Modern management

Course Introduction

Modern Management is the basic course in the field of economics and management of two universities, the main purpose is to master the basic principles of modern management, familiar with the evolution and development of management ideas. In-depth understanding of the nature, characteristics, principles, functions, and processes of management, laying a solid theoretical basis for other professional courses. Require students' key learning management ideas, management processes, and management functions, understanding, planning, organization, leadership, incentives, communication, and control.

Teaching Objectives

Modern management is an economy, management of the professional basic courses of the two universities, and is also the foundation course of administrative management, news, education, politics, and social. The task opened in this course is to popularize modern management knowledge, enhance management is also the concept of productivity, establish the idea of ​​managing the objective law of management, and promoting management level. The goal of this course is to describe the evolution of modern management ideas and theories. Introduce modern management concepts, methods and tools to enable students to master the basic framework of management, expand their knowledge field, and improve basic raises, and prepare for further learning of other management courses. .

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