Morris Hillman

Character experience

Morris Hilman is born in Montain, Montana, USA, is a 8th child in Montana, 19 August 30, 1919. Undergraduate graduated from Montana State University, 1944 won a Ph.D. in Chicago, USA.

Since the Walter Reed Army Institute (Walter Reed Army Institute, several important discovery, including antigen transition, antigen drift. In 1957, During the "Asian Influenza" popular period, Hilleman led the team to quickly develop a vaccine, and produced 4 million antifude vaccines in 4 months, saved hundreds of thousands of life.

In 1957, Hilleman joined the United States Merck Pharmaceutical Factory, which has been developed more than 40 vaccines, including hepatitis Hepatitis B, hepatitis B vaccine, MaMri-MMR), chickenpox vaccine and many more.

Massan Vaccine

Hilleman invented the commonly used mump vaccine and named Jeryl Lynn's name, and later Leman further developed a hemp three vaccine (MMR).

In a global scale, the measles vaccine saves more than 1 million lives per year. According to the World Health Organization, the measles vaccine in 2000-2015 avoided the world's death.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

1981, the hepatitis B vaccine developed by the Helevan team was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Such vaccines use the blood samples donated by infected people. Since then, the team of Hillman quickly found the method of making hepatitis B vaccine without human plasma. In 1986, Hillman's team used genetic technology to successfully produced HBSAG. In 2020, about 150 countries around the world were using this vaccine, as of 2003, compared with the emergence of the vaccine, the number of hepatitis B young patients fell by 95%. Since hepatitis B can cause liver cancer, the vaccine is also considered to be the first anti-cancer vaccine.

In 1989, the United States signed an agreement with the Chinese delegation, transferring the recombinant yeast hepatitis B vaccine technology to China, charges $ 7 million, as a cost of training Chinese personnel and paying US participants, etc. The patent fees and profits will be charged. At the end of 1990, China sent technicians to study in the United States; after 18 months, a number of employees of the United States came to China and assist vaccines to put production.


Morris Hilman is an academician of the National Academy of Sciences, academicians of American National Medical College. He has served as a long-term consultant for the World Health Organization, US National Vaccine Project.

  • 1988, a US National Medal. Morris Hillman

  • 1996, the Special Lifetime Achievement Award issued by the World Health Organization was obtained.

Character evaluation

AIDS patient HIV co-founder Robert C. Gallo said: "If you want I said a huge contribution to human health, but I didn't get a person who had a recognition. This person is Hillman. "

Director Anthony, Director of the National Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Anthony Fauci) Think: "Even in the scientific community, few people know how much Morris's contribution is. I have recently asked my postdoctoral, do you know who develop measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B and chickenpox vaccine They don't know. "

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