Financial channel

24-hour broadcasting of financial information and global financial market quotes, information content coverage stock, bond, fund, futures, trust, wealth management, management, etc. Service.

● Pay attention to the global wealth hotspot, pay attention to a backward financial management

● Stock Market dynamic instant reports, stock markets travel professional analysis

● Start with the stock school, simulate stocks Experience, personal stock real-time monitoring, mobile phones can also access the stocks

● Financial information is fully collected, providing you with the right financial management experience to learn from

● Personal financial information service: Query the provident fund, Deposit Loan calculator, foreign exchange interest rate convenient inquiry

News channel

first followed up the latest progress, rolling broadcast major emergencies, provide you with fast, comprehensive, accurate, Objective news.

● Comprehensive collection of hot news, massive information, massive information for you to browse

● Major emergency rolling live, adhere to quickly, objectively report news events < / p>

● Published a comment, follow the post building, forward to Weibo, information sharing quickly and convenient

Entertainment channel

full-scale report domestic and international hotspot entertainment gossip news, Multi - angle analysis of hotspots. Content covers stars, movies, TV, music and other entertainment information, reports of text, pictures, video in one. Star HD map, popular TV movie celebration live, provide you with the information on gossip, and bring you visual feast.

● Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, European and American entertainment gossip should have

● Hot TV movie information started, the first time report fresh information

● Major entertainment The whole process of the celebration, video live, direct attack, report vivid and lively

● Star gossip full revealing, exclusive information collection

● Instant film box office list, provide viewing Full Guide

Sport Channel

Quick, authoritatively released domestic, international major popular sports competition scores, 24 hours pay attention to domestic and foreign sports news, cover NBA, CBA, Super Super , Serie A, La Liga, Yingchao, Champions League, Tennis, Racing, Golf, etc., facing all kinds of sports enthusiasts.

● Important events live text, let you take the mobile phone to see the progress of the event, feel the hot atmosphere.

● Pocket Basketball Manager Game: Doing managers, participate in drafts, training players, manipulating players transfer, 叱咤 league, experience Bath, Alexander business team pleasure.

● Dream NBA Game: Combine with the NBA real game, easy to achieve Kobe, James and other stars to buy the team to participate, with the players in the game.

● Football Manager Game: Body and Club Manager and Team Large Coach Double Role, bring big-name stars, excavate new stars, use economic minds and management capabilities, to make the club have a sound.

● Sports Stadium: Sports Channel users social platform, including sports star teams, etc., here you can find like-minded friends, no live broadcast is the same.

● Sports related various services: TV program schedule, player database, football basketball score live, mobile phone shopping color.

Reading channel

Collection of hundreds of thousands of books, fine classification of books according to the type, book fence, romance, campus, fantasy, martial arts, suspense, horror, science fiction, military , Historical, officialdom, business war, film and television, game, network, etc.

● Dozens of books and Internet reading channels are updated, enjoy the hand on the hand and read

● Refine book classification, quickly locate the location

● Editor's best book, hot book recommendation, book is good, provide your reading

● Monthly book library: a large amount of personal book super discount subscription, multiple articles type for you to choose

● Handheld bag: Massive good books for your collection, school bag provides chapter update tips, read progress automatically save

● Book search: Support globally quickly search, provide daily search hot words Recommended

Forum Channel

Sina WAP Forum Relying on Sina Internet Forum to provide you with more convenient and fast interaction. The best forum, the most popular forum, anytime, anywhere, everything is in the mastery.

Women's Channel

Make the world trend hotspot and fashion essence into oriental style practical proposals, dedication to Chinese women, pay attention to women's life trajectory, lifestyle and heart history, cultivation Connotation to appearance is a better era.

Technology Channel

The most timely and authoritative industrial and incident reporting platform. Timely understand digital product dynamics, accurately grasp the digital product market, master the digital product use skills, cleverly answer digital products, and provide rich product pictures, hot comments have new ideas every day.

Mobile provides free full-time personal service to mobile phone users, except news, sports broadcast, mobile blog and other ace content, Jianghu community, stock financial management, mobile phone reading, etc., the exciting content is also not missed, Pepsi, mobile mailbox provides you with utility, as well as free client love reading, music, sinago, etc. are presented to you.

Mobile Sina is a mobile phone portal of, a wireless WAP website that can be accessed at any time, which is an extension and expansion of

Blog Channel

gathers all kinds of all kinds of popular bloggers in China, become a gathering place for Chinese netizens for self-expression. The dazzling entertainment star blog, the symptomatic cultural celebrity blog, the moving emotional blog, the beautiful picture blog, the self-grass root blog, some people have seen, have experience, ideas, some views, come here.

● Mobile phone easy to write blogs, express yourself anywhere

● Leisurely see blog, atturmarfully pay attention to like bloggers, check attention to dynamics

● popular exclusive Bo Wen first, the first time to browse exclusive blog dynamics

● Focus on hot events, grassroots writes, gather network popularity, grassroots can also become famous for mobile is a new wave network mobile phone portal, is a use The mobile phone can be accessed at any time, which is the extension and expansion of

Video Channel

The latest, hottest news, sports, entertainment, fashion video should have. Collect movies, TV series, animation, variety show, funny, original, podcast and other video content, providing you with mobile video download service.

● The content is rich, classified, hot video will not miss

● The interface is simple and bright, download and watch smooth

● Provide a boutique charge video service

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