The moon color Jiangsheng built in the forty-two years of Qing Kangxi (1703). Linhu 3 door temple, Kangxi Emperor is "Moonlight Jiang", intentionally, "Chibi Fu" before and after Su Shi, every month, full of lake, only the lake water microwave shore, sound is pleasant. The island building layout takes the northern four-in-chi hospitality, there is a veranda between the temple. The West has a cold incense pavilion, and the summer can take this pavilion. The Temple is a quiet place to see the Qing Dynasty. After the room, Ying Hall is also the Qing Dynasty. After the four-in-chore, the Kangxi Emperor is "Lake Mountain Painting", and the window is long, the lake is the mountain color, the picturesque. The pillar outside the door, it seems that it seems to be obedient, but it is actually firm, this is one of the three generations of the mountain buildings. It is said that such a design is in Kangxi, meaning "on the beam is not a beam", Police. Moonlight

Buildings. It is located in the Qing Dynasty. In Chenghu, Shanghu, Lake, there is an island,

island's main hall in its southwest, famous quiet, is a four-in-hospital, the hospital has five, Qing Sheng ancestors For "Moonlight Jiang". The main hall is quiet in the mountains, the top is seven, three in the depth, the front and rear gallery, the top of the roller, southward. The Fang North is the Qing Zhen Zu, Qing Gao Zong's book, famous Ying Hall, seven.

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