Moria and San Anne

Painting content

Here, the painter makes St. Maria sitting in her mother's knee, although the grandmother San Anne is very young, but still feeling too much, she is hard to Belt so weight. However, the smile showing on the face of San Anny is a naughty little grandchildren in front of you - Jesus (Jesus is getting free from the mother's hands, you want to ride on the lamb), Mary is sitting on the pleasure chair That, I don't mind reaching out to hold Jesus. This emotional transmission is not very coordinated, and the characters are not natural and vivid.

The Biblical theme of the San family is the most commonly used in religious murals, depending on person, and the painters have their own performance. Da Vinci's focus on this oil painting is on the image of San Anne, especially carefully engaging her face expression. Although he once again exposed his female smile, for the aesthetics of Da Vinci's realism, he was almost like the mystery of all unknown mystery in nature.

Art Appreciation

"Our Dilde and San Anne" - Discovery of three sketches

The first sketch is a horse Head, located on the left side of the second piece of wooden board, a higher than 10 cm long, a sketch is a chaotic, and the nose is big, it seems to bite something, and the whole composition can not help people think of Da Vinci creation. A mural "Angri Battle", the latter took the war between 15 centuries of Florence and Milan, which had two horses to bite each other.

The second sketch is located on the left of the left on the left, which is drawn a side of a skull, including the eyelid cavity, a portion of the nasal cavity and half a mandible, and there is a teeth.

Compared to the first two sketches, the third sketch is very blurred, it is located on the right wooden board, drawing the half body of the holy baby. The holy baby in the figure turns to the right, is playing with the small lamb in the arms, this sketch is very close to the image of the holy baby in the "Morder and San Anne", as if it is a draft of a front oil painting.

The researchers said that this discovery has very significant, because very few painters are painted on the back of the painter, and the work of Da Vinci is even more unique. They said that they will continue to study the painting to determine whether the three sketches really come from the hands of Da Vinci.

The author introduces

Da Vinci (Leonardo Da Vinci, April 2, 1452, May 2, 1519, Aries), Dad Western, full name Li Audado Di Je Pizero Da Vinci, is a multi-field enforcement in the Italian Renaissance. It is an architect, anatomical, artist, engineer, mathematics. Home, inventor, he is infinite curious and creativity makes him become a typical artist in the Renaissance, and is also one of the most famous painters in history, the perfect representative of the entire European Renaissance. There are not many works in his life, but almost parts are immortal. His works have a distinct personal style from beginning to end, and is particularly good at combining artistic creation and scientific exploration, which is unique in the history of world art. He is also known as the Rimiroki and Rafael, called "Literature and Art Rehabilitation Art San Jie".

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