Mitsubishi Electric

Brand introduction

Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Mitsubishi Electric) was founded in 1921, one of Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, 500 global. The range of products is wide, including display products for personal consumers, mobile phones, kitchen electrical, car electrical, electrical, air-conditioned electrical. Electronic, electric, social, transportation, universe, information, electrical, machinery, semiconductors and images, etc. for commercial consumers.

Mitsubishi Electric has long established global networks in the company, the technical information and materials provided by the various business sectors, and created first-class products in various departments. Play an important role. Mitsubishi Electric will further expand its mobile communication equipment, display equipment, while maintaining the leadership of the company in industrial and heavy equipment, satellites, defense systems, elevators and escalators, electronic supplies, air conditioners, ventilation equipment, etc. , Display device technology and cutting-edge semiconductor and other fields of world market share. In addition, Mitsubishi will also be committed to expanding the new universal field, especially in the fields of environmental protection and purification water quality.

As of April 2010, the joint venture between Mitsubishi Electric in China has reached 24, and they are in the field of electronic devices such as auto parts, semiconductors, as well as transmission and electrical and electrical devices, elevators, and railway vehicles. Electrical products, industrial automation equipment, household appliances and other electronics and machinery are widely carried out various undertakings and actively carry out technical transfer.

December 15, 2014, Sweden's Stockholm International Peace has announced 100 enterprises in the 2013 World Weapons Sales. The Mitsubishi heavy industry ranked 68.

Mitsubishi Machine Group Information

Group turnover: about 2,91 billion yen

Group employees total number: 12,700 people

Soared in China has reached: 29

China General Representative: Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. 1507, Block A, Yingke Center, No. 2, Industrial University, Chaoyang District, Beijing Room

Development History


is Baoshan iron manufacturing power plant (with Mitsubishi Commercial, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry)

1979 Year

Air conditioner first receives orders · General motor technology cooperation (Beijing)


elevator first receive order

1981 Year

Opening "Women's Office"


GIS / GCB cooperation begins (Xi'an) · Opening "Hangzhou Office"


set up "Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd."


set up "Mitsubishi Machine Dalian Machine Co., Ltd.", "Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. "


set up" Xiling Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "," Shanghai Mitsubishi Electric · Upperhang Air Conditioner Electrical Co., Ltd. "


dispatch China General Representative


set up "Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd."


set up "Baoding Dowa Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd."


set up "Baoding Pauli Transformer Co., Ltd.", "Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. "," Changzhou Mitsubishi Electric Trust Forest Products Co., Ltd. "


" Linger (Group) Co., Ltd. "company name change is" Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Group Co., Ltd. "


set up" Zhuzhou Time Ling Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. ", accept China CCTV Elevator Order


set up "Mitsubishi Machine Shanghai Electromechanical Elevator Co., Ltd.", "Mitsubishi Motor Tianwei Electric Transformation Equipment Co., Ltd."


"科菱机(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. "Company name changed to" Mitsubishi Machine Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. "


Participated in the 9th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition, exhibited Art and Products of various energy saving and water treatment


and the first Financial Daily and Tongji University jointly organized "2009 Mitsubishi Motor Energy Saving Environmental Summit Forum" / p>


"Mitsubishi Motor Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." Change is "Mitsubishi Motor Automation (China) Co., Ltd."


set up "Shanghai Electric Ling Electric Energy Saving Control Technology Co., Ltd. "" Mitsubishi Machine Automation Machine Manufacturing (Changshu) Co., Ltd. "" Mitsubishi Electric Auto Parts (China) Co., Ltd. "" Mitsubishi Motor Jeli-sensitive Power Semiconductor (Hefei) Co., Ltd. "


set up "Mitsubishi Machine Low Pressure Electrical Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd." "Ling Electric Machine Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd."


set up "Mitsubishi Machine High Pressure Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd." "Hefei Jinghong Mitsubishi Electric Appliance Technology Development Co., Ltd." "Mitsubishi Machine Electric Electric Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd."

Brand Culture < / h2>

Enterprise Ethics and Character Declaration

Compliance with Law

We recognize the law is the lowest extent, not only to comply with the law, but in action, it should be consistent Take note of the overall ethical concept of society and the changes in social common sense.

We do not set the goals that have been contrary to law, social ethics or social common sense, nor does this agree.

Respect for human rights

respects human rights in action, eliminating nationality, race, religion, and gender and other discrimination.

contributes the society

as a company, while pursuing reasonable profits, adhering to the spirit of supporting the overall development of society, recognizing the social responsibility of the enterprise.

Coordination and Rong and

as a good citizen and friendly neighbors, actively participate in various activities such as public welfare activities, and contribute to regional development.

Stressed environmental protection

to form a cyclic society as a goal, in all business activities, carry out environmental awareness such as resource cycle use.

As a conscious of the company's consciousness

has the consciousness of the corporate person, the property, time and information of the money, etc. (especially email and the use of the Internet) are strictly made Go to public and private.


industrial automation

AC asynchronous motor, gear reducer, programmable controller (Q-PLC, FX-PLC, L-PLC) , Human-machine interface (HMI), frequency conversion governor, tension control system, power distribution control products, sports controller and servo control system, CNC system, laser processing machine, discharge machining machine, industrial robot, industrial sewing machine, Mitsubishi energy-saving data Collect servers, comprehensive class.

1, AC asynchronous motor

Mitsubishi AC asynchronous motor, also known as Mitsubishi AC motor, or Mitsubishi asynchronous motor, or Mitsubishi exchange motor, or Mitsubishi motor, Mitsubishi motor, Mitsubishi AC motor, or Mitsubishi asynchronous motor.

1, standard three-phase motor SF-JR / SF-TH / SF-JRO / SF-THO / / SF-JRV / SF-TV / SF-JRV / SF-TVO // SF-JRF / Sf-jrfo.

2, a special environment motor: Out of the outer SF-JRO, SF-Tho / SF-JRVO, SF-TVO / SF-JRFO; Waterproof SF-JRP; anti-corrosion type SF-J.

3, high performance energy saving motor. * SF-HR (horizontal) (0.2 ~ 55kw), * sf-a (horizontal) (55 ~ 160kw), * sf-hrv (vertical) (0.2 ~ 55kw), * sf-hrf (flange type (0.2 ~ 45kW), full treated outlet house * sf-hro (horizontal) (0.2 ~ 55kw), * sf-theo (55 ~ 160 kW).

4, the inverter drives a dedicated motor. SF-HRCA series, SF-JRC series, pressure explosion-proof low-torsional variable frequency motor XE-NE / XF-NE / XF-E, pressure-proof explosion-proof type torsional variable frequency motor XE-NECA-2 / XF-NECA-2 / XF-ECA.

5, with brake motor. SF-JRB / SF-JRFB / SF-JRVB series.

6, explosion-proof motor. Safety explosion-proof motor AF-SHR / AF-SHRO, AF-SHRV / AF-SHRVO, AF-SHRF / AF-SHRFO; AF-TH, AF-TK, AF-THF, AF-TV Series. The pressure-resistant explosion-proof motor XE-NE, XF-NE, XF-E series. With brake pressure explosion-proof motor XE-NE / XE-NEF, XF-NE, XF-E series.

7, other special purpose motors.

two, gear reducer

Mitsubishi gear deceleration Machine, also known as Mitsubishi reducer, or Mitsubishi slowdown motor, or Mitsubishi gear motor, or Mitsubishi gear motor, or Mitsubishi gear motor.

1, parallel shaft gear motor. GM-S, GM-D, GM-LJ, GM-J2 series.

2, straight axle gear motor. GM-SSY, GM-SHY, GM-DY series.

3, the gear motor with the parking lot. GM-SB, GM-DB series.

Power equipment

Transformer, transformer cooling equipment, switch, protection control device, power plant, electric power armored metal switch equipment, intelligent substation solution, other.

Railway vehicle equipment Electromechanical Products

Rail Transportation Vehicle Electromechanical Products.

Society · Public System

Water treatment system, emergency power supply supply system, other.

Elevator / Escalator

Elevator / Escalator.

Air conditioning heat and heat system

home air conditioner, household central air conditioner, multi-purpose / commercial air conditioner (Citymulti, Power Multi, MR. SLIM, etc.), multi-link / commercial air conditioner (cold water unit Chiller, multi-link / commercial air conditioner (Variable Freewector Cool Multi), full heat exchanger · Ventilation equipment Lossnay, small compressor.

Image device

DLP rear projection display wall, multimedia data projector, Diamond Vision LED display system, large-size public LCD screen, high-end desktop display, thermal lifting printer.

Print / Image Sensing

Thermal Print Head / Contact Image Sensor.

Semiconductor · Device

power device, microwave radio frequency device / optical module.

Other products

Environmental information system, solar power system, regenerative braking, jet mobile phone, integrated document management system ManendgeleAder, visual energy conservation, other products.

Chinese institution

Mitsubishi Motor (China) Co., Ltd.

1507, Block A, Yingke Center, No. 2, Industrial North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Mitsubishi Machine Automation (China) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hongqiao Road No. 1386 Mitsubishi Motor Automation Center

Mitsubishi Machine Agent

Shanghai from China Machinery The company's Honor

October 2019, the 2019 Forbes Global Digital Economy 100 column is 40.

May 13, 2020, Mitsubishi Motors ranked 2020 Forbes Global Enterprise 2,94.

In May 2021, Mitsubishi Electric Listed "2021 Forbes Global Enterprise 2000" No. 281.

Enterprise Events

Forged factory quality inspection data ​​b>

June 30, 2021, according to "Japan Economic News", The factory quality inspection of the train air conditioner provided by Japan Mitsubishi Electric to Japan's domestic railway company is suspected of violation, and Mitsubishi Electric has been reported to customers from the 1980s, and it has been reported to customers in the furnishment of the factory. Mitsubishi Electric has stopped supplying products involving products and will further investigate events.

Announces resignation

July 2021, due to the company's exposure test data, Japan Mitsubishi Motor Socialist Schling announced on the 2nd day. At the press conference held in the afternoon, Shanshan Museum said that the company has organized fake damage to the company's reputation. His pain is responsible for this, and it is considered necessary to resign, so that the company has established a new system to recover the external world's trust in Mitsubishi motor.

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