost all of the school members of the two hospitals to the aristocrats, landlords and supernators. The most important positions of the government have also occupied the royal family and the superfocusebrian. At the end of 1931, most uprons gradually weak under his suppression.


November 8, 1933, due to the struggle between the new and old royal family, Narre was assassinated at the graduation ceremony of a high school, was assassin. Abdul Harry ABDUL KHALIQ is shooting. Its Si Muhammad Chel is in succession.

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